Ten Worst Things About High School

Ten things you hate the most about high school in general.
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1 Homework

Funnily enough, some of our best leading people got by without getting the whole straight A's thing, they persevered and pursued something they wanted to do. No amount of homework was going to change them.

Grades don't matter if you think about it; they don't give you people/social skills, they don't teach you about how to buy a house, how to have children or any of the important stuff. Instead we're stuck with: 'Find the volume, radius and diameter of this soup can.' Screw that, that won't help you out in the wild or in any other part of life and unless you're a dedicated studier or someone who loves and craves homework, I say screw it.

Sometimes homeworks are excessive. There's a teacher in my high school that made us team and make a powerpoint about IRREGULAR VERBS. But not all the irregular verbs, naah, that would have had some kind of sense. She made us create a powerpoint about specifical verbs she gave us. LAAAME!

Of course, not every teacher does that (thanks god) but sometimes the homeworkss are DAMN overlong. I mean, sometimes our maths teacher sends us lots of homeworks with lots of sub-exercises. Come on! We want free time!

And sometimes, we just don't have time and teachers can't understand it! Damn! If I spend my weekend out of house (in another house, with my fathers) it's obvious I can't do homeworks!

And what about holiday homeworks? Man... THEY'RE HOLIDAYS! It's a date where we can just relax about school and do nothing!

Well, that was long. I could go on, because I've got lot of complains, but you get my grip.

I just flat out didn't do it, and managed to pass 9th grade, hope I can carry this on, but it sure is hard.

Homework absolutely serves no point, especially when teachers don't really check it, they just see if something is there and walk on through the class to check other peoples homework.

Teachers never believe the fact that you didn't understand it, they never explain your mistakes, they only tell the right answer and carry on if they EVEN get to checking it.

Actually I disagree. Homework is something anyone has the capability to do if they really put their mind to it. Sure, it may eat up your time and it can be confusing and hard to complete, but you're given the whole day to do it. It's better than tests and quizzes, damn I hate pop quizzes. However, I actually enjoy homework to an extent and it gives me the practice I need to do better on tests, which I loathe.

2 Bitchy popular girls

Being harassed by popular girls was my problem; I didn't understand why I would be singled out? I was very shy, wore glasses, didn't bother anyone, didn't date, didn't wear make-up just went to school. Four years of what? Well coming into my own in my early twenties and I realized I was quite attractive, in many ways I'm glad I grew up humble and down to earth. You meet real people that way and single out the fake. By the way, it's sad because many of these girls that was and will be the pinnacle of their lives

Does anyone other girls and boys feel the need to kick one of these girls in the uterus every time you see them? Because they piss me of to no end! Okay, don't do that in real life, but they sure make me want to! I see no reason for them to exist, as all they do is complain like they have PMS 365 days a year! As for nerds and geeks, well, they're awesome!

Uh I hate them so much. Last year this preppy stuck up girl would talk about me and my friends behind my back. And she was insecure to, she couldn't leave without at least 100 pounds of makeup because it makes her "prettier" than the other girls. I prefer natural beauty over a "cakeface"

Popular girls are he worst. They think there better then everybody. I don't understand how there popular if everyone hates them. It's ridiculous that people worship them. I also hate popular boys/ jocks. Some are cockier then others.

3 Bullies

Back when I was in 4th grade, I had a group of Kindergartners calling me names slurs just because I was more easily triggered than other kids my age, and the teachers didn't do jack. I don't know what happened with these former Kindergartners many years later, but I at least hope that they stopped teasing people, which unfortunately sounds EXTREMELY naive. I eventually never had to deal with this again, which was a HUGE relief.

If bullying itself wasn't enough, school systems PROTECT them, which is beyond BS itself, and mind-blowing how this vicious cycle has kept going since forever.

I'm not kidding, there are two special needs kids at my school that since they know they have special needs, can get away with anything. The two of them are twins as well so they could beat down another kid and take their money and other valuables and then fall to the ground screaming bloody murder, and the kid they bullied gets suspended. They have actually spit, kicked, punched, etc. Other kids and no one does jack. I have a disorders called Tourette's syndrome and OCD, but I would never bully another kid.

