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1 NIST International School

I spent 5 years as a student at NIST, and I loved every second of it. It has made me the man I am today. The best part about NIST is that the school is not too big nor too small.

It gives students the opportunity to take part in numerous extracurricular activities and programs like other international schools, but at the same time, almost every student has an opportunity because the school is small. Classes are small, and the school has a family atmosphere, which is amazing.

The teachers are all very enthusiastic and love teaching and are always there to help. The college counselors are top-notch, and everything is perfect.

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2 Wells International School (WIS)

This is my 14th year at Wells since kindergarten, and I love this school. Small in size compared to the other schools in Thailand, it is impossible not to know a student. For a school that started just 10 years ago, it provides so many opportunities for students to work both internally and externally.

Without any exaggeration, the whole school feels like my second family. The teachers could not be more caring, the events could not be more fun, and the students could not be kinder. I thank my parents for making such a great decision by sending me to Wells!

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3 Bangkok Patana School (BPS)

Schooling is a significant part of your life. If you start at a school from K1, you are talking about 15 years of education. The environment in which you are raised affects your concentration, behavior, and attitude towards learning.

Patana is truly a great school. It has everything to offer. You know your money is being put to good use when you arrive at school at the start of the academic year and see a new building or canteen or upgraded equipment for the students to use.

People worry about the size, fearing it's too big, but the way I see it, there's more space, more opportunities. It has always felt like home to me.

4 International Community School (ICS)

As a teacher, I really value the sense of community within our school. There's a reason why "community" is part of the name. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work here, and as I spend more time here, I find myself continually challenged to grow, both professionally and personally.

There was a time when I was considering pursuing another career path, but after having worked at ICS for a while, I find myself becoming more and more passionate about teaching and particularly about positively influencing my students' lives. This is not only due to the encouragement of fabulous administrators that I work under but also to the friendships I have with coworkers, some of whom have become some of my best friends, and the wonderful student body we have here.

I now plan on staying here for some time, focusing on offering my students the best possible educational experience they could have in an environment that fosters community, growth, integrity, respect, and love, to name a few of the core values that we as Christian workers hold.

5 Concordian International School

This school is such a great dedication from the founders, principals, teachers, and all staff. They really put all of their energy into the students while also maintaining good Thai manners. This is the most beautiful school in Thailand, with the building, the tone of the colors, and also the two new buildings that specialize in Science, Art, and Technology.

Please come to visit the school, and you will know the differences.

I honestly think that this school is really nice. The students learn to respect others in a Thai manner. Although the detention system and the belief that the teacher is always right, regardless of the situation, is not really nice treatment, the academics are amazing.

I have been here since kindergarten and have loved every moment of it. The library is nice, and the building is also nice. The mission statement is true, and love and honesty are always accepted here.

6 International School Bangkok (ISB)

I've been to four schools, and ISB is by far the best. The facilities here are of top quality, and the academics are very challenging. The people here are all very unique. They come from different backgrounds and have different stories to tell. They are some of the most supportive people I've met, not to mention the smartest and most talented as well.

You'll find many students here who are just pure geniuses and will either raise your competitiveness level or just make you doubt yourself. But whichever it is, you will receive help from them no matter what. Graduating this year and didn't even regret ditching an entrance exam for another school I applied to. It's no doubt the best international school here in Bangkok (and the oldest).

7 Harrow International School Bangkok (HIS)

As a Harrovian, I'm proud to say that this is the best school. I've been going to Harrow from Year 1 to Year 8. I then left Harrow at the beginning of Year 9 to come to America. My first year in America was pretty easy for me because I learned most of the things from Harrow.

During my 8th grade/Year 9, I became the top student by having A's for all my classes. However, when I was in Year 8 at Harrow, I was in set 2 for English and set 3 for math. This made me think, "Wow, even though I'm not the smartest at Harrow, I'm still a lot smarter than the kids here educationally."

And now, as a freshman in high school, I'm still learning things that Harrow taught me years ago. This proves that Harrow is really ahead with education. I'm proud to be a Harrovian, and Harrow is like my second home. All the teachers, staff, and faculty are really nice, and I love all of them. They're very supportive of me and other Harrovians.

Also, all the students there are really cool - as in nice and friendly. I don't think I know anyone who is mean at the school. And even though I left Harrow, when I go back to visit, all the teachers, staff, faculty, and students that I know still treat me the same by talking to me and making me smile.

To be honest, leaving Harrow was the saddest thing I've experienced in my life, and I also regret it. For the past two years since I left Harrow, I still always think of going back to attend Harrow for my sixth form years, but my parents won't allow me, which is really sad.

8 KIS International School Bangkok (KIS)

KIS is the greatest, most connected, and communal international school out here. Once you enter, there is a really large sense of community, kindness, and connection. It may be smaller compared to other schools such as ISB and NIST, but this 'limit' of students allows for more intimate and connected student-teacher support relationships.

