Top 10 Best GATE Coaching Centres in Kerala

GATE, one of the major exams conducted at the all-India level, primarily tests the comprehensive understanding of various undergraduate subjects in engineering and science. The GATE score also serves as a metric for admissions to various post-graduate education programs in the country.

Got your sights set on a top engineering or science program? The GATE exam is your ticket in. But let's be real, prepping for this beast of a test can feel like climbing a mountain... while juggling textbooks.

That's where GATE coaching centers come in. They offer expert guidance, structured study plans, and that extra push to help you crack the exam and land your dream program. With so many options in Kerala, finding the perfect fit can be an adventure in itself.
The Top Ten
1 Manifold Institute Manifold Institute is a renowned coaching center for GATE preparation in Kerala. Founded by highly qualified IES professionals, it offers comprehensive coaching for GATE, ESE, PSU, and other competitive exams. With a focus on holistic development, Manifold ensures consistent results over the years.

One of the best peculiarities of Manifold is its flexibility, operating much like a democratic system to meet student demands. I remember as a student that challenging topics were taught repeatedly, as requested by the students, and the institute managed to arrange the concerned faculties according to our needs.

Manifold boasts a good faculty from both Kerala and outside Kerala. The questions prepared by the experts at the institute are much better than those prepared by other institutes like ACE or Made Easy.

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2 ARC Foundation ARC Foundation is a leading GATE coaching center in Kerala. Established in 2012, it provides high-quality coaching for GATE, IES, PSUs, JTO, ISRO, and other competitive exams. With experienced faculty and rigorous training, ARC has consistently produced top GATE ranks in the country.

ARC... Kerala's best GATE coaching center. No other institute would take care of their students like them. ARC provides more than 20 full-length compulsory online exams that help students prepare well for the GATE exam.

All faculties are excellent and ready to help students at any time during the preparation and post-counseling for IITs and NITs. If you are ready to invest your one year seriously for the GATE exam or PSUs, then ARC is the best choice. ARC has a higher pass percentage than other institutes inside and outside Kerala. I personally preferred ARC for the students preparing for the GATE exam.

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3 Vani Institute Vani Institute, headquartered in Hyderabad, has branches in Kerala, including Kochi. It has been providing coaching for GATE, ESE, and other competitive exams since 1991. Backed by experienced faculty and a commitment to excellence, Vani Institute aims to help students achieve their dreams.

Initially, Vani Institute started coaching for AMIE and later gained a good reputation. The institute began coaching for GATE recently. It is the only institute in South India that initially started training for GATE for all branches.

Vani Institute offers the best GATE/ESE coaching for engineering students. The faculty members are excellent, and their teaching methods are unique. They pay special attention to all students and help them improve their learning skills.

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4 Sigma Group Educational Academy Sigma Group Educational Academy is committed to offering premium education to students aspiring for competitive exams. Founded in 1991, it prepares students for GATE, ESE, PSU, and various other exams. With branches across cities like Kochi, Chennai, and Kolkata, Sigma Group focuses on strengthening students' capabilities and proficiency.

Sigma Group is a leading institution for GATE coaching in Kerala, offering result-oriented, high-quality coaching. The academy aims to enhance, bind, and foster the strengths and potentials of engineering students.

Better than many institutions that have simply posted rankings of students who scored first in other states through their franchise. They have only one branch, and all the results they showcase are from students who studied in that same branch.

Best coaching institute, offering quality teaching and education. Classes are scheduled according to students' flexibility, whether on weekdays or weekends.

5 Gateway Academy Gateway Academy is a GATE coaching center in Kerala. While specific details about Gateway Academy were not available in the search results, it is known for its coaching services related to GATE and other competitive exams.

Best GATE coaching center in Kerala, offering the best training and results for GATE exams. Gate Forum also has various branches across India.

This is the best, in my opinion. They are not profit-oriented and are a student-friendly institute.

6 Gate Forum Gate Forum is a renowned GATE coaching center in Kerala, offering comprehensive training and achieving commendable results in GATE exams. With multiple branches across India, Gate Forum provides high-quality coaching to aspiring engineers.

Gate Forum is one of the best GATE coaching centers in Kerala, offering the best training and results for GATE exams. Gate Forum also has various branches across India.

7 Success Academy Success Academy, based in Kochi, is a trusted SSC and Bank coaching center in Kerala. With a dedicated faculty team and unmatched study materials, Success Academy prepares students for competitive exams like SSC CGL, IBPS PO, and SBI Clerk. They offer both offline and online classes.

