Top 10 Reasons Why Justice League is a Good Movie

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1 The film is very entertaining.

I thought the movie was okay. Not great, but enjoyable. - MegaSoulhero

DC films have a habit of being lots of fun even the dark films. - girlcool

Not really, it's mostly very dumb and the action scenes are not half as good as the bvs ones - Ale99

2 The plot is exciting.

Emmm, it's an exact copy of the avengers but with no effort - Ale99

3 The acting is really good.

I did like some of the performances. - Phillip873

The cast did a great job. - girlcool

Only Gal Gadot Delivers. The entire cast is mostly wasted with that terrible screeplay and no one can save this movie being the acting actually mediocre - Ale99

4 The visuals are amazing.

You kidding? I almost got a migraine whenever flash ran or during the final battle scene.

The visuals in this movie were in my opinion, the worst part. And most people agree.

Amazing visual experience.

Not as visually compelling as other films of the genre, thor ragnarok even did it 10 times better

5 Superman is awesome.

Heroic, optimistic, and very cool. - girlcool

Yeah, changing his character so he can be more like christopher reeve. His addition in this film ruins everything. Everything is rushed and he just appears, fixes the problem and the movie ends. How is that good. Aaa don't forget that cgi on his face is awful - Ale99

6 Steppenwolf is a menacing villain.

More like forgettable

Such an epic villain.

The worst villain in my opinion. I hate him more than that Lex Luthor guy in Batman v Superman.

Steppenwolf is a wasted villain. He is just an over reliant cgi big dude that smashes and destroys things. He doesn't have clear motivations and his plan is absurd. He is one of the worst villains I'VE EVER SEEN ON SCRREN.

7 The cameos were really cool.

Cameos don't make movies better.

Only when deathstroke appears does the movie get interesting

Lex Luthor! YEs!

8 The fight scenes were pretty awesome.

Yeah the fights was pretty neat - TheOneMan

Not even one was good - Ale99

9 It's the first theatrical film that Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg have a big role in.

And there's no character development or reason why should we care about them. Everything is very rushed - Ale99

10 The film is lighthearted.

I did like that it wasn't trying hard to be "edgy" - Phillip873

True, being actually very fluffy. The problem is that all styles and tones crash and make the movie a mess - Ale99

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11 Wonder Woman is in it

That's the only positive in this entire list. Gal Gadot is the only one in this movie that does something and really delivers some effort. Nevertheless she couldn't save this movie - Ale99

12 DC is listening to audiences
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