Top 10 Best IT Schools in the Philippines

Information Technology (IT) is the study of design, development, implementation, support, or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware.

Now, it's time to vote for the best IT school in the Philippines.
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1 AMA University

AMA is the best. No more arguing because, as we all know, the majority of the best and well-known IT professionals came from AMA. Their curriculum is advanced and not standardized compared to other schools.

Graduates of AMA are well equipped when it comes to various IT works ranging from animation, web development, programming, multimedia production, networking, systems and software engineering, and robotics. You can learn all those things at once, and that's only in AMA.

And mind you, guys, only AMA is the first and official school partner of Oracle Academy, Cisco Networking Academy, Microsoft, Fluke Networking, and the first Microsoft Dreamspark Premium school partner in the Philippines. It only proves that AMA is indeed the best IT School in the Philippines for big companies in IT, as I mentioned above, will not become a partner of this school if AMA is not the best IT School as what you think. I myself am a transferee, but I have proven to myself that AMA is indeed the right choice, not just for me but for everyone.

2 FEU East Asia College

Their linkage program is their best asset. The six-month internship from local to multinational companies helps its students enter the industry and thus provides a huge advantage in getting a job. Students really do receive job offers even before their graduation - that's a fact.

But the most significant contribution of this linkage for me is that it provides updates on the latest technologies available or "what's in" in the business, which the college uses as an opportunity to improve its curriculum every now and then. So, even before students enter the on-the-job phase, they can already wrap their heads around any jargon that will surely wow the employers.

3 University of the East

I don't understand why they create such a list that measures the school's performance through a poll. I suggest that the developer should research schools instead of letting the people vote on what is the best school for Information Technology. I want to share that in 2006, the University of the East was quoted as the "Most Wired University" for Information Technology. UE is also the only university to reach the top 100 of financially stable companies in the Philippines, but correct me if I'm wrong.

4 Mapua Institute of Technology

Mapua and its wholly owned schools, like Malayan Colleges Laguna and Malayan High School of Science, exert much effort to provide highly qualified or high-tech facilities to their students. They always put excellence and virtue into all of their works. They don't just keep their knowledge to themselves but share it with their students so that they will also attain the best knowledge about their programs.

They want their students to be qualified not only for this generation but also for future generations. As technology expands and evolves, they are trying their best to keep up with the flow of technology nowadays. They also ensure that their students are easily employed after graduation. 21st Century Learning Ready.

5 Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Where in the nation can lead you to success in the field with just a 12 pesos per unit tuition fee? It's only in PUP. No doubt, this school was the first to offer IT in the Philippines. This university has gained prestige in terms of IT education, as most companies prefer to hire PUPians.

This is awesome and great despite the budget cuts that the government is continuously implementing in all its state universities. PUP still continues to sustain its quality of education.

I just heard from my OJT as she mentioned your school being competitive in quality education. As I am searching for quality programming schools, I researched and became interested in enrolling so I can pursue my dream to be the best hospital systems programmer in the future.

PUP, please help me make my dream come true, not for my own good, but for the service to the public, especially the needy patients we care for their health.

6 University of Caloocan

It is the best university ever, though it does not have good facilities. But still, we learn very well, unlike other universities that have lots of funds to show off in their school. But look at their students and ask them what they have learned from their exclusive university. Nothing, because when they do not have money to spend a lot for that university, they could not be enrolled.

But here at our university, a small amount of money that they say is just their load is our enrollment fee. So don't ever think that we are just cheap because we are also educated. Money doesn't matter if you really want to learn. And think of this: what more if we had enough funds? We could be even better than you.

7 ICCT Colleges Foundation, Inc.

Information Technology (IT) allows you to take your career in a number of different directions. Become a computer network architect, a computer programmer, a computer systems analyst, a database administrator, an information security analyst, an information architect, a web developer, and so much more. At ICCT Colleges Foundation INC., you can learn Database Development and Administration, Information Systems Security, Network Administration and Management, and Multimedia and Web Development. Plus, you have two OJT opportunities in the second and fourth year levels, and the payments are so affordable.

