Mother 3


This game has an emotion that is much different from the first two games. Mother 1 (or Earthbound Zero) had an ending that was eerie and dramatic, but it had the weakest ending. That's no surprise for an 80's RPG. Earthbound (Mother 2) had the a really creepy and scary ending, and that ending final boss gave me chills. In Mother 3, the ending was so much stronger. I was literally crying at the end of this game. It's a shame this game is so underrated.

This is more than a video game, it's a work of art. Normally deaths in video games now are brutal and harsh, but this was different. This death took time to give us an emotion. I'm actually glad this game is underrated because it wouldn't be the same. Everyone would just give us the ending and we wouldn't get as much emotion. This is a game worth playing.

This game is the definition of sadness I mean here's an overview of the story hinawa is killed by what's supposed to be a friendly creature that the pig mask have changed flint after finding this out beats up the villagers and is sent to prison in front of Claus and lucas then Claus go after the drago that killed his mother to avenge her and is killed then porky revives him brain washes him and practically turns him into a cyborg and during the final battle lucas by himself battles Claus but just can't attack while Claus is beating him to death then flint protects lucas and trys to get Claus to remember him and suffers major damage from Claus but hinawa who is spirt know gets Claus to remember his who he really is and after he fires a lighting bolt at lucas knowing about the Franklin badge and comments suicide HOW CAN U NOT CRY FROM ANY OF THAT this game show that Nintendo isn't just for kids and that mother 3 is one of the best games of all time

Mother 3 invokes an incredible emotional response, especially considering the limitations of the platform.

By the time you finish it, you are feeling that bittersweet sadness of childhood innocence lost followed by an overwhelming mourning of the wasted relationship of two very close brothers. They manage to reunite at the end, but can't bridge the gap between them and, essentially, wave goodbye to each other from across a chasm they can't cross, each wishing they hadn't separated, but unable to change it.

And it's sprinkled with other bits like friends leaving friends, your mother dying early on, and the grief of your way of life being lost to the archives of history.

There is nothing sadder than the unnecessary loss this game portrays.

Deserves this spot. Made me realize the horrid truth that were all just slaves and zombies to evil as humans... But at the same time shows you how love can save anything from corruption. And family love is the most important thing in you're life. And to look at the world and try to distance yourself from evil. 10/10

Fantastic plot, fantastic music, just an all around fantastic game. One of the best I've ever played. It's a crime that this game hasn't been released outside Japan

This game makes you feel everything. Funny characters, amazing storytelling, emotional music, you feel all of it. It's more than a game, it's a work of art.

Every time something bad happens, you have to live with it. You can't turn back time to try and find a way around it. There's no easy way out. Flint can't decide to go with his family to Alec's house, Lucas can't stop Claus from running away, and no one can prevent Fassad from corrupting Tazmily Village.

There's a constant theme of failure throughout the game. No matter what you do, Hinawa dies, Claus goes missing, and the Nowhere Islands fall into ruin and corruption. At first, it's frustrating, but as it goes on, it just becomes depressing and demoralizing. The game forces you to empathize with the characters by making you feel what they feel.

Shigesato Itoi pulled no punches when crafting a very real experience. This game is a masterpiece, and one I recommend to anyone who isn't opposed to emulation.

This proves that graphics aren't needed to make an awesome game. This game touches your heart in such a powerful way you can't help but cry in the end. - ClicheUsername69

Oh, Mother 3. Mother and Earthbound were emotional games, but Número 3 tops them all. Let's start with the fact that a little boy is forced to go through serious emotional trauma when his mother dies. Then, his father goes temporarily berserk. And his brother goes missing. THEN, after going through some other sad as #%€ moments, he finds out that his brother was killed, resurrected as a cyborg, then forced to work with Porky, the main villain of the game (not to mention Earthbound). And when he snaps back into reality, he sees what he,s done and COMMITS CHILD SUICIDE. Wow, Nintendo. Just... Wow.

$&@#% pokey. I've never played the game much cause it was a Japanese rom but I have one question... Why doesn't he dieD:

I literally can't watch chapter 6 or the end of this game without being brought to tears. Its literally so sad.

I don't want to spoil the game (like the guy under me did) so I'm just gonna let you play

I've never played anything sadder than this. And I've played a ton of games.

Anyone who voted for anything else than Mother 3 has not played Mother 3.

Lucas is my favorite character of all time. - Mother3fan

I am appalled that this was bumped down to #2.

And to think this comes from one of the most usually happy games

This game can make you cry within the first hour, and doesn't stop there. It often tosses in reminders of what happend, and the end is super heavy. It's a shame it was never properly released to the rest of the world.

Can't think of anything that would be a sadder ending.

Poor Claus he died when he thought he was masked man

Try naming Hinawa the name of your actual mother, Claus as your actual brother, and Lucas after yourself. That's how you really start to get emotional.

"Lucas doesn't know what to do anymore."

The only game to ever make me cry

The last 10 minutes of the game destroyed me and made me cry like a little girl. This game in definetelly one of my favorite games of all time. It's a shame that Nintendo doesen't release the game out of Japan, so more people can enjoy this amazing game.

I honestly haven't played yet,but,this sounds like a winner to me.Gosh the feels...