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1 You don't laugh at this list

I laughed my head off when I read this list and I'm a nerd!

I don't have a really good sense of humour... - DapperPickle

Wrong! I laughed at this list BECAUSE I am a nerd!

Didn't laugh

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2 When the people in P.E. go to the workout room; you would rather stay behind and read

That's not just nerds; it's sensible people. - PositronWildhawk

I hate PE am I a nerd? - Jake09

I'm the nerdiest in my group of friends and yet I'm also the sportiest considering I can keep up with all the jocks in my class who are total dummies. I like PE but my friends don't even try to participate really.

What about people with Dyspraxia? I hated P.E.

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3 You remember your favourite song in binary code or by its run time

When I was six, I remembered a lot of songs by their run time. - PositronWildhawk

I memorized the URL for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" to avoid being rick rolled. - ethanmeinster


Illenium feat. Ember Island - Let You Go
Run time 3 minutes and 1 second - MChkflaguard_Yt

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4 You know more people online than in person

Never seen a more obvious number one in my life. Knowing most people online defines the "nerd"!

Yep, this is me, I have more friends online than in real life. I just do not follow trends like many of the other people do. - AnimeDrawer

Preps at my school know most people through internet. So they are nerds? That can't be right.

This is so true...I have 1243 friends online...

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5 You refer to eating and drinking as uploading

Charging? That's what I call sleeping. - PositronWildhawk

And downloading? Maybe pooping. - Kiteretsunu

I call it charging

I call that slurping. ~ AlphaQ

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6 Read the dictionary because you want to.

The sad thing is that I actually do this...

Sometimes I do this because I want to learn interesting, new words that might be funny and comical. And I thought no one did this, but apparently, it is a thing. I sometimes do want to read the dictionary. - AnimeDrawer

I love words, what's wrong with this? I should try that sometime, I'll improve my vocabulary skills even more! - Merilille

It's so intersting

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7 You try to levitate out of bed using the Force

lol this is freaking hilarious... - Dead_Frozen

Totally, man! My thoughts exactly. I would totally want to levitate all Phoebe Halliwell style out of bed by using the Force but it didn't work out.

I imagine I have Spiderman's web shooter so I keep trying to shoot the web so it can help me get up from my bed. #Nerds Rule

I don't - mayamanga

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8 You own over 1000 video games

My Best Nerd Friend Liam, owns over 9, 000 video games in his house, and he likes to play every video game. He never leaves the house. All he does is play video games and never leave the house. That's why Liam is such a Nerd.

Well I am having only one sign of being a nerd which is this one but it is not necessary I am not a nerd any angle but I am a good gamer that doesn't mean I am a nerd

lol! #1 way to get a girlfriend.

I only own 4 and they are for the Nintendo 3ds - mayamanga

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9 You know more IP addresses than phone numbers

I gosh. I play Minecraft way too much.

Yes rob lox and Minecraft

Haha... Hang on, that's me.
Minecraft server IPs... I CAN FEEL YOUR EYES JUDGING ME!
No, I'm not some 10 yr old :D

10 You celebrate geeky holidays like pi Day (March 14), Star Wars Day (May 4th), etc.

Yesterday was National star wars day I am a total star wars nerd! By the way I took some college lessons on microbiology when I was in second grade and am in the #1 USA education program known as the "STATE OF Texas GIFTED AND TALENTED PROGRAM" which we know as Expo as in EXpotential POtential. And I am going to be in this year's STEM academies as in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

May the fourth be with you! Ohh and don't forget towel day.

I would only celebrate PI day for one reason: Pie. I'm awful at math and I hate, no reason to celebrate it. As for Star Wars, much as I like it I don't celebrate may the 4th - Therandom

My birthday is on May 4

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11 You never get out of the house

next to me, my computer is my best friend xD - rock2metal

Roses are red (sometimes)
Violets are blue
I love my phone
And it loves me too. - keycha1n

That's tue I don't like to go out

By this list I am sure I'm nerd

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12 You hack into your friends computers to remind them of how bad their passwords suck

Most of my friends passwords are like kitty36 and password. It's so obvious!

Yes my friend has the weirdest password

Well you had to hack to get through the password - Nateawesomeness

I try to avoid it...

