Saddest Things that Happened in 2016

The Top Ten

1 Shooting at Nightclub in Orlando

Really sad, all those people lost their lives - PeeledBanana

49 people dead. I still can't believe it's been almost a year since this happened... - Metalhead1997

2 Bastille Day Terrorist Attack in Nice, France
3 Brussels Attack
4 Paris Attack
5 Dallas Police Shooting
6 Gator Attack At Disneyland
7 Donald Trump Elected President

He won't be in office for long. - Metalhead1997

We never had a successful impeachment up to this point. He'll most likely not be impeached. - Lmrpirate

Yup. American companies investing in America. Job numbers sharply up. Stock market booming. People's retirement funds gaining value. Justices who will actually honor their oaths and respect the Constitution heading for the Supreme Court. Illegal immigration about to be brought under control. National security finally being taken seriously. America helping her friends and not aiding and abetting her enemies. Political correctness in its death throes. Wow. So sad.

8 Zika Outbreak
9 Death of Christina Grimmie

She was shot at 22... That's WAY too young, even for a musician. Then again, Buddy Holly died at 22. - Metalhead1997

10 Death of David Bowie

January 9, 2016. - Metalhead1997

The Contenders

11 Harambe Killed In Cincinnati Zoo Harambe Killed In Cincinnati Zoo

Most of these other people died of natural causes, but Harambe got shot for SAVING A CHILD! If anything, the child should have been shot

12 Istanbul Airport Attack
13 Death of Prince
14 Death of George Michael
15 Death of Carrie Fisher

I still can't believe she's gone... - Metalhead1997

16 Death of Debbie Reynolds

Died on my dad's 44th birthday. - Metalhead1997

17 Death of Elie Wiesel
18 Death of Jack Riley
19 Death of Gene Wilder
20 Brexit

What could possibly be "sad" about the British people reasserting their sovereignty and divorcing themselves from the wacko, far-left dictates of the EU?

21 Death of Harper Lee
22 Gatlinburg, TN wildfire
23 Gravity Falls Ended
24 PIA 661 Plane Crash In Havelian, Pakistan.

Very sad plane crash. In fact, saddest plane crash in history.

25 RonRon's Death
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