Top 10 Reasons Why We Shouldn't Kill Sharks

Sharks may be scary, but without them, the ocean is in great risk of danger. We Humans think that Sharks are cruel, merciless, bloodthirsty, violent, killing machines, but in reality, more Sharks are killed each year by Humans. So it's the Sharks who should be Scarred of us. We need Sharks to survive. Without them, the Fish will eat the Smaller Fish who help eat the ocean's algae. Without them, the Rays will eat all the Scallops and there will be no more Scallops for Us and the Rays. A lot of People like to kill Sharks just because they're scary, but if we put aside our fear, hatred, And neglect, then we will see how important Sharks really are to Us and our world.

Remember. The more you know, the less you'll fear.

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21 Not All Sharks are Dangerous

I went to this zoo and there were mini sharks there. They were completely harmless

Whale sharks, for example they are harmless sharks.

Bruce is a nice shark

22 They Can Not Talk

The only reason they bite is because they can not talk to tell you to get out of their home

ha ha

23 Just Because They Look Scary Doesn't Mean They are Scary

I like chai latte

24 They Make the Ocean Healthy

Not true. We consume more and more fish everyday. If man-eating sharks were out the equation, them we could keep consuming fish without the oceans being over fished.

They keep the food relationship / food chain from going wrong

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25 They Can't Help Being Born Sharks

Drum lines are also killing turtles and dolphins as such that is why I think shark culling should be stoped

What if sharks were born humans. Would you kill a human.


26 Other Animals Accidentally Get Killed While Hunting Sharks Like Turtles and Seals

lick me

I love turtles so stuff all the people who are killing u are so mean ps I am twelve 😂 ❤️ 🐢

27 Sharks Can Stop Cancer in Humans

The immune system in sharks is so strong that they don't really get sick. The enzymes in their immune stems vang be extracted with no harm and be modified to end cancer in humans. 7.6 million people are killed by cancer each year. Imagine a world without canver! Sharks can solve that!

Sharks are amazing creatures and if we kill them thau won't come back

28 They're in Jaws

There would be no shark movies

I don't know just wanted to comment

29 They Are Rare

They're is some sharks that people don't know about because either people killed them years ago or because they live in like the twilight zone so people can't learn about them and beside sometime sharks don't even go near areas where people is so some people don't need to worry about them

We are more likely to die from smoking, car crash or a lightning bolt then a shark attack.

They are endangered

30 If the Fish Ecosystem is Overpopulated the Whale Shark Keeps the Ecosystem In Balance.
31 They Don't Taste Nice

They Taste Like Rubbish So there is no point in killing them

They are full of Mercury which is poison to us don't be dumb to get the picture

Obviously you have NEVER eaten shark or you were the victim of a very bad cook. Shark tastes awesome. Remember H Salt Fish and Chips, who aid they're fish did not taste fishy? That was shark meat.

32 They are Innocent

Yeah it is not their fault they were born. God put the, here for a reason right?

Don't kill sharks!

Sharks have done nothing to you,so why do you kill them.just because they kill us doesn't mean we kill them

33 We Overpopulate More Than They Do

While 200 sharks are born every year,8000 people are born every second.

34 They're Pretty

Gorgeous animals

35 They Ensure Human Survival

Head over to

36 We Need Them

If we didn't have sharks most species would over produce and our oceans would end up crowded with unwanted and wanted fish and other creatures. So why kill them?

37 They're Misunderstood

We don't know everything about hem

. if we don't stop killing sharks just because we THINK they r scary u will kill the one place we came from: the ocean

38 Sharks Aren't the Most Dangerous Animals

People are more likely to be killed by a hippo, crocodile, dangerous water current, or lightning, than by a shark

Sharks r awesome

39 Sharks are Disappearing

Well there aren't

The recovery rate for sharks is 4% and the rate at which we kill them is approximately 7.9%.

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