The next group of people I have to deal with is the populars. They act like they are kings and queens before the Magna Carta was signed, doing whatever they want when want. There's even this one popular kid at my school who is such a jerk to unpopular kids especially when they are considered different, but when a popular girl is around, he sugar coats it so he can "get some". What's sad is kids like me are put under the "unpopular category because either, were intelligent, ...more

This has made several amazing people in my life so depressed they've considered suicide. I don't see the purpose of hurting people especially when self-esteem is such a fragile thing already. It takes a lot to make me hate something but making the stupid decision to bully earns you a right on that list. For those going through this remember people care about you. Even if it's just the quiet girl who sits next to you in class, someone would miss you immensely if you weren't there any more. So, from a loved ones perspective, suicide is NEVER the answer, and it can get better. Stay happy inter-webers : )

I don't just have one bully. I have multiple bullies that I have to get away from every single day, and I don't even know any of their names but some know mine, they are males and females (mostly female). I have to avoid going through certain parts of my school in order to not crash into one of them, or possibly get a new one.
None of them even look good themselves, they are either Fat, ugly or really really stupid.. the funniest part is that all of them only seem to bully or talk trash about me when their friends are around. If they were alone, all they would do is keep walking with a straight face, or just stare at me. There was this girl that would talk about me with her friends. she had a small head and a really fat body.. she reminded me of Jobba The Hut from Star Wars. And there was this dude that would laugh every time I say my name for role call in class. That's pretty stupid if you ask me. I can go on and on but my text will be too long. I hate school.

4 Waking up Monday mornings

I genuinely really like high school, don't get me wrong. But it's massively flawed. One of the biggest flaws about high school is having to wake up at 6:55 AM in the morning and being rushed by parents to get ready. I'm so sick and tired of it, and what's even worse is that Maths is usually our first subject on a Monday. And I frickin' hate math!

Bloody hell I find waking up any earlier than 10:45 to be toxic and intolerable, and on the off chance I wake up that early I can't get out of bed till at least 11:30, the fact that my school starts at 7:10 means I have to get up at 5:00 and leave at 6:10 in order to get to school by 6:50. The garbage collectors aren't even up yet.

Monday's suck, you wake up early brush your teeth and wish your parents have never made you. Well, that's what I do. I step into school and say I hate everything because school is a negative environment.

One time, on Monday morning, I fell asleep at the bus stop. Woke up in my living room with my principle, my mom and dad, my two best friends and a police officer standing over me. Can you say what?!?

5 Bad teachers

My biology teacher is a great example. He hardly teaches anything, only gives us packets, worksheets and notes to take full of information that we have to teach ourselves because his lessons are useless. He constantly rants at the class and gets angry even if somebody gets an answer wrong when called on. Speaking of getting called on, he pretty much only selects the shy kids and the "bad" kids to speak, so me being the shyest person and having a C in his class for some reason gets me called on a lot. He is so hateful to me for whatever reason, it's honestly kind of sad. Some teachers are just the worst.

Some teachers I've had were good but of all the 3 school systems, high school is DEFINITELY THE WORST. Some of the teachers I've ever had have absolutely no buisness teaching in the absolute slightest. Sadly, there's really not anything you can do as nobody in high school remotely gives a crap anyway and the school board probably doesn't either. Now, having a reasonable bad teacher is one thing but having a bad teacher that won't even take the time to talk to you is another. I give respect to most of my teachers but the ones that are bad and uncaring are just infuriating people.

Actually, my teachers are pretty cool. Favorite is my math teacher. She doesn't care if you miss anything, instead she focuses if you attempted to answer it with your best try.

I would complain about my World History teacher, though. She is semi-nice, but talks WAY TOO loud and drags on her chattering! Then she says "Get your work done! " when there is hardly any time left because she talks too long!

I had a math teacher that always got mad at us whenever we made a little mistake in a math problem. and she was clearly homophobic too, because she always harassed the homosexual kid in class and yelled at him whenever he spoke to her. but of course, I couldn't do a thing about it because she blamed me and teased about me supporting LGBT+ people AND for being part of it (I'm an asexual). I hated her so much that I wanted to die literally every day.

6 Tests/quizzes

Literally have two tests tommorow (as of 8/30/17). Biology isn't that strict so I think I got that one but for geometry, each test counts as 82% OF THE GRADE. It is 110 points so if I fail at it, I don't know what to say next. But like I said, Biology shouldn't be too difficult.

All I ever do in High school is notes after worksheets after constant tests and god for bid if I just flunk 1 damn test, I will get absolutely tortured for it and then it'll take me 50million worksheets to bring my grade back up.

