Top Ten Reasons Why Harry Potter Is the Best Series of Books Ever

The Top Ten

1 Plot Is Well Made

The biggest flaw ever was Sorcerers Stone.
How about
1. Sorcerers Stone
2. Big Snake
3. Mad Man
4. Magical Games
5. Voldemort is back
6. Potions and Curses
7. Hogwarts Battle.

Calling LOTR better well really you shouldn't judge a book by its stupid fanbase.

Many who have said that Lord of The Rings is better has been on Mugglenets Wall of Shame and deserve it.


2 Magic and Fantasy

The amazing wizards and witches the magic school the wands and the magical background

I like reading magic and fantasy books. Also this series is a great adventure.

Everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives! Well done J.K Rowling!

3 Harry vs. Voldemort Action

I love the fightds

4 Character Development

Harry Potter is full of wonderfully complex characters... flawed heroes, villains we can't help but feel sorry for and a few which cannot be defined as "heroes" or "villains". It's brilliant. We grew up with these people, lived with them, laughed with them, died with them. Thank you Jk Rowling, your books made me cry and there's very few authors who can say that.

I love how they became more complex as the books did and the readers matured

5 Violence

The violence is usually just magic different to muggle violence.
Anyway people love cartoon violence. Fans of South Park which has been your fave death of Kenny?
No one here can Crucio their enemy, you're not going to go down a street and see a Dementor. The acid pops they sell don't burn your tongue. You won't suddenly lose all the bones in one part of your body and need Skele-Gro Potion

Violence is stupid and disturbing, it can give you nightmares in a bad way and it is negative.

Not if you're reading it. If not may bye but it's just firing light out of sticks - AnonymousChick

6 Fred and George Weasley Are Hilarious


Those identical twin brothers are one of my favorite characters. I like them a lot.

The twins r my favorite characters

Gee, they are

7 Well Written

I hate people on the TopTens who have only seen the films.
1. Lavender Brown is an annoying character but she did not just appear out of nowhere to date Ron.
2. Luna Lovegood did not say keeps away the nargles or say that nargles steal her shoes.
She had a butterbeer cork necklace, mistletoe infested nargles and it was only at the end of the story that we find out that things she owned were stolen and it was other students, Luna annoyed Harry until they end when he wanted to help her lost items.
3. Characters on the list who didn't appear in the films.
4. Best movie quotes that are also in the books why can't it just be a list of movie quotes
Number 1. Always. Which is in both.
How about "Housekeeping, I'll come back later." or "Why are you wearing glasses? "

8 Gryffindor and Slytherin Rivalry



Hmm, where are my Slytherins at?! - WheresMyGuitarPick

9 A Lot of Supposedly "Bad" Characters Turned Out Well at the End



Rip Sirius:(

10 Good Villain

What do you mean? by the way everybody liked snape 4 some reason

All 17 of them... - DapperPickle

Bellatrix is my favorite villian,she is cooler than Voldemort

The Contenders

11 Complex Characters
12 The Main Character Isn't Perfect

And Cursed Child Harry Potter is a stressed high class job man in his 30s with his family.

I totally agree. Normally, the main character of most books is implicitly flawless. With brains, beauty, and an amazing personality, but in Harry Potter, Harry is quite a bad-tempered and impatient person, and sometimes he's rude to people just because he's facing many problems and under stress, which is kinda something which everyone does. I like the fact that Rowling makes Harry look a little like every other average growing guy. Harry Potter fan for life!

You might have noticed that Harry has a bad temper, unlike some other books, the main character actually has a personality

13 It's Interesting
14 It's Not Cliche

Like if Harry had married Hermione.

15 Darker Themes as the Series Goes On

The books matured as the readers matured. I love that. There were themes of death, love and war prominent in the last couple of books, as compared to the first few, which had themes around friendship and bravery.

16 They Make You Feel Things

Honestly, Jo had me in floods of tears although I rarely cry at books,and let's not forget the funny parts... like Peeves' song after the Battle of Hogwarts!

17 Interesting/Funny Lines, Quotes and Conversations

‘Wit beyond measure is man greatest treasure.’ - Luna Lovegood

18 It Makes You Feel Like It's Real

Hogwarts is my home and it will always welcome you have as you turn the pages like many before.
You say football we say quidditch
You say chemistry we say potions
You say royal we saw half-blood prince
Harry Potter is not a book. It is life and I prize Harry Potter all above others. I am not guilty to say that.
Luna told me to be inquest
Ginny told me to be bold
Hermione told me books and cleverness are not everything
Neville told me to stand up to Voldemort
Harry taught me to be brave
Ron taught me money isn’t everything
I could go on and on.
One day J.K Rowling will die and my children will not know why I tarted string and went to read some old boom named Harry Potter.
But I know all Potter heads like me will be doing the same.
Blowing of dust. Cleaning old wands...
Then Hogwarts will be one again.
Thank you J.K rowing for bringing magic into my life.

I got a book a few years ago called In Search of Harry Potter.

19 Hidden Links
20 Awesome Villains
21 Enchanting Creatures

The creatures are amazing like Buckbeak the hippogriff,or Aragog, or Fluffy these creatures are just amazing

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