Top Ten Reasons Why Trying to Be Popular Sucks

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1 You’re forced to do the “cool things” even if you don’t want to do it

As an adult you develop perspective on "popularity". Thankfully, it rarely exists outside of the public school system. Why? Mental maturity. Most people outgrow the desire to feel wanted by anyone who doesn't like them for who they are. Practically everyone maintains small, core groups of friends consisting of the people that one would actually want to care about them (and vise-versa). You don't need those 300+ Facebook-level "friends" to feel wanted and appreciated. Most people have fewer than 5 close "best" friends when they reach adulthood (1-2 is the norm). So just focus on them and not on all those "popular" kids who will either realize how superficial they are when they mature and change or live lonelier lives as a result of their underdeveloped maturity. - BKAllmighty

You'd only be forcing yourself to do it. Trying way too hard to be trendy won't make you popular and likeable at all. People are drawn to you for who you are deep down and your unique little quirks that set you apart from everybody else. - Entranced98

No doubt about that. Therefore, I stay away from the stereotypical notions of coolness 'because they aren't as interesting as I thought that they were.

2 You’re never alone because people follow you

And that causes you to have no privacy. Therefore, I gave up on being popular.

3 It puts lots of pressure on you

Take the movie mean girls 4 example - Koopaandcorgi

4 Restriction of opinions since you have to do and follow the “cool stuff”

Well, that stinks like a skunk.

true - BoyGenius234

5 It brings lots of drama

Yep drama and popularity are a perfect duo

6 You become selfish and prideful

Which is true of stereotypical athletes.

You become selfish and prideful of your own accord, technically speaking. - mattstat716

7 You can’t hang out with the so called “lame people” even if you like them

Yeah! - Sugarcubecorner

8 People start to bother you or try to take your spot

Seems like it.

9 People who used to be friends with you don’t like you since you joined the “cool group”

That sounds about right.

10 It makes you dumb

That depends.

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11 You change into a different person because of others

And it’s normally not in a good way - Randomator

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