Top Best Robots from Real Steel App

From best to the suckish robot

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The Top Ten Top Best Robots from Real Steel App

Zeus "King Of Robots"

Zeus Strong awesomly strong punches special moves are to strong for other robots - Realsteel11

Hollow Jack "Halloween Horror"

Hollow Jack is same as Zeus but Special moves is a bit less stronger than zeus - Realsteel11

Shogun "The First Samurai bot"

Shogun is quick awesome looking but armor is not as good as Zeus or hollow jack at all - Realsteel11

Abandon "The ice cool mountain"

In the game abandon is good and O.P. but if you could dodge his moves he's done for. - Realsteel11


Every thing about camelot is ordinary once you see a punch coming from the ordinary just block - Realsteel11

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