Teachere say you have to study but I've taken a few tests were absolutely nothing was legitametly covered that well. Most of my classwork is very low grades so if you fail just 1 test, you can go from a 100 to a C or even D and then it takes forever to bring the grade back up.

The worst is when the teacher calls the names up to the front to recieve the exams, and you can't breathe and your heart is beating because you know you failed it...

7 Annoying classmates

There are plenty of these in the schools I went to. Including my current one. There were a few in my elementary school. In the school I went to for 6th and 8th grade, there were a ton of annoying kids in the grade, especially a lot of the more extroverted girls and most of the boys (the reason I was friends with pretty much none of them, besides that they're not genuinely friendly). I was at an all-girls school in 7th grade, so pretty much everyone in the grade was annoying and dramatic. I go to an all-girls high school currently. There are a ton of annoying and basic kids there and I have very different interests from pretty much everyone in my school.

I'm in eighth grade and this really ticks me off. The rate of boys in my grade seems to be growing exponentially, as my less than stellar math teacher would say. They scope out people, usually girls, and act as obnoxious as possible until they get a satisfying reaction. I guess they think it's funny, which I would understand if they were seven years old. This problem isn't exclusive to boys. Girls can be just as bad, if not worse. Some of the girls in my grade are so irritating, especially when they're sucked up by the constantly pursuing stench of drama. A few of my friends get involved in that on occasions.

It's not just athletic kids or popular girls, believe me, as a member of the nerd community, I have met some annoying little people. There is one kid who I hate to no end. He follows me around like a lackey, tattles on everyone, and acts like a stuck up #$%@& to everyone who's not his religion. I told him the concept of religious freedom within the United States, and he responded back with a bunch of butthurt criticism. He is at least 4-5 years younger in his maturity age than his actual one, and he often will act like a fifth grader, despite the fact that he's a freshman. Lately he's stopped following me around, but now acts more like a brat because he can't get what he wants. In addition, he's racist, sexist, and homophobic (and I HATE racist, sexist, homophobic people).

I am fed up with annoying classmates. I am fed up with them because those morons got my class in trouble several times. Some are stupid, some are annoying, and some, you want to show them in their underwear. My classmates in English were just stupid. I wanted donuts, but these dunces ruined this opportunity. I also have to live with stupid people in reading class, as they either made me sit at a different table, annoy me, or make me rage quit. Idiots also make me lose in P.E. activities. I also hated this motherfer who is more lucky than me. She thinks she is better than me, but she is not.

8 Access denied websites

When I was in middle school (I went to one school for sixth and eighth grade and another one I hated in seventh grade because my family moved out of state), this was a problem for me. I want to go onto YouTube to listen to music and it's blocked. And even when I went on another network, it's restricted and I can't play ANY song I like. Suburban Train is restricted even though there ARE NO LYRICS! At my high school, it's a LOT better. Barely any website I like is blocked.

My 6th and 8th grade school and my 7th grade grade school had tons of access denied websites. I couldn't even use YouTube (except in 6th grade) to listen to music. I found a way to use YouTube in 8th grade to listen to music, but it was on restricted mode and I couldn't find most songs I like. In my high school, there aren't as many, which is great.

You do know that you can play emulated games like Sonic Adventure or Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on your laptop during recess at school, right? And at the end of the school year, you get to take handheld video game consoles, so... yeah. Those principals that ban games like Minecraft really need to go to a mental institution.

Where I am, good games like Sonic 3, Mario, Kirby's Dream Land are blocked. And bad games like bike, basketball, and blood games are allowed. They even block Steam. I would like the logic, please.

9 Too much responsibility and pressure to do well when all you want to do is have fun

I seriously feel like passing out when I see my grades, because I feel like I will become a homeless person. Why does college look at how much homework I did in 4 years of high school can't they look at test scores and how many extracurriculars I'm taking or something else. Why aren't 14-17 year olds' allowed to enjoy themselves a little free time instead of studying and finishing homework all night.

