Most Ridiculous Inventions Ever Made

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The Wiener Cleaner

It's just a brush that you put under a dachshund's belly, and because their stomachs are so close to the ground, you get your floor cleaned, free of charge.

Yes, this sounds like man tampons, but the visual would be very funny to have.

That pic looks exactly like my puppy What

The name sounds somewhat suggestive.

Nose Muffs

Yes. These are actually real.

This has a purpose?

The Nose Stylus

Although this was supposed to make multitasking easier, you've gotta wonder what the inventor of the Nose Stylus thought about how weird it looks.

As ridiculous as things like the Wiener Cleaner sound, some of these are pretty funny, too. This guy looks like a baby elephant.

The Fliz

You're basically running around with a bicycle strapped to your back if you have The Fliz. I think it's supposed to be a loophole for avoiding saddle sores, though.

Why would someone buy this? It looks like it's 90% exercising you.

The Baby Mop

Why bother constantly cleaning up after your baby when you can just put a Baby Mop on them? This is basically the Wiener Cleaner for babies.

"You're gonna earn to carry your end of the line early!"

The Hamster Shredder

As cruel as the name may seem, no hamsters are harmed by this product. The hamster runs on its wheel, which powers the shredder. This is goofy, but not a bad idea.

Should be the Hamster "Powered" Shredder.

The Sonic Grenade

This invention was dirt cheap. Fifteen bucks before it was discontinued. And it was discontinued with good reasoning. Seeing as it was a noise grenade that would easily be the most annoying thing in the world. Had it not been discontinued, Justin Bieber would not be hated much anymore. If at all.

I can't imagine...

The Cutting Board Bird Feeder

If you're slicing bread outside, for whatever reason, first, I would like to ask why. Second, I strongly recommend that you try to find one of these things. They vent out bread crumbs so you feed the birds no matter what.

Simple and easy to use, so it seems.

The Doryu 2-16 Camera

I would love to have a talk with the moron who made this thing. Not only does it LOOK like a gun, but it also sounds like one. I imagine this thing isn't something you'd want if you have PTSD.

Why? Why make a camera that looks and sounds like a gun?


This thing mimics hand-holding across an internet connection. You squeeze yours and your long-distance girlfriend or boyfriend feels hers or his Freeble change like you're there holding their hand. That's not depressing at all.

I hope you were being sarcastic. This would be VERY depressing!

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