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1 Jughead  Jones

He's awesome. I love his personality, his story, and his nigh-unlimited knowledge of what happens in Riverdale. Also, Cole Sprouse does an excellent job portraying Jughead. I also want to see the Suite Life series because he also starred in them before Riverdale. - PhoenixAura81

This really shouldn't be a contest, Jughead is by far the best character. He's got such a complex background and he's got so much of him that we haven't seen yet, and he has such a kind heart.

He is me in school except, more weird and geeky but everything is me

Super interesting and greatly developed character! With Jughead everyone would probably be dead to be honest.

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2 Cheryl Blossom

She's perfect evil and badass I love her

She is the best - bretty

Cheryl deserve to be Number 1 and I mean it. She is the one who lost so much and I think she is the one who has shown the most character development throughout the two seasons

She is my Idol

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3 Betty Cooper

Without Betty nobody would have a clue what was going on, since she is like the smartest, sweetest, most conscientious character.

I love her she doesn't make anyone get in her way she loving

Betty is way bettter than anyother characters in riverdale... she should be numbered number 2

Lets make this whole list fair... Betty Cooper is by far the best character on Riverdale...I wouldn't mind putting cheryl and jughead above her but to be honest betty is way better than veronica since she is the center character on Riverdale for instance her character is more interesting since the main drama of the show ( jasons killer,blackhood and the sugar man) were foucusing on her and truthfully she should be on the 3rd place

4 Veronica Lodge

! Veronica... She is just AMAZING! Funny, sarcastic and loyal. Passionate, independent and strong! I could go on for hours! Veronica is clearly the best!

I love Veronica she is smart powerful and I love her so much I strive to be like her

Veronica is the best. Period.

Uhm Ronnie is like the BEST. She’s sassy but sweet, evil but kind, and talented as hell with her vocals and her visuals. IN THIS HOUSE WE STAN VERONICA LODGE.

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5 Kevin Keller

To be honest in season 1 I don't think he really was good gay representation, he was literally only there to be the gay best friend and didn't really add anything to the plot, but I think he will be more of a strong character in season 2 - pjo

Honestly the best character in the show. Adds some relief. I'm happy he will be a regular in season 2!


6 Archie Andrews

I am a jughead fan, but I do feel like archie is underrated/overhated. He can be a jerk for his own reasons, and does act like a playboy/jock. But deep down, you can tell that he is an all around good person. I mean I don't see anyone else in the gang running that fast to save cheryl by punching the ice, and also saving the life of his fathers. - wren6

Archie a good person and most interesting charactor in riverdale. He is so hansome, I hoped archie and betty together.. Archie is better than jughead

He's sweet.

7 F.P. Jones

What 12? come on he desrves to be in the top 5

8 Joaquin DeSantos

He is the cutest and hottest thing ever and should definitely be higher on this list

9 Alice Cooper

I love this woman

10 Josie McCoy

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11 Toni Topaz

I just love everything about her

She should be closer to top 5!

Love her character

Really are you kiding? She the best character in riverdale ever! Shes super badass and one of jugheads bffs

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12 Moose Mason
13 Fred Andrews
14 Valerie Brown
15 Reggie Mantle
16 Hiram Lodge
17 Ethel Muggs

Without fail the worst character in the whole show - pjo

18 Polly Cooper
19 Sweet Pea


He’s fab

20 Nana Rose Blossom
21 Myles McCoy
22 Melody Valentine
23 Jellybean Jones
24 Jason Blossom
25 Chic Cooper
26 Midge Klump
27 Fangs Fogarty
28 Mary Andrews
29 Geraldine Grundy
30 Hal Cooper
31 Hermione Lodge
32 Sierra McCoy
33 Sheriff Keller
34 Penelope Blossom
35 Clifford Blossom
36 Chuck Clayton
37 Penny Peabody
38 Penny Peabody
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1. Cheryl Blossom
2. Jughead  Jones
3. Betty Cooper
1. Cheryl Blossom
2. Betty Cooper
3. Jughead  Jones

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