Top Ten Reasons Why Harry Potter Is the Best Series of Books Ever


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1 Plot Is Well Made

Immense respect for how well-thought out the plot was. Mrs. Rowling was not making stuff up along the way-something I notice a lot of authors do-every books is interconnected and every detail is entwined... - keycha1n

Harry potter isn't better than LOTR, the only reason why this book better because harry potter is easy to understand

This plot is easy to understand. Complex plots will not be easy to enjoy. - EggShell

It's disturbing

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2 Magic and Fantasy

I like reading magic and fantasy books. Also this series is a great adventure.

Everyone needs a bit of magic in their lives! Well done J.K Rowling!

3 Harry vs. Voldemort Action

I love the fightds

4 Character Development

I love how they became more complex as the books did and the readers matured

5 Violence

Violence is stupid and disturbing, it can give you nightmares in a bad way and it is negative.

Not if you're reading it. If not may bye but it's just firing light out of sticks - AnonymousChick

No - Puppytart

6 Fred and George Weasley Are Hilarious

Those identical twin brothers are one of my favorite characters. I like them a lot.

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7 Well Written
8 Gryffindor and Slytherin Rivalry
9 A Lot of Supposedly "Bad" Characters Turned Out Well at the End



Rip Sirius:(

10 Good Villain

What do you mean? by the way everybody liked snape 4 some reason

Bellatrix is my favorite villian,she is cooler than Voldemort

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11 It's Interesting
12 It's Not Cliche
13 Complex Characters
14 The Main Character Isn't Perfect

You might have noticed that Harry has a bad temper, unlike some other books, the main character actually has a personality

15 Darker Themes as the Series Goes On

The books matured as the readers matured. I love that. There were themes of death, love and war prominent in the last couple of books, as compared to the first few, which had themes around friendship and bravery.

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