Top 10 Signs You Have a Bad Profile Picture

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1 It is a picture of something you hate

I do not hate Buttercup and Bubbles at all.

I do not hate Bumblebee singing Ghetto Superstar, ever. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

For example, if it was a picture of my posts.

I hate myself. - CloudInvasion

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2 It is inappropriate

Eww, that’s gross, especially if it’s a porn picture.

3 It's the same as another user's

No one has a profile pic like mine.

I assure you mine isn't copied off of someone else. - CloudInvasion

Nobody has my profile picture

4 It's really hard to tell what it's of

Mine is easy to tell what it is. But sometimes users do put some confusing pictures.

My user pic is absolutely impossible to figure out! - CloudInvasion

5 It's a picture of you being high on a user ranking list

I would not brag about that.

6 It is offensive to other users

You mean racist or homophobic pictures?

7 It is a picture that is promoting you or your content

How is that even possible to put a photo of yourself being number 1?

Like, if it said "Go on my posts now" or something.

8 Multiple users say they hate it

Hopefully people don't hate my new profile pic, If they do I'll switch it to the older one - B1ueNew

I hope not on quantum physicists and varieties of pictures showing Elton John in the 1970s- Kevinsidis

9 It is a picture of a story

It would just be weird having your profile picture a bunch of words.

10 It is violent

Mine isn't. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

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