Being one of the best GATE coaching centers in Kerala, Success Academy provides goal-oriented classes for GATE 2016 students. The institute offers an expert and experienced faculty team for GATE coaching.

8 ICA Engineering Academy Founded by alumni of College of Engineering Trivandrum, ICA Engineering Academy focuses on providing high-quality coaching for GATE and other technical competitive exams. Their commitment to mentoring students has resulted in impressive achievements, including students securing top ranks in various examinations.

They have a very strong team of graduates from IITs and NITs who have secured excellent ranks in previous GATE exams and are passionate about teaching.

Well-prepared study material and a unique methodology prepare students for the GATE exam. The academy started as a technical exam coaching institute for PSCs, RRB, and SSC two years ago. It is a new and growing institute in this technical exam coaching sector.

We are a group of young professionals comprising graduates from IITs, NITs, and CET who wish to deliver quality education to aspiring candidates in the field of science and technology. We offer intensive classroom coaching to students and graduates from various engineering streams to crack competitive exams.

9 PACE Academy PACE Academy, with its center in Trivandrum, offers comprehensive coaching for GATE, RRB JE, SSC JE, and RRB NTPC exams. Their learning center provides extensive study materials, videos, and e-books designed by expert faculties. Students benefit from full-time faculty support, conceptual learning, mock tests, and personalized attention.

P.A.C.E Academy offers intensive coaching for GATE, aimed at securing admissions in various master's programs such as M.Tech, ME, and MS, as well as various government and public sector jobs.

10 Time Institute of Management Education Time Institute of Management Education is a well-established coaching center with a pan-India presence. While they offer coaching for various competitive exams, including GATE, their focus extends beyond Kerala.

T.I.M.E. has introduced various training programs for Bank PO & Clerical exams, GATE, CSAT, and CLAT. It has also achieved the important milestone of training more than 17 lakh students for various entrance examinations.

The Contenders
11 TECGATE TECGATE, established in 2008, is an institution dedicated to GATE and IES coaching for engineering students in Kerala. With a diverse faculty from prestigious institutions like ISRO and NIT, TECGATE provides updated study materials, regular assessments, and free interview guidance. They offer both classroom and distance learning programs.

It was a great experience to be there. Tecgate provides perfect GATE-oriented coaching.

12 Rubix Academy for Career Excellence Rubix Academy, located in Calicut, focuses on coaching engineering graduates and students for competitive exams like GATE, IES, JTO, DRDO, BHEL, and NTPC. Their systematic approach, experienced faculties, and comprehensive study materials have resulted in top ranks in various competitive exams.

To feel the difference between a GATE coaching center and GATE at Rubix Academy, you must go through their training programs, just like I did. Once you complete the training at Rubix, you will become its brand ambassador, all thanks to their never-ending support and care. It feels like a family. I am proud to be a part of the Rubix family.

The first time I planned for GATE coaching, I was confused while searching for the best GATE coaching center. However, fate led me to the right choice. All the best wishes to Team Rubix. Keep going.

13 Academy for Graduate Engineers AGE Institute, situated in Calicut, specializes in coaching for UGC NET and Technical PSC exams. Their well-structured classes, full-time faculty support, and individual attention ensure effective preparation for aspiring engineers.
14 Civilianz Civilianz offers comprehensive coaching for GATE aspirants in Kerala. Their expert faculty provides personalized guidance, study materials, and regular mock tests to help students excel in the exam. With a proven track record of successful candidates, Civilianz stands as a reliable choice for GATE preparation.
15 Echelon Edu'park Echelon Edu'park is a prominent GATE coaching institute in Kerala. They provide both online and offline coaching options, ensuring flexibility for students. With experienced faculty, rigorous test series, and updated study materials, Echelon Edu'park aims to guide aspirants towards GATE success.

It is exclusively for Civil Engineers. With really committed faculties, it is result-oriented and has a high qualifying percentage. You can go to Google reviews to find the opinions of students.

16 The Gate Academy The Gate Academy, with a center in Trivandrum, provides GATE coaching by IIT and IISc experts. Their live classes, distance learning courses, and comprehensive study materials help students prepare for GATE 2019 and 2020.

The institute was started in 2012 and has achieved great results since then. All the students clear the GATE exam due to their rigorous training. The Cochin center's best result is a rank of 353 by a Mechanical student.

17 The Catalyst Group The Catalyst Group is known for its quality GATE coaching in Kerala. Their faculty members, including IIT/NIT/IISC professors, offer expert lectures and doubt-clearing sessions. With a focus on comprehensive study materials and regular mock tests, The Catalyst Group prepares students effectively for GATE examinations.
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