Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Psy

Justin Bieber is cool, but PSY sucks. Here are 10 reasons why that is the case:

The Top Ten

1 Justin sings better

Nope, she sounds like a 7 year old.

No he sounds like a off-key 5 year old

2 Koreans suck

That's very racist.

Stop Being Racist

That is so racist


3 Justin's songs are in English


4 "Gangnam Style" is a stupid overrated song

At least better than listening to a broken, girly-voiced radio repeating "Baby" 56 times.

Baby is so much worse then Gangnam Style - Sparkjolt

So is Baby.

5 Justin Bieber has a movie

So what?

6 PSY nearly died in a car accident

So what? It's probably Justin Bieber who "nearly" killed him while drag-racing.

7 PSY's songs are immature and innapropriate

Like the chipmunk's isn't!

8 PSY is fat

Wow, that's very insulting. It's not like only thin people can become celebrities.

JB is dumb. And the person down there is right.

9 The dance PSY did in Gangnam Style was pointless

Both Justin's videos and songs are pointless.

10 Justin is hotter than Psy

Justin looks like a psycho.

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