Top 10 Best Universities in the World

The benefits of higher education are numerous. Getting a college degree makes you more employable, gives you a better chance of working a fulfilling profession, and increases your potential income. It can also make you a more well-rounded person, help you see the world from a variety of perspectives, and give you the tools to continue learning and improving yourself for the rest of your life.

Earning a degree from a top tier university further increases the potential of these benefits. Beyond the inherent value of the education they provide, simply having the name of the most highly regarded universities on your diploma can open doors to graduates that are closed to others.

Listed below are the top universities in the world. From the Ivy League to the classic international icons, these are the universities that provide the most highly regarded education and produce the most sought after graduates.
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1 Harvard University

It will never be dethroned in first place till the end of days for this university historically was dedicated to educate the ministers of God even if most of the educators here are atheists now.

Harvard is undoubtedly the best, most famous and respected today. It has been ranked number 1 consistently over the years and its simply the best.

Absolutely brilliant, but actually, I looked and Princeton University (at the moment) is the top-ranked school.

I got into Harvard (Medicine), my brother got into MIT (Engineer) and my sister got into Stanford (Business).

2 MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Best University for Engineering. Engineering is far better than other subjects like medicine and business.

Umm jagannath univ. laugh out loud it's a good university but its scores aren't as high as other universities in the world, MIT has the best socres in the world.

How in the world is Jagannath beating MIT? Never in my life heard of some crappy university in India

World's best university of technology..

3 Jagannath University

Wow if people knew about this definitely they will switch to jagannath from harvard... But the reality is people who are admitted here they have no option to admit in a better varsity... by the way "Empty vessel sound much"... We all know that carry on at least it will give you some reason to be here...

I love my university... it has a tremendous background... I m happy for being de part of my university... In spite of having lots of drawbacks, it is moving forward and gives us de ray of hope... Good luck Jagannath university..

If you want university rankings, go see the website of QS Rankings. This is a waste of time. Jagannath University is a good university but it's nowhere near Harvard or MIT in terms of endowment or research output.

This is probably the proudest achievement this so called university ever done. Congratulation students, you just make the history of your very dear out-of-nowhere university!

4 Stanford University

Stanford might not be in the Ivy league but continues to educate some of the brightest minds in modern society. The range of subjects and caliber is amazing.

5 Oxford University

Oldest, most prestigious college of yesterday. Today it remains as one of the top 10 colleges in the world. Easily one of the most recognizable colleges in the world.

It's the best university in the world. Not to mention the oldest in the English-speaking world.

Without doubt the best university in the world. Beautiful grounds and a lovely atmosphere.

Oxford University is better than all the other universities in the world bar none.

6 University of the Visayas The University of the Visayas is an educational institution located at Cebu City, Philippines. It is billed as the first school in the entire province of Cebu who gained a university status.

Best university in the Philippines!

7 California Institute of Technology
8 University of California, Berkeley

Really good score. First public university to be named the best school by Forbes.

Top class.. Real quality here!

9 University of Cambridge

I took a summer class at Cambridge called "The Brain and Learning." In one of the early classes we took a test which would tell us what type of learner we were. Since I was a science major, I thought my decisions should be based on evidence and data etc. Surprisingly, my results were that I should make decisions based on how I felt inside. In other words, I should listen to my heart not my brain. So, I started making my life's decisions based on my feelings. Guess, what happened? Yep, my life got better! I was surprised but it actually worked. Thank you Cambridge!

Went there and took a course called, "The brain and learning." I found out what type of a learner I was. This knowledge enabled me to make better decisions in life.

Come on it isn't the most well known University in the world but it is over 800 years old and Stephen Hawking teaches there! GO CAMBRIDGE

Took a course there called, "the brain and learning." It literally changed my life.

10 Yale University

Yale is the best university in the United States.

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11 Princeton University

It's the most prestigious school in the USA and probably in the world. I can't believe its not on this pathetic list.

This is the best college!

12 Columbia University

The Core Curriculum is the heart of Columbia and the heart of a real education.

Some of the most well rounded and educated students on this planet.

13 University of Michigan
14 University of Chicago
15 University of California, Los Angeles
16 Cornell University

One of the universities for law till date!

17 McGill University

Very well regarded school. In a fantastic city with excellent academics.

18 Heidelberg University
19 Georgetown University
20 Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt
21 California Polytechnic State University
22 Bangladesh University of Business & Technology

It is one of the leading University & finest University in Bangladesh with better education in cheap tution fees. The teachers are highly qulified at (BUBT). I am proud that I am a student of BUBT. and I am proud of my University.

I think bubt is one of the most university in Bangladesh. It has a permanent campus. I am proud of a student of bubt.

I love this university. Cause it is best for my topic.

I am proud of my university.

23 National University of Singapore

NUS offers a diverse options for choices of fields from air and space to research.

24 University of Pennsylvania

Leading in many fields.

25 Boston University

My brother goes there

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