Top Ten Wiki Software Solutions for Corporate Needs

Thus, an increasing number of e-commerce businesses implementing wikis for online customer support and organizing internal knowledge. Now that you know the importance of wikis, here are top 10 Wiki software solutions for E-commerce websites.
The Top Ten
1 BoltWire

A reliable software that allows you to create technical and software documentation for online customer assistance as well as publish content to a variety of platforms(online, print, mobile, etc).

A simple, yet effective web development system that even those with on-technical expertise can understand. It doesn’t require and prior need to learn coding/programming language. To top it all off, its free!

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2 ProProfs

An ideal software for creating online documentation from the ground up, without the need of coding. Provides customization of logos, texts, background images, and templates for designing the most appropriate wiki for your business. Different types of wikis, such as corporate or personal, can be made with ease.

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3 TWiki

As one of the more commonly known online documentation tools, TWiki is ideal for businesses that seek to create large online databases to organize key company information. It can be set up on intranet and extranet servers, if preferred.

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4 XWiki

As the first wiki developed by Java, this software lives up to its reputation by its usability and unique features. Its modular design attracts people and the fact that the platform can easily export PDF documents contributes a lot to its overall

5 Confluence

A software for enhancing employee cohesion in your workforce by allowing them to create and share knowledge with each other. Coded in Java, it is also a good option for creating how-to manuals, FAQ’s, etc.

6 PmWiki

A versatile and functional wiki that can be effectively be used by people with little to no technical knowledge. HTML or CSS coding knowledge is not required as page edit links are provided, which makes it easy to design pages and incorporate content for creating online help desks.

7 DocuWiki

Easy to customize, this software is a valuable option for those that list personalization high in their criteria for selecting software. It offers an array of templates(over 70! ) to chose from and is written in PHP.

8 MadCap Flare
9 Zoho Wiki

A software for those that would rather not waste time on wiki engine maintenance on their web server and need a software that supplies them easy to use tools for online documentation.

10 MediaWiki

A free software that provides flexible solutions for creating effective wikis and FAQ sections of websites. It is written in PHP, and was originally for use on Wikipedia

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