Top Ten Reasons Why Elsa from Frozen Is Worse Than Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph

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1 Elsa almost killed her sister and all Vanellope did was steal a medal

Elsa is mean, enough said.

They're both bad. And they share in one way: they're both Cgi.

Yes! And Vanellope didn't know it was a medal, she thought it was a token.

Vanellope stole the medal because she thought it was a gold coin, and she also wanted to join the race. - nintendofan126

2 Elsa is super duper ugly and Vanellope is a little less ugly

You haters are getting too irascible. The popularity of the movie has nothing to do with the physical appearance of the characters. You would all be like "Oh! That movie is so overrated so I see Elsa as the ugliest person I've seen (because I am a liar and whenever I see something that almost everyone loves, I should say they are ugly)". Do you even know what ugly means? I guess your definition is "something or someone that a lot of people love is what ugly means". I know she's not pretty either but you are all acting immature just going on the internet and making possible disadvantages on anything you don't like. What about in Beauty and and the Beast, how would you consider the Beast's looks? Ugly right? Don't lie just tell the truth, yes he is but I don't go judge too much about his physical appearance as much as no one ever does judge him (as far as I haven't seen).

Vannelope is adorable

Yea, Vanellope is a cute li'l chibi. <3 (No pedos please)

Elsa is ugly, Vannelope is adorable!

3 Elsa has to much merchandise while Vanellope has the right amount

That vanellope plush looks cringey, punch it in the face.

This is totally true. And I get annoyed seeing way too much merchandise about Elsa. - cosmo

I agree elsa has too much merchandise - Imreallyboredrightnow

Any merchandise for Elsa is to much. - RevolNiartRuasonid

4 Elsa's an undeserved sister
5 Elsa never got her karma but Vanellope did.

Vanellope nearly got killed but Elsa,NOT EVEN A CHANCE! so poor Vanellope

Vanellope almost died but not Elsa. - RevolNiartRuasonid

Vannelope was 1 second from dying, and Elsa wasn't even close!

6 Elsa threatened the kingdom to be killed while Vanellope just threatened to execute Taffyta

And it was a joke. - RoseWeasley

Taffyta deserved to be threatened, while the kingdom did nothing!

Most Threats hurt to be heard - NESSquid

Even with how bad Vanellope is Elsa is still worse. - RevolNiartRuasonid

7 Vanellope is the President, Elsa is a Queen

Was a president. Then decided she was a princess again just to get the actual Disney Princesses (including Elsa) into stupid Hot Topic/Forever 21 outfits and act just like the Tumblrina she suddenly became.

Trump is better than both.

8 Elsa ran away from her problems, Vanellope didn't

I feel proud to add this comment. To me Elsa was teaching children to run away from their problems. Vanellope was smarter than that. - Ninja_Potato123

And Elsa is like... an adult?

9 Elsa is a slut

LOL who put this here?

10 Vanellope is way funnier and smarter

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11 Vanellope did not cry like a baby and run away like Elsa did

And when ralph broke her gokart? rewatch the movie bro.

12 Elsa created Olaf the snowman
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