You can only be a teenager once, highschool may enrich the experience of being a teen by surrounding you with friends and peers M. But there is an IMMENSE deal of social, academic, and in some cases sexual pressure. When all you want to do is stay home and watch T.V. your forced to go out and feel tons of pressure. When you just want to go to school and talk to other kids the whole "social ladder" stabs you in the back and dictates who you should and talk to. When you just want to go to a school dance without being pressured by the grinding "tradition" you realize unless you want to be shunned and labeled as uncool you can't say no! And when you just want to hang out with your squad you realize you are failing a class and need to study because you just bombed a quiz. GET THE POINT? HIGHSCHOOL IS TOO HIGH PRESSURE! In middle school you feel social stress, in college you feel academic, in highschool you are presented with both! Like seriously? It shouldn't be like this. Highschool ruins ...more

Preschool - Basically everyone gets to learn and do crap while having fun at the same time
Elementary School - Learning is still fun, and you get lots of recess.
Middle School - Stuff gets boring, and Recess is removed.
High School - All the Pressure and Responsibility starts to kick in.

Mess up once, you lose.

I feel like college is where to buckle down and be serious about your career. High school (already) is where you should take varied FUN classes, like baby care, fabrication, auto, gym, computer classes (making websites or developing games). THAT would be nice.

10 Teachers, principals, and other school authorities tell students to respect them but they are very abusive

One time, when I was in sixth grade this assistant principal was lecturing us during lunch (about what I don't remember; probably our behavior) and she was standing on the bench (you know, the ones attached to the tables) right near the kindergartners! She was standing on a bench that she knows dang well should would not allow one of the kids to stand on. *facepalm*

When my teacher tells my class to be quiet, she SCREAMS. and she tells us that we're being rude when were eavesdropping on her conversations but she eavesdrops on ours. and what I hear them saying about us behind their backs is VERY rude. I really want to print this comment section and shove it in my teachers smug face. Ugh.

Teacher: Gary, be quiet, or DETENTION!
Gary: Ok.
(5 mins later Gary sees a teacher go up to another teacher)
T1: Hi Bob did you watch episode 5 of pretty little liars?
T2: Oh my gosh yes, I can't believe that happened!
T1: Totally, lets get Carl into this. HEY CARL!
T3: Hey guys, talking bout pretty little liars?
T2: Heck yeah.


I remember being mocked by a teacher in front of the entire class, and he received no consequences for his actions even after my mother complained to the school about it!

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11 Wannabe gangsters

Pull your pants up and speak in coherent sentences, please.

"Brrt, skeet skeet! I got these pants from Gucci for free!" (Proceeds to Fortnite dance to Lil Pump)

They're just as bad as true gangsters.

Gangsters gangsta until the cockroach in the classroom crawls on the wall close to them

12 You're not in trouble but you did something wrong

This annoys me. I go to lesson and I didn't do anything wrong because the teacher said that as well,but then I'm expected to stay after class that is total bull! I have no tIme to waste like that I'm a busy person.

Also s/o to the dummies who pooped on the floor in the bathroom, for some reason the whole entirety of the school gets penalized for this

I think its really bad about this...

What's wrong with that?

13 When people get neglected just because they are different in some way

This does happen to me constantly, even though I'm in good shape, near perfect health, and very smart, but simply because I am shy, serious about school, help out friends when they need me, and don't like "cool" students who purposely make other kids feel bad, I am neglected and treated as an outsider, just because I like to play the good guy.

I have friends in school, but I have barely anything in common with ANYONE. And a lot of times when I try to talk, they keep talking with my other tablemates. I hate it so much and I think I need to learn to be more assertive. Plus, in freshman year, I was rarely included by my friends at school.

So true. I like a lot of things that aren't necessarily super mainstream, but at the same time it's not like everything I'm interested in is super unpopular, though I find myself hardly having anything in common with others. Oh well, I don't get along as well with typical fellow high schoolers anyway.

I'm shorter than average and shy but I'm also smart. My grades are excellent. I'm sick of being an outcast just because I am so quiet! And the stupid popular girls think I'm deaf because today two were laughing at me so I turned around and gave them the "I heard that! " stare.

14 Wannabe rappers

I've seen my share of preppy white boys as wannabe rappers. It's bad. Really bad.

Hey hey, hey hey haiyyo wassup everybody, stand up stand up. I'm rapping right now and this is very stupid.

Look! imma start rubbing my hands and attempt to sing the lyrics to a drake song because he's kool

It's all the kids who are "popular".

15 The popularity list

I'm popular, but I hang out with the less popular kids. One of them told a story about how their 9th grade Algebra teacher liked the super popular kids , but hated the kids like him.

