Scariest Movies of the 80s

You can add not just horror movies but also thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy etc

The Top Ten

1 Near Dark

Absolutely unique Drama/Horror movie with interesting cast from "Aliens". Kathryn Bigelow directed it! - Alexandr

2 Maniac

The death scenes were shockingly bloody and creepy. The Final scene is very impressive as well - Alexandr

3 The Changeling

Adorable but little seen classic! - Alexandr

4 Aliens

Not as creepy as Alien but deserves to be in the top 10 for its countless intense moments - Alexandr

5 From Beyond

Overlooked but very cool Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi movie - Alexandr

6 The Beyond

Shocking Italian horror film!. The scene with spiders was memorable - Alexandr

7 The Hitcher

Forget about remake. The original is a true cult classic - Alexandr

8 Tenebre

Dario Argento's best film of the 80's. Really gory death scenes and impressive final! - Alexandr

9 The Fog

One of John Carpenters' biggest masterpieces - Alexandr

10 Re-Animator

The Contenders

11 Pet Sematary
12 A Nightmare On Elm Street
13 Angel Heart

Brilliant acting from Robert De Niro and Mickey Rourke! Unforgettable classic! - Alexandr

14 Scanners
15 Sleepaway Camp
16 Inferno
17 Stage Fright
18 Opera
19 Prom Night
20 Terror Train
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