Top 10 Reasons Why Hatsune Miku is Better Than Justin Bieber

I like Hatsune Miku and I hate Justin Bieber. Don't ask . The reasons will tell you why.

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1 Hatsune Miku is a better person

Just love miku

HATSune mjuk isn't real - AlphaQ

NO reason


2 Hatsune Miku has better songs

Miku's songs are better. - OrangeRin

I don't agree! If she had great songs,she should have some records in music section.Justin has many world records and awards.I wanna ask weeaboos that how many records and awards that hatsune miku have? - animehater

Although I am a Mikufan,But reasons posted show the guy is kinda nerve. - MidstIf

Almost all Hatsune Miku songs have a some meaning and deep meaning... That what I like about VOCALOID songs... Hatsune Miku is More better than Justin Bieber...

3 Justin Bieber is boring

Justin Beiber makes songs that are stupid,bland and so sappy! - Carsrule300

4 Justin Bieber's fangirls are so annoying

Not as annoying as Hatsune Miku fangirls. - 3DG20

They can cause a riot! - Neonco31

5 Hatsune Miku is smarter
6 Miku actually has talent

Literally every nightcore musician doesn't have any talent. - AlphaQ

She’s a robot. Justin doesn’t have talent either but Miku is programmed to sound good. - Limeyy

7 Justin Bieber is a Mary Sue

what - HowToGetAwayWithSeesaw

In my opinion he is a mary sue - Carsrule300

8 Justin Bieber sucks
9 Baby is an annoying song
10 Hatsune's songs are more emotional

The songs like Dissapearance of Hatsune Miku and ODDS and ENDS get me the most.

I'd like to recommend Though Voice Unseen and Letter Songs to you! - MidstIf

The Contenders

11 Hatsune Miku never directly insulted rock and roll or heavy metal fans
12 Justin Bieber is a crybaby

He dumb Salena because he is he crybaby.. BU!

13 Justin Bieber is annoying Justin Bieber is annoying
14 Miku sings better

Miku is not real but she sings better xDDD - OrangeRin


15 Hatsune Miku has better quotes
16 Hatsune Miku never called the Beatles "crap"

Yep,she would respect them.

17 Hatsune Miku didn't go drunk driving

Because she's not real, so how is that possible? - Neonco31

18 Hatsune has an anime based on her

She has an anime?! Awesome. Add that to the never-ending list of anime I want to watch

All Bieber has about him are two movies that are UNPOPULAR! Miku has video games, an anime and a YouTube channel based on her!

19 Justin Bieber is overrated

Justin Bieber is, not Miku!

Miku is definitely better!

But Miku is extremely overrated

20 Hatsune Miku is more polite

She is not real! She is doing that things by software designers! Right? - animehater

Here's another reason - Carsrule300

21 Justin Bieber disrespected Argentina
22 Hatsune Miku never went to jail

You can't handcuff fake people lol - AlphaQ

Well,yeah.I guess it will be a little hard to handcuff her and throw her to jail since she isn’t real!

23 Hatsune Miku is adorable

Her voice sounds cute and even her outfit is cute.

24 Hatsune Miku is so cute
25 Hatsune Miku is a better lady
26 Hatsune Miku never cries

Shes a robot so she don't have emotions - AlphaQ

Yes I agree!

27 Hatsune Miku can dance

Justin bieber can dance too. She is a fake.Only weeaboos like her. - animehater

Hey, Miku-chan! Can I join you?

28 Justin Bieber keeps ruining everything to do with music

Justin Bieber: Ruining everything to do with music since 1994

29 Hatsune Miku loves the girls
30 Hatsune Miku loves to sing and dance
31 Hatsune Miku loves desserts

I love Miku-chan! ❤️

32 Hatsune Miku loves to make you smile

She doesn't have feeling's.
She isn't real.
But she still makes me smile.

33 Hatsune Miku loves playtime!
34 Hatsune Miku never went to the doctor
35 Hatsune Miku is lovely
36 Hatsune Miku never went to sleep

SHE’S A ROBOT. - Limeyy

37 Hatsune Miku never went to bed early

Oh god dammit. - Limeyy

38 Hatsune Miku never called her parents

She don't have any - AlphaQ

She doesn’t have any. - Limeyy

39 Hatsune Miku never gets tired

She ain't human son - AlphaQ

40 Hatsune Miku can transform into Hyper Blossom

Hyper Blossom!

41 Hatsune Miku loves gummy bears
42 Hatsune Miku never gets sad
43 Hatsune Miku never gets mad
44 Hatsune Miku never screams
45 Hatsune Miku never laughs
46 Hatsune Miku never scripts
47 Hatsune Miku is not a baby
48 Hatsune Miku is a big girl
49 Hatsune Miku never gets scared
50 Hatsune Miku rocks!
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1. Miku actually has talent
2. Baby is an annoying song
3. Hatsune Miku never directly insulted rock and roll or heavy metal fans
1. Hatsune Miku is a better person
2. Justin Bieber is boring
3. Hatsune Miku has better songs


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