Top 10 Reasons Why Hatsune Miku is Better Than Justin Bieber

I like Hatsune Miku and I hate Justin Bieber. Don't ask . The reasons will tell you why.

The Top Ten

1 Hatsune Miku is a better person

Merge my attempted list with this. - imacg4

Miku sekai sugoi again!

2 Hatsune Miku has better songs

Almost all Hatsune Miku songs have a some meaning and deep meaning... That what I like about VOCALOID songs... Hatsune Miku is More better than Justin Bieber...

Miku's songs actually mean something while Justin's songs are... NOTHING but a bunch of whining and saying "baby" a hundred times! - Carsrule300

3 Justin Bieber is boring

Justin Beiber makes songs that are stupid,bland and so sappy! - Carsrule300

4 Justin Bieber's fangirls are so annoying

They can cause a riot! - Neonco31

What a dumb list
I don't really like JB, but there are too many whiny Hatsune Miku fans here
They're picking a stupid vocaloid over one of the best rappers in history aka Eminem - Yungstirjoey

5 Hatsune Miku is smarter
6 Justin Bieber is a Mary Sue

In my opinion he is a mary sue - Carsrule300

At least half of the people hates JB
Not to mention the stupid overprotective Miku fans - Yungstirjoey

At least half of the people hates JB
Not to mention the stupid Miku fans - Yungstirjoey

7 Hatsune's songs are more emotional

The songs like Dissapearance of Hatsune Miku and ODDS and ENDS get me the most.

8 Miku actually has talent

She's fake - Yungstirjoey

9 Justin Bieber sucks
10 Baby is an annoying song

The Contenders

11 Justin Bieber is a crybaby
12 Hatsune Miku never directly insulted rock and roll or heavy metal fans
13 Justin Bieber is annoying Justin Bieber is annoying
14 Hatsune Miku has better quotes
15 Miku sings better
16 Justin Bieber is overrated

But Miku is extremely overrated

So is Hatsune Miku - Yungstirjoey

17 Hatsune Miku is more polite

Here's another reason - Carsrule300

18 Hatsune Miku didn't go drunk driving!

Because she's not real, so how is that possible? - Neonco31

19 Hatsune Miku never called the Beatles "crap"
20 Justin Bieber disrespected Argentina
21 Hatsune Miku never went to jail
22 Hatsune Miku is adorable

Her voice sounds cute and even her outfit is cute.

23 Hatsune has an anime based on her

All Bieber has about him are two movies that are UNPOPULAR! Miku has video games, an anime and a YouTube channel based on her!

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1. Miku actually has talent
2. Baby is an annoying song
3. Hatsune Miku never directly insulted rock and roll or heavy metal fans
1. Hatsune Miku is a better person
2. Justin Bieber is boring
3. Hatsune Miku has better songs


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