Top Ten Best Secret of NIMH Characters

Your favorite Secret of NIMH characters are all in one place

The Top Ten

1 Mrs. Brisby

This widowed field mouse is a relatable character. She is loyal, kind, and teaches us the meaning of the word brave. She scared of the obstacles but she's doing it to save her sons life. She is devoted, and she easily makes us root for her. Did I mention she is also adorable.

2 Jeremy

This comical crow steals the #2 spot. Played by Dom DeLuise, he is the comedy relief, and something about him works. He's pathetic, and bumbly. If you like comedy reliefs, Jeremy's your top bird.

3 Justin

This captain of the guard appears threatening, but seconds later, we figure out he's just a jokester. He is a brave rat, trying to figure out a way to be highly intelligent without stealing from the farmer. Also, he's great with a sword.

4 Timothy

Well, the whole movie's plot is to move the house without Timothy touching the air. Enough said. Also, just like his mother, he's adorable.

5 Mr. Brisby

This heroic mouse helped the rats escape from NIMH. He is viewed as a hero. He died trying to put sleeping powder in a cat's bowl

6 Martin

This son of Mrs. Brisby claims he isn't afraid of anything. Also, he is rude to sourpuss, Auntie Shrew.

7 Jenner's Henchman

This rat is nudged in the wrong direction by working for Jenner. But in the end, he is the one who kills off Jenner.

8 Nicodemus

This wizard rat tells the story of how the rats escaped NIMH. He is awesome.

9 The Great Owl

There is no cooler owl in film than the great owl. He is so damn cool

10 Mr. Ages

This mouse broke his leg, and is rude, but has a good heart.

The Contenders

11 Auntie Shrew
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