Top 10 Reasons Why Post-Punk Is Bad

The Top Ten

1 It's pretentious

This list seems pretty sarcastic.

I don't know what that word means but yeah it's that - djpenquin999

Is this sarcastic or serious? - DarkBoi-X

2 Hipsters like it

Hipsters are bad which means post-punk is bad - djpenquin999

3 No guitar solos

Why would I listen to Talking Division Wires when I can listen to a song by Dragonforce with 306 guitar solos - djpenquin999

4 The lyrics don't make sense

Post punk is a more complex version of punk, which means the lyrics are deeper and harder to dissect than that of other punk rock. - slipperyjack30

"Walk in silence
Don't walk away, in silence"

first u tell this person to do something then you tell them not to do that thing?
what? - djpenquin999

5 It was made by liberals

That means they hate america - djpenquin999

6 The prefix doesn't make any sense

It came around the same time as punk, why is it called post-punk? - djpenquin999

7 The tunes don't rock

Every song needs to sound like an ac/dc or metallica song to be good - djpenquin999

8 They talk about sex sometimes

I don't really listen to Post Punk but this list is hilarious good job. - Powell

I don't know which ones but they're out there - djpenquin999

9 The singers can't sing like Dave Mustaine

His voice is good
ian curtis & david byrne are weird sounding - djpenquin999

haha - pruvet

10 Some are led by women

This means they are feminazis & they hate men - djpenquin999

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