Top Ten Types of Supplies that are Hoarded During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Thanks to a list I made as well as Randomator's follow-up list, it's time for yet another one. Let's see which supplies are hoarded the most.

The Top Ten Types of Supplies that are Hoarded During the Covid-19 Outbreak

1 Toilet Paper

I don't understand why everyone goes crazy for this. This doesn't fill people or prevent dehydration. It's for cleaning, but it doesn't run out super fast like food. So buying gallons of this is just..., WHAT? - darthvadern

But why though? Do they think that the virus actively causes diarrhea? Are these people literally full of crap? - NuMetalManiak

It crazy that people want to buy lots of toilet paper during this illness outbreak - trains45

How is toilet paper the most essential item in the world right now? - BurnAux

2 Hand Sanitizer

Don't you already have this at your home? And doesn't it already last for months to begin with? - darthvadern

Hand sanitizer is good to buy, but people don't need to buy way too much hand sanitizer - trains45

I mean it’s the on the go alternative for regular soap so makes sense - Randomator

Sure, get some hand sanitizer. But you don’t have to buy like 50! It’s much better to wash your hands - FrostfeatherofSnowClan

3 Baby Wipes

Some people buy baby wipes as a toilet paper alternative, but it's messed up that a lot of mothers are looking for wipes for their babies as an essential item for them, but it's all out of stock. - BurnAux

This one is a bit odd to say the least. - Randomator

4 Water Bottles

Not surprising - Randomator

5 Soap

It’s essential for people’s hygiene during the coronavirus. Hand soap in particular. You don’t need to hoard tons of it though. - Userguy44

6 Bleach

I actually wanna know why Bleach of all things is being taken off the shelves so quickly - NuMetalManiak

Eh it kills coronavirus!

For meme purposes? - darthvadern

7 N95 Masks
8 Ramen Noodles

They buy it because it's cheap. What happens if they end up RAISING the price? - NuMetalManiak

Simple to make so I’m not surprised by it being gone - Randomator

9 Beef
10 Rice

The Contenders

11 Waffles

This is probably the most absurd item people are currently hoarding. What is it with waffles I wonder? - NuMetalManiak

They’re simple to make just put them in a toaster so I guess that’s a reason why - Randomator

Understandable. They're delicious ;) - darthvadern

12 Bread

It’s useful to make sandwiches so I can see why it is selling like crazy - Randomator

13 Milk

In my area there’s barely any milk left at all I wonder what it is with milk. Kids maybe? - Randomator

14 Eggs

Eggs are important and used in a lot of foods so I can see why they are flying off the shelves - Randomator

15 Frozen Pizza

Another thing in my area that’s gone is frozen pizza assuming due to the easy instructions and minimal cooking skill required - Randomator

16 Paper Towels

People buy these to use as toilet paper

17 Sugar
18 Canned Spaghetti
19 Clothes
20 Chicken
21 Pizza Pizza is a yeasted flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. The term was first recorded in the 10th century, in a Latin manuscript from Gaeta in Central Italy.
22 Baked Beans

Not really surprisingly. - Powell

23 Sausage
24 Paint

Hoarded by people who can't go to work so they thought of something else to do. My dad reported that he found a store was closed due to simply running out of paint. - Powell

25 Condoms

Surprisingly, it's true. - Kevinsidis

26 Pop-Tarts
27 Flour
28 Pasta
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