Top 10 Best Browser Extensions

We all love wasting our time on the Internet right? Sometimes though, our web browsing experience could be better and this is where browser extensions come in handy! The extensions on this list are some of the very best and safest that you can download on the internet to make your life easier and safer.
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1 uBlock Origin

I love this extension from beginning. I have uninstalled every extension even my permanent one just in search for alternative. But this is the only extension that never got removed from my browsers.

UBlock Origin is a free and open-source, cross-platform browser extension for content-filtering, including ad-blocking. The extension is available for several browsers: Chrome, Chromium, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

I've been using uBlock Origin for about two years now, it's amazing, it blocks pop-up pages, ads and everything in between that I don't want.

2 Privacy Badger

This browser extension was developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), an entity that exists solely for the purpose of protecting our online freedoms. Privacy Badger stops tracking scripts before they run, preventing websites from monitoring your activity across domains. It also kills certain spying ads and prevents other data sharing code from running.

3 MalwareBytes Browser Extension

Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Firefox delivers a safer and faster web browsing experience. It blocks malicious websites while filtering out unwanted content (resulting in up to 3x faster webpage load times).

4 Colorblind - Dalton for Chrome

Up to 1 in 10 people can have some form of color blindness, which can make it difficult to perceive certain colors in pictures, or a website's user interface. The Colorblind - Dalton for Chrome attachment can provide tests for the most common forms of color blindness, and can dynamically adjust your browser's color settings to help visualize colors in photos or websites that might be hard to see for the user.

5 Honey

The Honey app is a browser extension, or add-on, that can save you money by automatically searching for coupons on most of your favorite shopping sites. It's available for all of the major web browsers, and it's a lot easier than manually sifting through coupon sites.

6 NordVPN

NordVPN offers a VPN proxy extension compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer (Edge). It's a fast install, and it stays out of the way while keeping you safe on the web.

7 Blur

Abine's Blur service functions as password manager, email anonymizer and credit card masker all rolled up into one convenient package in the Chrome extension. Users can create and store strong passwords, and the service syncs your passwords across desktop and iOS devices for ease of use. Blur also includes tracker blocking for a variety of web trackers. Premium users of the service can also avail of anonymized credit cards to mask their online purchases.

8 The Camelizer

This browser extension made by CamelCamelCamel which works on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It provides invaluable graphs and sales data for just about every product on the Amazon marketplace. If you're looking for an item that meets your needs on Amazon, then open The Camelizer. You'll see a recent history of price spikes and drops for both marketplace sales and third party offers, letting you see the highs and lows in one quick glance.

9 Ginger

Ginger is a grammar corrector app which corrects all types of grammatical mistakes including punctuation, sentence structure and style.

10 Adblock Plus

This extension is one of the most popular adblockers online, which gives a lot of options to the user.

The Contenders
11 Avast Online Security
12 Checker Plus for Gmail
13 Wikiwand
14 Signal Private Messenger
15 HabitLab
16 Better History
19 Turn Off The Lights
20 Stylish
21 LocalCDN
22 Pocket
23 Grammarly
24 Stylus
25 uMatrix
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