Reasons Why Selena Gomez is Better Than Skillet


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1 Selena has better vocals than John

Selena does not have any vocals. Her recorded music is 100 percent auto-tune, and is all computer produced synthetic sound, no human voice included. One listen to her live performances will confirm this; she can't actually sing.

This is a weird comparasion. I recommend comparing to Green Day rather than Selena. - MissRWBY202

No offense to ProPanda, but I do not think Skillet and Selena Gomez should be compared. I know I made a list about Green Day and BOTDF, but I learned from it that it was a bad comparison. I am not here to defend either, but Selena Gomez is a pop artist, while Skillet is a christian rock band, they are not similar. And this is just feedback so you can do better in the future. You make good lists and you are overall a nice user.

This list should be called "what mindless idiots think"

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2 Selena has more variety in her music than Skillet

Skillet just makes loud rock. Selena does ballads, club bangers, and radio pop jams. - ProPanda

I mean I've heard all of Skillet's albums and all of Selena's albums - ProPanda

3 Selena has more emotion in her voice than Skillet

While John just screams, Selena has the amount of power, charm, and tone to get the right amount of whatever's needed in her vocals. - ProPanda

4 Selena is more attractive than all the members of Skillet combined

Nah, Jen Ledger is hotter.

Nah, the red head wannabe thing... not working. She looks like a discount Hayley Williams. - ProPanda

Let's be real here, look at her, look at them. - ProPanda

5 Selena has more variety in her lyrics

Selena has made sex songs, empowerment anthems, love ballads, tributes, and songs about independence. Skillet... it's all just bland sex and money. - ProPanda

Skillet isn't talking about sex and money. It may sound like it, but it actually have good lyrics about our world today. - MissRWBY202

6 Selena has better lyrics

How can you compare two artist that are completily different.

"You got me sippin' on something
I can't compare to nothing
I've ever known, I'm hoping
That after this fever I'll survive"


"You make me feel invincible
Earthquake, powerful
Just like a tidal wave
You make me brave
You're my titanium
Fight song, raising up" - ProPanda

Probably the only good lyric she has. I'll recommend you the lyrics of Skillet - Listen to all of their songs. - TerminalDeath

7 Selena has more to be proud of

Selena was on Wizards Of Waverly Place, multiple movies, as well as a successful career in singing. Skillet is a flop rock band with little critical acclaim. - ProPanda

8 Selena has had more collaborations

Thanks to the variety in her music, Selena has gotten a band, two songs with EDM DJs, multiple guest verses from rappers and upcoming duets. - ProPanda

9 Selena has had more commercial success

They both had the same exposure when beginning their career. Selena took something out of it and has had multiple top 5 and top ten hits, while Skillet's most successful song peaked at #100 on the Billboard charts - ProPanda

10 Selena has a better fanbase

Selena's fans are loyal to her and defend her at times of need. Meanwhile, Skillet fans can't ever shut up and don't respect opinions. - ProPanda

Almost every fan are like this. Including both Selena and Skillet. I agree there and disagree at the same time. - MissRWBY202

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11 Selena doesn't act up to get attention
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