I'm an outcast because the popularity list for boys is like this:
- play at least 3 sports
- own a sports car
- have a hot girlfriend
- have muscles
I'm not even CLOSE to these standards, which is what I hate, considering the fact that I'm the class clown (in the good way).

I don't understand why anyone would care about popularity. Really I'd be perfectly happy with just one or two really good friends, but I don't even have those.

The whole concept of popularity needs to be destroyed at schools, because no, you don't go to school to be popular, being prom queen does not get you to a college or impress anyone in the real world so, if you're popular, and you're reading this, at least try to befriend a normal kid with a normal life and stop being a fake

16 Drama

Ohh, my god! I had this "friend" that used to come to my school. There were times when we were cool and others very bad (I'm gonna talk about the bad stuff)

We got into more than 1, 2, and 3 arguments. Whenever I had to deliver some bad news, she would take them way too seriously and have a huge meltdown, especially when I bring up bad news that can be fixed (Example: Trouble with her siblings or being bullied). One time, my dad and I had a little talk about a disagreement her and I had. And he said to stay away from her if the behavior continues.

The following day, she started running up to me and said she needed to talk to me. I told her that I couldn't be near her anymore. And she started to throw a massive fit. Damn, drama sucks :(

I told my friend I liked this one girl, and he couldn't keep that one secret for me. In math, we split into groups of 12 for different stations, and he told his whole group. Next thing I know everyone is pressuring me to ask her out. And I am the shy type too. Everyone is trying to push us together (literally). It is annoying and I hate it.

In my small-town high school there is so much drama going around it's unreal. People talking down to each other, gossiping. Every single day. Girls will pretend to be friends with another girl, and then when she isn't in the class they talk about how fat and ugly she is. It's ridiculous

I thought I could trust one of my friends with a secret. Next thing I know, half the class is loudly asking me to ask a girl out, when said girl is sitting 3 feet away from me. Needless to say, she said no.

17 Algebra

If you know addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and how money works, you should be in the clear but no, the schooling system forces you to learn every last detail. Why would I care about the area of a pyramid, or the length of some swimming pool? Once again I understand schools get entertainment from watching teenagers complain, but they should stop that to teach the schooling system a lesson about being tough.

I never understood it that well and this is one of the few math units I don't understand ever needing after we leave school.

I'm a special-ed class called Pre-Algebra. It's like a class where it helps you prepare for Algebra.

Algebra is pretty easy once you know how it works. I did it in middle school anyways

18 Bad words

Yeah, like when someone forces me to say the full, actual bad word myself, that's really annoying, like in freshman year(15 years old, 2013), when Christina wanted me to say the F word, I clearly spoke up about not wanting to say that word, and my geography teacher supported me, problem solved, but in sophomore year(16 years old, 2014), Alejandra kept asking me infinite times to say the bad words the bullies said, but I refused, and she said "Please tell me, because I am your best friend" and she kept asking me the same question continuously until the bell rang, so annoying...

Litterally the first day of my time in high school, kids I'd known for years broke out entirely and were swearing like their life depended on it. I don't get it? I swear if I'm in pain or just annoying situations, but these kids were doing three curse words at a time. It was awful.

I hate when the students curse. They think that cursing makes them cool. The students will never say a sentence without cursing. It aggravates me very much.

I can't argue with this since I do it as well but they do it since in the real world, it happens a lot. They may also do it because they hate school.

19 Hallways

They're SUPER crowded, and I hate it, especially when my next class is on the other side of the school.

Especially them kids who will do anything in the hallway but walk...

My high school hallways had scaffoldings in the hallways and they took so much room, they added them during xmas break of grade 10, it was better without them

It gets very crowded during passing periods.

20 Druggies

I got in trouble one time because they were smoking next to me when I was walking to class and I got suspended when they tried to give me some, keep in mind I'm an honors student so the five day suspension that made my gpa drop from a 4.5 to a 3.67 from missing class gives me some bias to this question.

I've seen some students smoking weed or vaping at the marketplace just outside of my school, or at parties. First of all, I'm ashamed that many people are fine about this, and secondly, it's sad that these people are basically ruining their future.

They're a waste of space. Send them to rehab, not school.

Everybody should be treated equaly, ever think they are how they are because of other problems.

21 People with disabilities get picked on

I've got autism. People picked on me in 6th grade like crazy! I'm in high school now, but people still talk trash about autism. They say stuff to each other like "stop being autistic". I'm surprised that I survived middle school without committing suicide. Things have gotten a lot better for me. My only problem is fitting in. People don't exclude me, but I don't like how anyone acts anymore. I don't like what makes people cool in high school. I just have a problem with the way the world rotates.

