Top 10 Reasons Why Nickelodeon is Better Than Cartoon Network

I know people hate comparison lists.... don't get me wrong I'm not a fan of them either but at this rate Nickelodeon has gotten better than Cartoon Network. Here's reasons why I think that and I just want to make something clear. There's nothing wrong with liking either TV channel and this list is purely subjective.

The Top Ten

1 More variety in their programming

Even though they still have a few bad shows their line up at least isn't just one show half the time which is a big improvement when compared to Cartoon Network's schedule.

2 More creativity

Nickelodeon was better than CN in the old times. Spongebob, Fairy off parents, Kid vs Cat, My Life as a Teenage Robot etc, much better than trashy CN shows. But they are same trash now.

Even in some of their worsts shows there's still more creativity then a entire episode of Teen Titans Go, the Powerpuff Girls reboot or even in that awful Ben 10 reboot combined.

3 More originality

For the past few years Cartoon Network lots it's originality.

4 Nickelodeon tries to appeal to its viewers Cartoon Network doesn't

Am I the morning only one that realizes both are bad...well my opinion. Nickelodeon made lola from the loud house dab though

Honestly at this rate CN is getting beaten down to the ground by both Disney and Nickelodeon nowadays.

5 Nickelodeon makes better decisions than Cartoon Network

Nah nick rejected adventure time for fanboy and chum chum and mistreated korra

Both have made bad decisions but CN makes so many bad decisions that it hurts...

6 Nickelodeon has a much larger demographic to appeal to

They appeal to not only kids but also: Adults, teenagers, and everything in between.

7 Nickelodeon's doing better than Cartoon Network commercially

Which is a real shame because CN used to be my favorite Cartoon channel.

8 Nickelodeon offers a lot more to their network

Which Cartoon Network kind of lacks nowadays.

9 Nickelodeon has better shows

I mean, steven universe is pretty awesome. I feel like the more I watch Steven Universe, the more the episodes mature

Modern day spoongebob is much better than teen titans go.

Despite the AWFUL sitcoms there is still better shows on the network then most modern CN shows and in alll honesty I'd rather watch Hey Arnold more then Steven Universe.

10 They appeal to both their older and newer fanbase

Especially with Nicksplat which re-airs 90s Nickelodeon cartoons for their 90's fans. Cartoon Network has Boomerang which has gone downhill...

The Contenders

11 Nickelodeon learns from their mistakes

Sanjay and Craig was cancelled and good thing and other bad shows like the fred show, breadwinners, and pig goat banna cricket.

They cancelled a lot of thar e bad shows like breadwiners fanboy and chum chum and also bring back the original writer of splintering back.

Do they still air Sanjay and Craig cause that show is gross Seirously catching farts in a Jar?! πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ Not cool Nick not cool

12 Nickelodeon had a mascot

Nickelodeon is the only T.V. channel that actually matters int he time we live in. I feel like nickelodeon really relates to me.

13 The Loud House, and SpongeBob
14 They don't make terrible reboots
15 They cancel bad shows
16 Rocko's Modern Life is Better Than Camp Lazlo
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