Teachers are supportive, and students and parents are connected. In and out of school activities, both for parents and students, are initiated. We have after-school clubs to join, such as Drama Club, Hip Hop Dance, and various sports such as football (soccer), basketball, swimming, ping pong, badminton, tennis, cricket, and volleyball.

9 The American School of Bangkok (ASB)

This is a very good school, and there are many welcoming friends waiting for you! The staff, teachers, and the principal all welcome you for a tour. I've been to this school for six years and I have loved each second of it.

The activities are very fun, and many people gather for them. It is so exciting. There is also a cafe where students and parents can rest and buy food and drinks. The food there is awesome.

It is the only school where I have ever said the food is yummy. The meals at other schools are bad, and I can only eat when they are sometimes good. But this school is different. I've enjoyed eating the food and could eat every day because it is so delicious. The teachers and students are waiting for you! This school is the best!

10 Shrewsbury International School (SHB)

I received the best education I could ask for, ranging from primary to secondary school teaching, due to mostly high-class teaching and excellent facilities. However, the student community is not as diverse and stimulating as hearsay would have you believe. A solid 90% of it is solely and exclusively Thai, which for a "foreigner" can be rather stifling, repetitive, and conducive to a narrow personality type.

The advantage of this arrangement is that the determination to excel at studies, which is tangible within the Asian culture, becomes highly influential and continuously prods one to exceed everyone's expectations. I found my niche, had a lovely six years with great results to prove it.

Speaking frankly, despite certain imperfections, I strongly recommend SHB to anyone, although especially to pupils who strive for academic excellence. I truly believe that out of the international schools available in Bangkok, it is a diamond in the rough.

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11 St. Andrew's International School Bangkok (STA)

Great medium-sized international school. Over 15% of students are foreign, and many of the remainder are mixed Thai/foreign. The very approachable head (Mr. Paul) is the driving force behind what is a happy school with a great atmosphere that also manages to achieve impressive academic results.

St. Andrews does not have the expansive sports facilities and playing fields of large schools on the outskirts of Bangkok, like Patana and ISB, but still does well with what it does have, particularly in swimming and football. On the other hand, its location is very convenient for parents living in the Ekamai/Thong Lo/Sukhumvit areas of Bangkok, and for us personally, we prefer a school that is less than 15 minutes away rather than more than an hour.

St. Andrews was taken over by Nord Anglia a couple of years ago, and since then there has been an increase in the number of students from just over 500 a few years ago to more than 1000 now. Facilities, however, have not kept pace, and so the school lags behind other similar-sized schools particularly in terms of drama/auditorium facilities (none) and sports facilities. But there are plans in hand to build these in the next couple of years.

But facilities are not everything. It is the character and feel of a school that is important, and in our view, St. Andrews ticks all the right boxes.

12 Ruamrudee International School (RIS)

Ruamrudee International School is a school filled with academically focused students and many British, Australian, American, and Canadian teachers who have the students' interests (academic and athletic) at the heart of being an educator. I am proud to be working in this environment with diverse educators whose job it is to prepare these mostly second language learners for enrollment at some of the top English-speaking universities around the world. Our school profile proves that what we are doing is working.

Students are not doing it all by themselves! Yes, some are highly motivated, and some are not, yet a majority are still getting into top universities! Unfortunately, as in any school across the world, unhappy educators exist. It is in the best interest of the students we love, and our colleagues - both administrative and teachers - that those unhappy individuals leave.

13 The Regent's International School Bangkok

I am a teacher at The Regent's School, and although my viewpoint may be considered biased, the points that I share with you are based as accurately and honestly as possible. The warm, personalized environment in which our students are educated is excellent, and the care and attention each student receives are exemplary. The campus is developing positively, with large amounts of space and grounds.

The facilities are also impressive for a school within the heart of Bangkok. Our student learning is engaged through multiple facets. We are more than just an educational institution. The approach to attaining knowledge is sought by immersing our students in a wealth of holistic experiences. Only then will we achieve our aims of creating a well-rounded young person who can positively affect their surroundings.

14 Thai-Singapore International School (TSIS)

I am a parent at Thai-Singapore International School, and I have two daughters studying at the primary level. Since they transferred to TSIS, they have never run out of stories to tell me about what they enjoyed for the day. They would always share their highlights for the day, such as reading their favorite books before the classes begin, the interesting and enjoyable lessons they have from their teachers, the opportunity to explore their talents and skills during elective time, and being able to visit TV channels or news agencies.

The school has a resort-like atmosphere, and the teachers and staff are very friendly and accommodating. Parents are updated with the daily activities of the students, and parents are free to communicate with the teachers for any queries. Even the management welcomes any parents who would like to speak to them, thus assuring parents that the school takes care of the students. As a parent, I am assured that my daughters are safe and happy in their second home - TSIS.

