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481 The Virus of Life - Slipknot

The lyrics to this song are so damn creepy. Corey does not even sing it, he is kind of whispering throughout the whole track - MetalDisciple

This song has scared the hell out of me for forever!

482 Fatal Foot Fetish - Macabre
483 Kinderfeld - Marilyn Manson

Song about his grandfather, I guess

This is really oppressive song

484 Dope Hat - Marilyn Manson

If you thought this song was scary then check out it's music video...

485 Jump Around - House of Pain

How is this scary?

486 K@#Ø%! - Korn
487 Date Rape - Sublime

The story is pretty terrifying!

488 1996 - Marilyn Manson
489 Natural Born Killaz - Ice Cube

One of the most violent and disturbing songs ever made, like something a serial killer wrote. Plus the beat is really intimidating.

490 Hail Mary - 2pac

There is something weird about this song. It was written just before 2Pac's death and it is under his new name, Makaveli. Something is just not quite right about this song, or the whole album. Was 2Pac trying to tell us something? Also, the beat is quite disturbing and features 2Pac singing the chorus, somewhat shouting it. Quite disturbing to be honest.

491 R U Dumb? - Jme

The lyrics are quite violent, but it's the beat that is really creepy. Plus, at the beginning, there is a disturbing, Jamaican type voice saying something that's quite hard to make out, as well as gun and wolf sound effects. Hard to listen to in a dark room alone.

492 Lifeless - Chelsea Grin

Definitely one of the scariest. These lyrics. Also, some of the screams are terrifying. But mostly the lyrics.

493 Surrender Unto Evil - Euronymous
494 Wild Women With Steak Knives - Diamanda Galas
495 Zos Kia / Coil - Rape
496 Carousel - Mr. Bungle
497 Run the World - Beyonce

This was the first illuminati song that I saw. It scarred me for life. Have you heard the song backwards- ill obey Lucifer, he is the one blah blah all that the crazy occult ritual dance And the apocalyptic black horse in the end all spooked. Then I found out all her songs (drunk in love,7/11, single ladies all were the same. Now when ever I hear her crap that she call her songs I quickly switch to the next one. N have you seen her super bowl performance. Damn.

498 Deceased - Jme

JME gets beaten with a baseball bat and stabbed by his fans and he talks about the expirence of slowly dying.

499 Iron Gland - Alice In Chains
500 Dead Bodies Everywhere - Korn
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