Top Ten Reasons Why Spider-Man is Better Than Batman

A lot of people seem to think Batman is the best superhero, but in my opinion, Spider-Man is better. Here's why:

The Top Ten

1 Spider-Man can shoot webs

This list is so dumb

2 Spider-Man is stronger
3 Spider-Man's enemies are tougher
4 Spider-Man's costume is brighter and more colourful
5 Spider-Man doesn't need vehicles to get around

Just for the joke here, nothing serious. But he needs buildings and poles to get around - zxm

6 Spider-Man doesn't need a sidekick
7 Spider-Man doesn't only come out at night
8 Spider-Man is more fun to watch
9 Spider-Man has a better personality

Spiderman is the much more relatable character.

10 Batman is afraid of bats, but Spider-Man isn't afraid of spiders

But now the bats are his friends

The Contenders

11 Spiderman is funnier
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