Best Reba McEntire Songs


The Top Ten

1 Fancy

And also put the song called Somebody on this list to.

Pray For Peace is my favorite.
Put Every Other Weekend, and Goodbye Looks Good On Me on this list.

2 Consider Me Gone

#1 Country and #38 All-genre

3 Going Out Like That

Reba's 2015 comeback single "Going Out Like That" was the lead off single from her album (that peaked at #1) "Love Somebody". "Going Out Like That" peaked at #23 Country and #102 All-Genre.

4 The Night the Lights Went Out In Georgia
5 The Heart Won't Lie
6 Because of You


7 Is There Life Out There
8 Turn On the Radio

Reba's first single of her "All The Women I Am" album. It peaked at #1 on the country charts and #53 all genre.

Should be number 1, this used to be my favorite song!

My favorite song

9 Whoever's in New England
10 Somebody's Chelsea

2011's "Somebody's Chelsea" was co-written by Reba and was featured on the album "All The Women I Am". The song peaked at #44 while the album hit #3.


The Contenders

11 Silent Night

This should be in the Top 5

12 Does He Love You
13 Little Rock
14 I Keep On Lovin' You

Reba's final single from her album "Keep On Loving You" peaked at #7 Country and #78 all genre.

15 I'm a Survivor

Should Be In The Top 5

16 The Greatest Man I Never Knew
17 If I Were a Boy

Reba's cover of this song was featured on the album "All The Women I Am" and peaked at #22

18 Can't Even Get the Blues No More
19 When Love Gets a Hold of You

The third single off the album "All The Women I Am" peaked at #40

20 Every Other Weekend
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