15 Ekamai International School (EIS)

EIS might not be the best school with the best facilities, environment, or any other cool stuff that top schools have. However, it has provided good education and opportunities to express ourselves and work as a team in various ways. I used to hate this school when I first moved in, but it taught me many things and gave me friends who do not judge based on what I have or the brand I use.

It teaches us how to be part of a team and coordinate with others, even if we might not like them. For me, it is like the pre-stage of the world outside the school.

16 Ascot International School

I've been working on the academic side of the school for several years and cannot imagine working anywhere else. The school has improved by leaps and bounds during this time and it is only getting better. Our school is certainly not perfect, but I have worked at other schools in the area that do not live up to their reputations. Ascot far exceeds its own reputation, and I am certain that this will be reflected in these rankings in due time.

I am fortunate to work with such a dedicated team who, like me, are committed to helping the school grow and nurturing the development of our students. I would encourage anyone who is looking at international schools in our area to come to Ascot for a visit. I am confident that you will see what sets us apart from other schools.

17 Berkeley International School Bangkok

Berkeley has a great community, very friendly. Most of the teachers are friendly, except for the headmaster. Some teachers don't understand the students. The school offers a variety of sports and is quite good at it, but it is very low on education.

It lacks a lot of science equipment and good teachers. The school is quite expensive and does not offer a great education. The school also gives high discounts to non-Thai students. The facilities look great, but most of them don't really work and break quite often. Poor money management by the headmaster.

Overall, it's a great place except if you want your children to go to a good university.

18 St. Andrews International School

It has small schools so that everyone who has admission can know everyone at the school rather than barely knowing anyone and being singled out by other kids. The children take care of one another and are very welcoming to new students. I've been going to St. Andrews for 5 years, and they have been great at support and health for each and every child.

19 SIIS International School

SIIS International School could be one of the best schools in Thailand. I personally think that my English and Math have really improved, which is why I am so proud of myself.

To be honest, this school has given me and the other students so many opportunities to be honest with ourselves and choose our own subjects! And for your information, people are so friendly, just like they are eco-friendly, as well as the teachers!

20 Crescent International School (CIS)

Glad to be here. After all the time I have spent here, I will surely miss everything about CIS when I graduate. Friendly students, friendly teachers, and even the staff. I always felt loved and warm. People here are always ready to help and active.

Such a caring and academically oriented school! In the past few years, they have made so much improvement, and the changes are noticeable. It's quality education by a non-profit, community-driven school, led by a diverse international faculty. Way to go, CIS!

21 Thai Chinese International School (TCIS)

I think this is a great school. I graduated from TCIS in the class of 2013 and was able to get into great universities in the States, along with some scholarship offers.

TCIS has the best Chinese learning system out of all the international schools in Thailand and the best Robotics class, winning first place in every competition.

The only international school that teaches three languages with REAL Chinese. Great service, excellent teachers from different regions, and impressive students.

22 Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School

This school provides a quality American curriculum that focuses on academic excellence and character development. The facilities are international-standard and student-friendly. Even though the fees are a little too expensive, I am very satisfied with my child's academic progress after five years here.

The education is of very high quality. Good teachers and teaching. I suppose it's the best school in Bangkok. The food is great, with traditional Thai and international options. It's not more expensive than any other British school.

23 Trinity International School

Nice school, and they hire teachers without prejudice. You can be Black, Indian, or Muslim, and they will give you a job because they are good Christians. The only problem is that they don't pay teachers for the summer vacation to save money.

So when teachers get to the end of the year, they get nothing. Just two months without pay. Who would work at a job where you don't get paid for two months? So, you end up working summer school if you're lucky.

It is a very nice school with a clean environment and excellent education.

24 Niva International School

Niva International School deserves to be ranked within the top 10 international schools in Thailand. The school provides not only high-quality academic education but also great social skills and lessons that will prove extremely useful throughout the students' lives during and after Niva.

As a 2016 senior currently studying at Niva, I can state with confidence that the school has made a leader out of me and has taught me countless academic and life skills. The teachers are extremely talented and adept at their teaching techniques and interpersonal skills.

Niva, as amazing as it is already, is constantly under development. Very often, new school facilities are introduced, as well as new promising students. I am proud to study at Niva and will always be.

25 Garden International School Bangkok

Our two children, a boy aged 7 and a girl aged 12, were at one of the larger international schools in Bangkok. Although it had amazing facilities, our child's individual sense of character was lost amidst the sheer numbers of students. After a couple of bullying incidents at the school, we made the decision to move them to Garden International School, and it's been the best move we as a family have made.

The school has a fantastic ethos, the results are outstanding, and every child appears to get a really individual catered learning program owing to the small class sizes. In addition, the school has a real sense of community and is always reaching out to strengthen bonds with both parents and deserving causes in the area. A lovely place - and if you don't believe me, well, it's your children who will lose out.

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