Nelka Shermae Albino, ICCT Student of N5


iACADEMY is one of those schools that you may say is "newly-born." But what this school lacks in age, it makes up for in many other positive attributes: quality, innovation, industrial inclination, location convenience, hospitality, community, environment, faculty and personnel's experience, student guidance and upbringing, and the quality and quantity of graduates. There's a lot more to say about this school.

It may not get as many votes as those long-standing schools due to its small and still developing fame, but for sure, belonging to this school will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. iACADEMY is on its way.

9 Our Lady of Fatima University

The Our Lady of Fatima University - College of Computer Studies is a Microsoft IT Academy, a Microsoft Dreamspark Member, and the first university in the Philippines to become a Novell Accredited Training Partner. It competes in national inter-collegiate competitions where they won champion and second runners-up in the fields of IT Quiz Bee, Dev C++, Java Programming, and Multimedia categories.

Currently, the College of Computer Studies, under the deanship of Dr. Raymond S. Macatangga, has passed the ISO 9001:2008 certifications and has recently applied for Level 1 PACUCOA certifications for both Computer Science and Information Technology programs. Truly, the College of Computer Studies is rising to the TOP!

10 De La Salle University

All classrooms of DLSU are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and projectors. The university also runs its own servers and has numerous new computers and gadgets for IT development. It is the first PAASCU level five accredited and a Globe, Google, IBM, CHED center of excellence. They have many external affiliates as well. Of course, on this website, ranking depends on the volume of students. DLSU is an exclusive school, accepting only three thousand freshmen per year. This explains why DLSU is only 12th.

The Contenders
11 University of the Philippines

This is the place where the academicians of Computer Science in the Philippines (UPLB) are. It provides students not only with the computer science curriculum but also additional information about different branches of knowledge through the GE programs. The ambiance there is great too. You have the freedom to do things at your will, giving students a sense of responsibility in their actions. This enhances their capabilities in real-life scenarios as well.

The course name says it all: Computer Science. It isn't merely Information Technology. By focusing on the science of programming, Computer Science goes way beyond IT. Emphasizing logic rather than languages, UP produces talented and versatile programmers.

Furthermore, I believe that the index of quality when choosing the 'best' school is research. I assure you that the research programs of the Department of Computer Science at UP Diliman will not disappoint.

12 Technological Institute of the Philippines

The best school for IT. I am currently studying here. Their math subjects are very difficult, and they will force you to study hard.

The best school ever. Aside from being a CHED Center of Development and PACUCOA Level II 1st Reaccredited status, TIP has already set its benchmark in the field of Information Technology through various researches that have made its students competent and productive in the IT field.

Technological Institute of the Philippines is now a Center of Excellence in IT education and is also ABET accredited. I'm not sure if it's on Level 3 in Manila and Level 4 in QC in PACUCOA. That's why TIP Manila and QC are one of the best schools in IT education.

13 University of Santo Tomas

UST's Institute of Information and Computing Studies is now a whole new experience. IICS is still under the Faculty of Engineering, which combines logical mathematics with computer programming. This approach helps students develop better logical thinking in terms of programming.

The program also offers a lot of opportunities, like the MTA exams that they included in the tuition fees of IICS students. This will help the institute produce registered IT professionals.

Getting more and more aggressive in improving their programs to meet the needs of the industry. They are set to take off and assume leadership in the ICT field even more this coming year. Cheers to UST!

14 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

The best IT school in the Philippines. It ranked top among other schools in Cebu.

15 System Technology Institute

What's unique about STI is the chance they give to all their students. If you come here without enough knowledge in computer programming, they don't dismiss you right away. We come here not to prove that we are geniuses or whatsoever. We are here to become professionals and we leave with the adequate skills needed by the industry.

We are all equal here. There is no 'bobo' or 'matalino'. The important thing is what we become during our stay here.

Another thing is the way of teaching. Professors from STI are different from others, I guess. Here, professors teach not only because of money but as a vocation. They don't just give us handouts to study later. They impart knowledge. For me, STI is a competitive school. Expect us.

16 St. Louis University (Baguio City)

Saint Louis University is not only one of the country's top-performing schools but is also known for its impeccable Information Technology curriculum and fully equipped facilities. These resources surely prepare you for the real world. With instructors that guide you every step of the way, molding you into a competent and highly qualified IT professional, the university offers various courses. These include Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Science, Library and Information Science, and Math. Pursuing a career in IT through this school will surely benefit you in the future.

