Reasons Why Eminem is Not the Best Rapper of All Time

Just before you start crying, i don't hate Eminem, but just because i don't hate him doesn't mean he isn't ridiculously overrated.

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1 He Doesn't Have a Perfect Discography

Who the hell has a perfect discography - Genesyis

No one else does either so this is not a valid reason.

In what universe the same guy that made Encore and Revival will be considered as the best rapper of all time? If anything Outkast and The Roots have a bettet discography than him - Pato_cargo

2 He Has Made Some of the Worst Songs in Rap

Its hard to say with this because do you focus more on an artists best work or on average? If it's the former Marshall Mather's is at least in contention but there is no way if you look at their work on average in fact he would maybe be only a decent rapper.

Fack, Ass Like That, Heat, Offended, Tragic Endings, Untouchable, River, My 1st Song, Puke, Untitled, Nice Guy
All bad songs - Pato_cargo

3 There are Rappers Way More Skilled Than Him

Just look at Outkast, Nas or Jay-Z, they not only have a great flow and rapping skills but also an amazing production between all their albums - Pato_cargo

Such as Sean Paul. Read my submission to this list for more info.
- TheDuttyGyal

True.Immortal Technique and Kendrick Lamar are better - DarkBoi-X

1. Sean swears less
2. Sean has more rhythm
3. Sean has some old skool CLASSICS!
4. Tip Pon It is better than anything M&M ever did
5. Yes I know some of his stuff has naked neon girls on it, but it’s about the QUALITY. Don't judge a book by its cover.
- TheDuttyGyal

4 His Lyrical Skills Aren't Great Anymore

He was a god in the early 00's, but after a long time his lyric skills become way and way more doll and boring over the time - Pato_cargo

Disagree with this - DarkBoi-X

5 Revival is an Awful Album

Trash album, I can't understand how some people defend this just because "muh Eminem did it" - Pato_cargo

6 He Doesn't Take Opinions Against Him

One example of this is his reaction about Revival, Tyler, The Creator didn't liked the album and Eminem dissed him in Kamikaze just for that, is like if someone disliked Jay-Z's Holy Grail and in 4:44 he keeps the entire album dissing people who didn't liked it - Pato_cargo

7 He Got Big Thanks to Controversy

This reason isn't as important as the other ones I put but is still important to talk about this, around the era from SSLP to MMLP, Eminem was more well known thanks to the beefs and disses he put against another music acts, specially the most mainstream ones around that time (Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera) - Pato_cargo

8 He Doesn't Have the Same Emotion He Used to Have

He might wrote Stan, but he also has written a bunch of the unfunniest and worst songs from all time, not only Fack, but must of the songs from Revival are really bad, and even when he tries to get serious, he ruins completely with some unfunny quote like the Asperger "joke" in Heat - Pato_cargo

9 Encore is Extremelly Unfunny

There are some good songs here, but overall the album is just a pretty unfunny to keeping being relevant thanks to edgy jokes and toilet humour - Pato_cargo

10 He Doesn't Have a Great Production

Production is way more important that lyrics in an album, this is something that most of the rappers know well, however even if he use some cool beats and decent production, is neither at the level that some of the greatest rap albums of all time have, the nearest that he had a god-tier production was around MMLP to The Eminem Show, everything else was just pretty bland in terms of sound and beats - Pato_cargo

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11 He's Always Angry
12 He's Always Dissing People
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