Top 10 Reasons Why Elsa Is Overrated

If that fangirl comes over here... I hate Frozen but this one character...

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1 She gets too much attention

Sadly this list could not escape from the infamous fangirl. - Phantompyroblaze

Oh, come on, seriously, creators of Frozen, don't any of you creators of Frozen ever know and realize that anybody and anybody else in the movie Frozen entirely was born with elemental magical powers too besides Elsa so far. You creators of Frozen entirely do realize that it's just not fair that Elsa is the only one in the movie Frozen was born with elemental, magical powers so far. We entirely hope you do realize that Elsa is and was not the only one who entirely was born with elemental, magical powers in the movie Frozen so far.

Are you serious? I bet you just want to have another elemental-powered character just so Elsa could fall in love with AND ALL OF THE STORY will revolve around her. - EveLeech

Frozen sucks. I can't go a day in my life without hearing about it and it came out over a year ago.

Elsa defiantly get too much attention. Attention is no big deal - panda21

2 She gets praise more

I understand that Elsa closed herself in and let herself suffer for the happiness of others, INCLUDING her sister. BUT it totally ticks me off when they claim that Elsa was overall the "good guy" of the story when she did almost nothing but cause disaster and not attempt to fix it!

Her fans anger me so much because of the fact they gloss over Elsa's flaws so much by justifying her unheroic actions, such as: coldly rebuffing her sister, willing to ignore how people see her, throwing her sister and her allies with a killer bodyguard, almost slaughtering the Duke's guards when she could just cage them, etc.

IF ANYTHING, the real heroes of the story are Anna(also partially her fault, but is willing to make up for them), Olaf(the symbol of Anna's and Elsa's sisterly bond), Kristoff, and Sven. - EveLeech

3 People like Elsa more than Anna

Well, too bad Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck never gave Anna any elemental magic superpowers the way they gave Elsa ice powers. No wonder people like Elsa more than Anna. What's Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck's problem with anybody else born with elemental powers besides Elsa? What's the big deal?

What if Anna had fire powers?
By chubby-manatee
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If they ever made a sequel to Frozen (which they absolutely should),
Anna has to have fire powers.  
It's just not fair that Elsa is the only one who can be badass.

4 Everybody knows a lot about her more than Anna

Elsa has basically been locked up in her room for her whole life before coronation. She had to face her fear and helplessness all by herself since she was a child. What her father told her was to stay in her room and don't show her feelings. She was being brought up that way; to hide her feeling and fear. As you people say Anna is optimistic, that is because she hasn't been through what Elsa is been through. Anna is still a strong character, and it's not like people should turn her down for that. But from the Elsa that is shown to us she wouldn't any less optimistic than Anna is she hadn't had the power. Elsa is portrayed in a way so we feel sympathetic over, in my see though Elsa is the queen, deep in her heart she needed more care and support than anyone else.

Anna kind of went through worse. After the parent's died it was all Elsa's choice, but Anna had no say, she didn't even have any idea what's going on. So stop praising Elsa and using she had a harder past as an excuse! At least Elsa knew Anna loved her! - AnnaOfArendelle332

5 People say that Anna didn't do anything when she actually did

Anna is so much better, I am not an Elsa hater but her fans are very biased and don't even accept someone else liking Anna better, come on Anna has much more personality than Elsa also I love Anna's design way more she is more naturally pretty than Elsa and she has a nicer voice too the only thing elsa is better than anna is at powers... meh I probably wouldn't care if elsa/frozen fans weren't so crazy and biased

I know to song is catchy but its CANCEROUS. gives me a seizure every time my cousin listens to it.

Elsa is really the only one who did nothing. She was just a coward who had plenty of chances at the coronation to tell Anna her secret but she didn't. And she goes off, builds an ice palace, whines about her life and blames everything on Anna, who had no idea.
And best of all! Her sister comes to try and help her and when she tells her she messed up she refuses to fix her mistakes and sends a monster after her sister. - AnnaOfArendelle332

6 Let It Go is praised more than The First Time In Forever

First of all the Let it Go song sucks. I hate Elsa and Frozen. - cosmo

Let It Go and The For The First Time In Forever are equally awesome songs.

7 Elsa almost killed Anna...TWICE

Oh god the raging fangirl arrived. - Phantompyroblaze

Actually, elsa almost killed anna 3 times, which is worse - panda21

Elsa does not hurt anyone on purpose. Watch the movie again.

You are so mean! Elsa is scared and afraid and insecure! She is so misunderstood. I could mistake you for Hans!

FR all elsa did was cry and whine to

8 There's an annoying fanbase of Elsa fans

Half of the Elsa fans that I met aren't annoying, but that ONE fangirl who cares about Elsa more than her OWN mother is an example of one of them and keeps typing in capitals. - JaysTop10List

9 She's selfish

She ain't the Queen of Winter!

10 People always blame Jennifer Lee when you say something bad about it

Well, she should've known the real villain/villainess of Frozen ought to be another snow queen who's entirely just as bad as the wicked titular original snow queen herself if Elsa entirely deserves to be another heroine of Frozen and the bad snow queen who is entirely unrelated to Elsa, she also should've known Anna deserves to be born more than just an ordinary, normal muggle, she especially should've known anybody and anybody else in the movie Frozen was also born with any different, unique kinds/types/varieties of elemental magical powers too so far besides Elsa and she entirely should've known it's entirely not fair that Elsa is the only one in the movie Frozen so far was born with elemental magical powers.

You are still insulting the character and the movie even by blaming Jennifer Lee. It's basically saying she's a good character but the person will created and developed her did a bad job making the character. - AnnaOfArendelle332

True that is so annoying.

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