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1 Cookie Monster Cookie Monster Cookie Monster is a Muppet on the long-running children's television show Sesame Street. He is best known for his voracious appetite and his famous eating phrases, such as "Me want cookie!" "Me eat cookie!" and "Om nom nom nom".

He is just adorable with that belly hanging. Sweet too. I took my daughter to sesame place in PA for her 4th birthday and she absolutely loved them. We saw the parade and all the shows and bought her stuff animals and she even went to Dine with me and and pretty much all of them where there. It was an amazing memory for my sweet girl. Cookie Monster you Rock! :-)

I voted for cookie monster because he is an original sesame street character. Just like grover, and they should both be higher on the list

Cookie monster is the best character in sesame street he is amazing and brings a smile on my face every time I see him and he is the best when he puts lots of cookies in to mouth and starts eating them like he does it makes the public go wild which means that the cookie monster is the best

He is a legend - 445956

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2 Elmo Elmo Elmo is a Muppet character on the children's television show Sesame Street. He is a furry red monster with a falsetto voice, who hosts the last full fifteen-minute segment on Sesame Street, "Elmo's World", which is aimed at toddlers.

Elmo's alphabet rap is awesome. I love it!

Elmo's so sweet and lovable he really makes the show

I just came here to mock elmo he is terrible worst ever - Ilyas678

Elmo is #1 he is so cool

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3 Big Bird

Big Bird is the guy. He's the face of Sesame Street.

Big Bird is the bomb. I mean, who can't love a huge fluffy bird?

One of my favourite sesame street characters along with Grover, and Ollie

Yeah! - 445956

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4 Grover

I asked a kid in my class what color Grover was, and he asked who Grover is! I told him I was talking about Grover from Sesame Street, and he said he'd never seen the show. That explains his sick and twisted soul.

He is hilarious in Both waiter and super grover - Hazzyboy

Love the blue dude!

He is Yoda. They are both voiced by Frank Oz. - 445956

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5 Oscar

Oscar doesn't deserve to be Number One on this list. Instead, he deserves to be at the very bottom because of how much of a bully he is. Hell, I remember him ruining Christmas for his neighbors in Christmas Eve on Sesame Street. If I'm any of those folks, I'd beat the crap out of him.

I love oscar he is grouchy just like I can be and even though he can be mean his behavior shows the children what not to do the people on sesame street use him to teach good manners lessons

Something about a grouchy green puppet living in a trash can is just wonderful

He and Bert are the 2 big grumps of Sesame Street - 445956

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6 Ernie

Ernie is the best! I was him for Halloween!

He's funny and it's pretty hard to get old of him. - Yorkshire2001

My brother is more Ernie and I'm more Bert. - Yorkshire2001

The original Spongebob. - 445956

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7 The Count

The Count captured the hearts of parents and children being curious and humorous and enlightening.

My daughter's favorite character... when she was a little girl. She'd laugh and beg me to imitate him for hours!

I thought it was really entertaining when he counted up to 10 with his piano thing

What is funny is that he is a better vampire than Edward Cullen - 445956

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8 Bert

Reminds me of Squidward

I'm more similar to Bert while my brother is more similar to Ernie, it's such a coincidence. - Yorkshire2001

Why is bert this low

The original Squidward. - 445956

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9 Abby Cadabby

Get her off of here! - 445956

Don't vote Abby, she ruined Sesame Street. - BlueSheepYT

10 Kermit the Frog Kermit the Frog more.

Kermit was one of the biggest characters on the show when I was a kid. So a vote for Kermit it is.

Always liked Kermit the Frog

Kermit is from both the Muppets and Sesame Street

He was on Sesame Street temporarily. - 445956

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11 Snuffaluffagus

MY all time favorite! Who cares that I am 50 years old!

A giant singing mammoth, what's not to like

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12 Zoe

In love with elmo

I Love Zoe! She's One Of My Favorites.I Believe She Needs More Respect then Abby Cadabby.

13 Telly Monster
14 Slimey the Worm

A shoutout to Slimey:

You should be #1 on the list! You are the best Sesame Street character ever!

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15 Yip Yips (Martians)

I loved the Martians they are so cute

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16 Prairie Dawn
17 Baby Bear

What's not to love?

18 Alice

Has the cutest face, voice and eyelashes

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19 Guy Smiley
20 Rosita

She is the first bilingual character on Sesame!

I love when she sings mambo i, i, i!

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