Top 10 Best School Grades from 0 to 10

The Top Ten Best School Grades from 0 to 10

1 10

That is a really good grade but can you please make a comment on the worst things about yo Kai watch - Hspencer

2 9

Best year because I finished high school that year! - happytobeherexx

By surprise 9th grade was very good and it was my only year in high school.

3 7


4 8
5 5

NO I HATED 5TH GRADE! My teacher hated me and likes the whole class because she wouldn't let me read comics or have water ice but the rest of the class was allowed those things >:(

6 6
7 4

Nope. Sorry fourth grade I like the number 4 but that year stunk... - happytobeherexx

8 2
9 3

I have no idea why, but I liked third grade. The teacher was nice, we had parties every month, we got to vote on whatever we wanted to do in our free time.

10 1

Grade 1 stunk too but not as much as 4th. - happytobeherexx

Get this above 0 so they can be inorder

No! I got bullied and got in trouble for beating him up in self defense. The teacher also sent me to a rug with an X duct taped to it. If kids were being bad they get sent there and they had to face the back of the classroom. It was so humiliating!


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11 0

Did you mean kindergarten

Best year of my life - HufflepuffGeekGirl

I'm in Grade 0 right now, and it's awesome!

Kindergarten - soulard

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