Best Dentistry Schools in the Philippines

Top ten best dental universities in the Philippines
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1 University of the East

For over 60 years now, the University of the East (UE) has offered quality education to countless graduates who eventually become the country's top achievers and dynamic leaders. This long tradition continues at the College of Dentistry that now offers not just one but four Master of Science in Dentistry Programs - the first ever in the Philippines!

Collectively known as POPE - short for Periodontics, Orthodontics, Prosthodontics, and Endodontics - these three-year specialty courses are designed to provide dental graduates with continuing dental education that is within their reach. They aim to broaden their interests and abilities and transform them into competent dental professionals at par with the world's best. With its distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a library with over 2,000 titles and 5,000 volumes of professional dental books as well as local and international dental journals, UE is the ideal place to secure your future in the highly competitive and evolving dental healthcare industry.

2 Centro Escolar University

Centro Escolar is not only equipped with the best facilities for the profession, it also showcases the best print, non-print, and online databases to support and supplement the programs offered. The faculty lineup is composed of the best among the field, thus producing the most competitive and efficient dentists not just in the Philippines but all over the world.

Advanced in all technology used in dentistry. Quality education with an advanced approach in terms of new innovations. It helps the student to be independent and self-advancing.

3 University of the Philippines

UPCD offers the best dentistry graduates, simply because they don't let students who are half-baked get in, and they don't let students who are not on top of their game go out.

It's UP. That says it all. Great school despite challenges with clinical facilities. Still offers the best academic and clinical foundation.

The best and the brightest. It is always #1, based on the results of the board exams released by the Professional Regulation Commission.

4 Our Lady of Fatima University

It's not crowded in OLFU and it has a 100 percent board passing rate. New building.

5 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.
6 Cebu Doctors' University

The school has state-of-the-art facilities fit for proper education in the field of dentistry. There is a 100% assurance that those who graduated from Cebu Doctors' University - College of Dentistry would excel in their professions in the future.

I am currently enrolled in this university. I have noticed since I studied here that I have gained a lot of knowledge about science, even though I am still in my second year as a Pre-Dentistry student. They truly train the best hands here for excellent dexterity in dental work in the future.

7 Emilio Aguinaldo College

The professors are really focused on their students when it comes to studying.

Where no statement can define the excellence of Emilio Aguinaldo College School of Dentistry. The best school in dentistry.

One of the best schools ever when we're talking about dentistry.

8 De Ocampo Memorial College

Being the first dental school in the Philippines, definitely, DOMC would probably be seen in the list of the top schools for dentistry. Keep it up.

9 Pines City College formerly: Pines City Educational Center

Very approachable CIs. Students are well-trained, especially in the practical part. Students are very confident in any cases being done, especially in surgery. Affordable tuition fee.

Oh well, it's not the standard that matters. It's how you enjoy your profession in a healthy environment and, of course, with such understanding instructors. By the way, a proud PCC student here.

Hand skill + intelligence + warm heart = dentist. This is the best school to have those with reasonable tuition.

10 University of Baguio

Instructors are really focused on the students, but some show favoritism. That's why some students transferred to Pines City Colleges. Yes, UB is an excellent school for dentistry, but you can just see how the other professors treat the students unequally. So, I am disappointed.

University of Baguio is the best university so far here in CAR, in my opinion. When it comes to the field of dentistry, University of Baguio offers high-quality education that is affordable to all students.

Graduates from University of Baguio are now practicing what they had learned from the school. I am from Laguna, yet I go to and trust a dentist from this well-known school of Baguio.

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11 National University (Philippines)

With the new dentistry building, new facilities, and great professors, NU will surely make it to the top. And unlike others, this university isn't crowded.

Dentistry now at NU is very improving and striving for the best. Not only in academics but also very good clinically, compared to the last decades.

National U is emerging to become one of the top universities when it comes to dentistry. Being on the top list, it is really seen that NU is providing the education that works!

12 Southwestern University

The consistent 100% passing percentage is a result of an effective admission and strict retention policy, good facilities, a conducive learning environment, and a pool of competent dentists in clinical practice and teaching. Southwestern University dentistry students are brilliant, making the University continuously leading in providing quality dental education.

Strongest dental school in the Visayas and Mindanao in research and community extension services. Aside from that, many teachers here, I heard, received local, national, and international awards from their researches. One of the best universities in the Philippines in the faculty reputation category.

13 Adventist University of the Philippines

It is a new dental medicine program, but they have consistently done well in national boards. The school is also affiliated with Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, one of the top programs in the US.

It's really good despite the hard program. The nature helps like A LOT.

It has a very nice facility, lots of dental chairs, nice clinics, and good service.

14 Davao Medical School Foundation

DMSF has 100% ratings of dentistry passers. They also have foreign students, such as Indians. Most of their students are Indian rather than Filipino.

They have the latest facilities or what you could call a simulation center for their clinics.

DMSF has the latest facilities with their best, competitive professors in the field of dentistry.

15 Manila Central University

Clinical requirements can be finished right on time.

One of the best dental schools! Well-balanced between clinicals and theoreticals.

16 Unciano College
17 Lyceum of the Philippines University - Batangas

Top provider of dental professionals in the region.

18 University of Perpetual Help - Binan Campus

I want to enroll in this school because of its quality and prestige as a university. See you soon.

UPHS Jonelta is one of the best also because their school has complete facilities.

19 Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation
20 Iloilo Doctors College
21 Misamis University

It's the school where my dentist completed his course. He is really good. There was nothing to be afraid of when I saw him and thought that he was going to extract my wisdom tooth.

22 University of La Salette
23 Ago Medical and Educational Center
24 University of Santo Thomas

"Dentistry in UST is immaculately studied by Thomasian students."

- Advanced tools in dentistry courses
- 100% ratings of DAT.

Be a Thomasian now!

25 Mindanao Medical Foundation College
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