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Jughead Jones

He is just so cute and loyal. The way he looks at Betty makes me cry. He is so responsible and protective.

The man, the legend, the only guy in Riverdale that stood up to everything and never ran away, this guy deserves the hype.

He is smart, sweet, handsome, serious, funny, selfless, amazing, Jughead deserves the world

He's the perfect mix of dark, handsome, kind and brave. Also he's perfect for Betty!

Betty Cooper

She is an amazing detective and her and jughead are legit the perfect couple. After all the trauma in her life she if there to support her friends and family no matter what.

She's the "perfect girl next door" but she really isn't. That's what's so great about her, she has so much that's wrong but still manages to be strong for Jughead and her mom. Also, even though it'll probably happen, her and Jughead are the cutest and I hate Betty with Archie.

She's so honest and she and jughead are the best of couples in riverdale

she is the perfect girl next door and she loves investigating things

Cheryl Blossom

Archie's soul mate if you ask me. This girl had lost everything, but not her crown.

Literally the best character, after everything, she is still still so selfless and kind. Only HER TT can control her. She is so in love

She's a goddamn queen, and there's nothing that can stop her from being one!

A true boss, whenver someone disrespects her or her loved ones she goes full on protection mode.

Veronica Lodge

Veronica is such a queen. She deserved better and she is the best character.

No one can out match Veronica personality! She is the light to riverdale. Just think about it everything was boring til she arrived! (Archie’s soulmate)

She’s a real bas a**. In season one when she stood up for Betty and they kissed I shipped Beronica hard, for their friendship though.

Best of all characters because she is just as messy as we are she has love hate relationship with parents and loves her friends sometime lies too and she is sassy pretty clever and compassionate being

Kevin Keller

The kindest, most purest charecter on Riverdale. I also ship Kevin and Fangs because like Choni and Bughead opposites attract.

Yo Kevin is literally the worst character in Riverdale lmao

To be honest in season 1 I don't think he really was good gay representation, he was literally only there to be the gay best friend and didn't really add anything to the plot, but I think he will be more of a strong character in season 2

Honestly the best character in the show. Adds some relief. I'm happy he will be a regular in season 2!

F.P. Jones

Best upbringing in the series, hated the guy in season 1,love him now

He is the second best dad! Sorry but Fred is number one but FP is pretty close!

He turned his life around and he is actually trying to be a good father in a town full of secrets and turmoil

What 12? come on he desrves to be in the top 5

Archie Andrews

He has been tought hell multiple times, he is disoriented, abandoned by the love of his teen life, for that jock Reggie, Archie deserves better, would have loved to see him and Cheryl together at some point, for real.

I am a jughead fan, but I do feel like archie is underrated/overhated. He can be a jerk for his own reasons, and does act like a playboy/jock. But deep down, you can tell that he is an all around good person. I mean I don't see anyone else in the gang running that fast to save cheryl by punching the ice, and also saving the life of his fathers.

A great main character for a great show

One of my favorites

Josie McCoy

She can sing so beautiful it's so awesome

Hope she heals Archie


She can sing, she's really nice and cute, I think that she is super underrated as well! I mean, she is Josie and the pussycats.

The pussycats would be meaningless without her, I know they kick her out, and all but... She deserves to be at least, number 5...

Alice Cooper

I love this woman

Best mom in the show

Joaquin DeSantos

He is the cutest and hottest thing ever and should definitely be higher on this list


A total babe. He and Kevin Keller are and will always be soulmates. OTP

( sorry about the typo in my last comment. I meant to say “he’s just doing what he has to do to survive” )


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Toni Topaz

So loving towards Cheryl and honestly her determination to get Jughead into the serpents and Cheryl out of the sisters of quiet mercy, had me in tears.

She's probably the only main character that is actually normal.

I LOVE TONI TOPAZ! She is the true queen! At first I hated her because she was trying to fat jughead to like her, but after she quit that I fell in love with her! She’s awesome

Kindest person ever. Why isn’t she higher? So happy cheryl and her are together. Unconditional love.

Fred Andrews

When the actor died and the episode of him was there my heart was almost died

The kindest, most best father in the world.

Pop Tate

Obviously he is the best charecter in Riverdale. He is just so damn pure and kind.

Purest soul in Riverdale. Period.

The best

Valerie Brown
Reggie Mantle

He just funny and trys to help most of the time great character

They barely mention him and even he's better than all the main characters.

He is Archie's best friend so why not!

Mantle all days BABY

Sweet Pea

He is amazing how could you not love him? And he is the only one who could be a "Bad Boy" without being cringey and he deserved better than Josie.

We love and appreciate this bean that cares about his friends and is so frickin loyal.

He's just so cool. I mean he cares about his best friend (Fangs Fogarty) but yet he is so dark and moody but awsomely cool at the same time. I say he should be #1


Polly Cooper


Mad Dog

He is a great character and he basically risked getting beaten so Archie could escape. :~)

Melody Valentine
Fangs Fogarty

Just makes the show better

He is a precious bean.


Midge Klump

My bby deserves better

Nana Rose Blossom

I mean how could you forget about her. She tried so hard to save Cheryl from the sisters and the core four from Penelope. I love Cheryl and Nana Roses bond.

She must be loved and protected at all costs!

I love her

Moose Mason
Hiram Lodge

I personally think Hiram lodge is a big bad a**. I love how he would do anything to protect Veronica but I don’t like how he tried to kill Jughead.

Jellybean Jones

she is so relatable


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