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13 You can sing Tom Lehrer's element song

There's Antimony, Arsenic, Aluminum, Selenium,
And Hydrogen and Oxygen and Nitrogen and Rhenium,
And Nickel, Neodymium, Neptunium, Germanium,
And Iron, Americium, Ruthenium, Uranium,
Europium, Zirconium, Lutetium, Vanadium,
And Lanthanum and Osmium and Astatine and Radium,
And Gold and Protactinium and Indium and Gallium,
And Iodine and Thorium and Thulium and Thallium.

There's Yttrium, Ytterbium, Actinium, Rubidium,
And Boron, Gadolinium, Niobium, Iridium,
And Strontium and Silicon and Silver and Samarium, and Bismuth, Bromine, Lithium, Beryllium, and Barium

There's Holmium and Helium and Hafnium and Erbium, and Phosphorus and Francium and Fluorine and Terbium,
And Manganese and Mercury, Molybdenum, Magnesium,
Dysprosium and Scandium and Cerium and Cesium, and Lead, Praseodymium and Platinum, Plutonium,
Palladium, Promethium, Potassium, Polonium, and
Tantalum, Technetium, Titanium, Tellurium, and
Cadmium and Calcium and Chromium ...more

I now MUST learn this, Pythagoras can wait, I MUST! - Merilille

I know the ASAP Science one. - gamingfoeealzs

I just know Titanium O.O Is that wrong?

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14 You watch The Big Bang Theory because it's touching, not because it's funny

I am a nerd. Most people on this lists aren't real nerds. The Big Bang Theory is deemed unwatchable in every sense by myself and all of my different nerd friends.

No kidding! I can totally relate to Sheldon (he is a theoretical physicist, I am a "theoretical physicist in training" as I enjoy saying.

It's nice to see a popular television show which tackles issues that I face in my day-to-day life. It's refreshing.

Big bang theory is true. Please shut up, religious nuts. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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15 You can't get by without naming one Pokemon each day

I guess I'm a nerd then... No shock here... - Ninja_Potato123

How is Pokemon nerdy?!?!? , - Nateawesomeness

But I'm not a nerd, I'm a connoisseur! Actually, I'm both. - RiverClanRocks

Lol yes posted by anyahbear

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16 If someone asks you what the answer to EVERYTHING is, you immediately respond with '42'.

It's the meaning of life! On Vine, when that kid says that 10+9= 21, we all thought that he was stupid. but he wasn't. There was a higher meaning. 21 is half of 42... - ethanmeinster

42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Thank you for being such a good read Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

You've just reminded me that I'm getting nerdier and nerdier

Yes, I do! - Blight

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17 When seeing a popular girl; you ask her what elements are in hair shampoo

I'd ask Camilla this, and at the end I'd say, because it's making you ugly. - AnonymousChick

When a op ulnar girl sees me she asks about my hair because it reaches my hips, their always telling me to cut it so I usually try to avoid the annoying brats

Miss I like your hair, did you put some Hydrogen and Carbon to it?

I don't like this not only boys are nerds

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18 You know pi to more than 10 places

Most calculators don't even know that! - booklover1

I know pi to 107 decimals - lolingdog9000

I used to know about 1,000 digits...but I forgot.

One day... One day...

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19 You are obsessed in other peoples grades

I'm not competitive, I just have to know where they're at or I go crazy.

I do that all the time. But not for competition I just NEED to know. - CartoonsGirl

I'm way too competitive to NOT know other people's grades. - PianoQueen

I'm probably the smartest girl in my class, but that isn't good enough for me. - FennikenFan9

Iyaah in varsity you check how far other people's marks are from yours

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20 You watch the History Channel

I am TOTALLY obsessed with the H2 channel! (The regular history channel is TREMENDOUSLY boring-nothing historic REGULARLY comes on! Only a bunch of useless reality shows. )

Yeah I love history

I may be a nerd b if there's one I subject I suck at its HSIE (history and geography currently) but for some reason can still get either the top mark or in the top 4. Always am top girl though all the other females (except my bestie) are bragging about how long they studied and answering all the revision questions in class right while I'm sitting here reading 'city of fallen angels' bored to death, yet when we compare exam results they barely pass.

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1. You never get out of the house
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1. You don't laugh at this list
2. When the people in P.E. go to the workout room; you would rather stay behind and read
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