I have minor learning disabilities and problems with memory due to my epilepsy. In middle school & high school, most of the teachers refused to accommodate me, acted like I was an inconvenience and didn't deserve to have their attention at all. Some of the teachers actively ridiculed me, gave me assignments that were too difficult for me to complete, talked down to me, and basically just made my life hell. I was ecstatic to graduate high school in 2011.

The fact that this has 50 comments is frightening. I have autism myself and I never really had a problem with getting bullied. I know some students who do though. Seriously, this is disturbing how so many people are picking on students with disabilities. It's often said that a society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable members and that can't be a good indication.

Me when I'm with friends: (listens to alternative rock bands because they're brainwashed by Anthony Fantano.)
Me when I'm at home: Listens to REM, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Fleetwood Mac. As well as Tenacious D for laughs.

I do this to avoid getting bullied. I am basically a socially awkward, mildly autistic kid. They may pick on me and force their music tastes down my throat. What is with the school systems nowadays?

22 Homophobia

There's this affinity group at my school which is for people on the LGBT+ section or those who support it (I'm in it because I'm asexual). We heard from the leaders of the group (all affinity groups are student-led) that during prom season before I came to that school, some girls (it's an all-girls school) made a petition for students to be allowed to bring the same gender as dates to the dance to the assistant head of school for student affairs and one of the sisters (my school is affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy, which is ironic because I'm an atheist). They turned it down. They didn't go home completely empty handed because they said that students can at least go alone now. That's great for me because I don't want a date to prom (or any dance for that matter), but it's a little homophobic if you ask me.

I go to a religious school and thankfully, this doesn't really happen here. Most are accepting of different sexual orientations and genders or lack thereof. Still, I hear kids (mostly the younger ones) joking about it as if it's funny and cool to do so - and I'm like, "STOP." So stupid and horrible, especially when they pretend to be innocent once I confront them

People treat you like a gimmick, like you're a different species. No, I won't tell you how I can do that to myself or how I can disappoint my family like that. Because people who say that need to go away and re-evaluate their own lives.

Also, telling me I need jesus in my life isn't going to change my lesbianism, just saying.

I constantly have to hear from my "smart" classmates how they think any of the nicest guys in class are actually super gay or bisexual. They usually say "he should kill himself" or they tell a girl in the class to date him so he isn't gay anymore.

23 Racism

I feel wayyy too lucky to not experience any racism in my high school (so far), and I shouldn't feel lucky at all. Judge people by their actions and intentions. Not by the color of their skin. No one has any control over their race. How would you feel if you were shunned just because your skin color isn't the same as everyone else's? You'd be pissed off, right?

Based on my experiences at secondary school, there were always cliques who picked on (mostly Asian) other ethnicities. One of my best friends constantly got called a 'dirty paki' by this cesspool of racists who undoubtedly adopted half of these opinions from their parents, Despite the fact that numerous friends of this guy had told teachers of these insults, and more often than not they would go off with no more than a measly warning, likely to do it again in future. Racist supremacists suck.

Here's stories of how racist high school is note these all are on the first day of school and are all meant to be bad
Joe a black: Hi I'm Joe
Wes: Hi these are my friend group
Joe: Can I join
Wes: No you're a chocolate skin.
Now please I don't want any racists so don't repeat examples
Carl a mexican: Hi
Kids: The power of America comples you! You will now be banished from this school!
Next and last story inspired by South Park but bad
Kyle A Jewish: Hi
Cartman: Shut up Jew

Racism is the stupidest thing in history. I'f you're discriminating between the color of someone's skin you may as well be discriminating between the color of someone's eyes. News flash to all of you KKK black hating scumbags out there, we are all the same species and you're demented ideology is enough to make Jesus through up.

24 Tardies

I was Tardy because a stupid teacher wouldn't let me use the bathroom even though I had to go THIS BAD.
I Peed for 2 minutes, then I got late because next class was far away.

Teacher keeps class after bell well it's really my fault for not having teleportation powers

25 The teachers

I had one strict teacher in grade 10 and 11 get mad at me for stupid reasons and stuff it sucked

Need I say more

My humanities teacher is strict she always shouts at us and never EVER been nice to us

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