Best Lego City Jungle Explorers Sets

The Lego City Jungle Explorers is the newest subtheme in Lego City, and it's probably one of the best subthemes in my opinion. But which set is the best?
The Top Ten
1 Advent Calendar 60155

This set includes a Jungle Explorer minifigure, so I am counting it in this list as well.

2 Jungle Mobile Lab 60160

This is, without a doubt, the best Jungle Explorers set! It may not be the largest set in the Jungle Explorers subtheme, but it's definitely the best. The set includes a mobile lab, a kayak, a waterfall, a crocodile, a Venus flytrap, and four minifigures. One of the minifigures even appears in today's City Advent Calendar, which is cool.

The mobile lab is massive and impressive, giving off a Jurassic Park: The Lost World vibe, which is the best Jurassic Park movie in my opinion. The kayak is a great addition and can be placed on top of the mobile lab. Additionally, there is a plastic waterfall with a crocodile hiding behind it, where a minifigure must swing across the river, Indiana Jones style!

3 Jungle Halftrack Mission 60159

If it weren't for the Jungle Mobile Lab set, this would be my favorite Jungle Explorers set. Just like the Mobile Lab set, this one also features great builds. The halftrack truck is probably my favorite part of the set. It has these cool crawler tracks at the back, which I'll admit took a long time to build. The temple also has a neat feature.

The best thing in the set, however, is probably the panther, also known as the black jaguar. It is the best of the big cat figures in the Jungle Explorers subtheme, and I bet it sold very well.

4 Jungle Air Drop Helicopter 60162

I used to think this set was a "waste of money" because of all the large, uninteresting builds. However, I've come to really appreciate it. The tiger is the highlight of the set and looks absolutely beautiful. The set also includes a Venus flytrap and a crocodile.

I love the bridge in this set. It looks so cool! There's also a wooden bear statue that looks incredibly creative. Overall, this is a great set!

5 Jungle Exploration Site 60161

The scenery in this set looks absolutely amazing. If you've seen Madagascar (2005), you'll know there was a plane that crashed on Madagascar. This set resembles that scene perfectly. The entire set feels like an Indiana Jones world.

The jaguar is, of course, the highlight of the set. Although it might be the least impressive of the three big cats introduced in the Jungle Explorers subtheme, I still really love it. The set also features a crocodile and a Venus flytrap. Overall, this is another fantastic Jungle Explorers set.

6 Jungle Starter Set 60157

This is the starter set for the Jungle Explorers subtheme. It might be considered weak, but it's a great set for beginners! The set contains three minifigures, one boat, one crocodile, a snake, a yellow frog, and a tree. I highly recommend it to any Lego fan. Given its reasonable price, it shouldn't be hard to acquire this great set.

7 Jungle Buggy 60156

Well, yes, it's pretty boring, isn't it? However, there are some good features, like the machete, the spider, and, if I understand correctly, an exclusive minifigure head. While the buggy could have been better, I do appreciate the ruins in this set. Despite its criticisms, I think it's an underrated set.

8 Jungle Cargo Helicopter 60158

This is definitely the worst of the bunch. Although the price is okay, the builds look quite silly. The ruins are mediocre, the ATV is dull, and the helicopter looks ridiculous. The minifigures are the only decent part of this set, but overall, it could have been much better.

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