Best Riverdale Characters


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1 Cheryl Blossom

She's perfect evil and badass I love her

She is the best - bretty

2 Jughead  Jones

This really shouldn't be a contest, Jughead is by far the best character. He's got such a complex background and he's got so much of him that we haven't seen yet, and he has such a kind heart.

Most relatable character


Love him

3 Veronica Lodge

! Veronica... She is just AMAZING! Funny, sarcastic and loyal. Passionate, independent and strong! I could go on for hours! Veronica is clearly the best!

Veronica is the best. Period.

The best character by far. Veronica just has the spectacular aura that steals the show away. I love her character so much ❤️

4 Betty Cooper

Betty is way bettter than anyother characters in riverdale... she should be numbered number 2

5 Kevin Keller

To be honest in season 1 I don't think he really was good gay representation, he was literally only there to be the gay best friend and didn't really add anything to the plot, but I think he will be more of a strong character in season 2 - pjo

Honestly the best character in the show. Adds some relief. I'm happy he will be a regular in season 2!


6 Archie Andrews
7 Alice Cooper

I love this woman

8 Moose Mason
9 Reggie Mantle
10 Josie McCoy

The Contenders

11 Fred Andrews
12 Joaquin DeSantos
13 F.P. Jones
14 Ethel Muggs
15 Toni Topaz
16 Melody Valentine
17 Hiram Lodge
18 Mary Andrews
19 Valerie Brown
20 Geraldine Grundy
21 Polly Cooper
22 Hal Cooper
23 Hermione Lodge
24 Sierra McCoy
25 Sheriff Keller
26 Penelope Blossom
27 Clifford Blossom
28 Jellybean Jones
29 Jason Blossom
30 Chic Cooper
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1. Cheryl Blossom
2. Moose Mason
3. Jughead  Jones
1. Cheryl Blossom
2. Moose Mason
3. Kevin Keller
1. Cheryl Blossom
2. Moose Mason
3. F.P. Jones

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