17 Quezon City Polytechnic University

We're not just IT students. We are truly educated in EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and IQ. Our university may not have royal and top-notch facilities, but the graduates here are molded with great skills by the best professors and instructors.

We lack some facilities, and the professors are tough. They purposely assign difficult projects and activities in every subject to push students to strive for excellence. The professors have sympathy for the students and focus on providing logical problem-solving approaches in our IT subjects to enhance our learning and exceed our expectations as individuals. The professors at QCPU have extensive knowledge relevant to real-world careers.

18 Lyceum of the Philippines University

The IT program at LPU in Batangas is among the very few ABET-accredited programs in the country. This means it has education standards that meet the requirements of the US-based accrediting body. The program is also recognized by Pacucoa as a Center of Development.

Moreover, they provide excellent facilities and laboratories, including Mac Lab, Multimedia Lab, Cisco Lab, PC Troubleshooting Lab, and more! Viva Pirata!

Simply excellent. Winners of different national/inter-school competitions like the Intercollegiate IT Skills Olympics. Great facilities and professors.

19 Western Visayas College of Science and Technology

A graduate of this school can be easily hired due to the trainings in the technical aspect that were provided by the best teachers in this school. As a graduate, I was able to compare my technical skills with those from other schools.

It prepares its students to be ready for the field of work. It also helps the students to be innovative with newer ideas and gives them the opportunity to express themselves.

Making a new change in the IT industry. A school that changed and molded me to be great and well-trained in the field of information technology. I can say it's one of the greatest schools I have ever experienced. Go Trinitians!

20 Bulacan State University

The BS Information Technology program at Bulacan State University is really great. We have good facilities and highly equipped teachers. We really understand their teachings.

Besides that, we also have yearly seminars and workshops. This is why this school produces the best and most competitive IT professionals in our country. The BIT: Computer Technology course here is also great. Many students choose this course because it's highly in-demand in our society.

Making sure that their students get the necessary arsenal before leaving the university.

21 Asian Institute of Computer Studies

AICS provides quality and affordable education for students who prefer computer and IT-based courses for their tertiary education. In almost two decades of operation, the institution has produced graduates who are on par and well-equipped with knowledge to compete and excel in the various fields of their chosen career.

Well, actually, at AICS, during their first and second years of studies, students master computer/electronics. This is unlike other schools where they teach different parts of math which are not mainly used when you are doing such tasks in computer science.

22 Informatics Computer Institute

Even though it is an international school, the medium of teaching is highly appreciated and understood. Great instructors, advanced curriculum, high-class facilities.

International at may database programming, game programming, C#, Java, SQL, Windows, Linux as well as multimedia arts like 3dsmax, Maya, cinema4d, audio production. We also do video editing. So enjoy!

Very competitive professors and lecturers. The best also in schedules, very flexible.

23 University of Batangas

It's College of Information and Communications Technology was awarded by IBM as a Center of Excellence. Member of Microsoft IT Academy Program, SMART ADIS, and an industry partner of Allied Telesis, a world-wide known networking company.

They have professionally known professors and they provide students with a high standard of education, especially when it comes to technology.

I think it has it all! It is undeniably the best! UB has the greatest teachers and hones the best students!

24 Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Microsoft IT Academy Program offers a wide array of specializations to choose from. Such specializations cover the premier facets of ICT, Software Development (SD), Systems Engineering (SE), Database Administration (DBA), and the most dynamic Digital Arts.

25 Adamson University

Adamson University has a solid foundation for Computer Engineering and Computer Science programs. Adamson is one of the pioneers in IT/Computer education in the Philippines. Additionally, Adamson has produced many alumni who are successful in the IT industry.

Adamson University is indeed one of the greatest universities not only in IT and Computer Science but also in various courses. Great facilities plus Mac PCs!

This school is the pioneer of the ICPEP. Almost all computer engineering professors from Adamson are the brains that came up with the ICPEP. Computer engineering is sometimes underappreciated, but when they work, they show excellence.

The effort is outstanding, I must say, as it is who I am.

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