Top Ten Signs You're a Nerd


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1 You don't laugh at this list

Everyone's a nerd. - ThatIntrovertedEmo

I already knew I was a nerd.

Well I didn't laugh at this list, so I guess I'm a nerd

DAMN IT! Is this really supposed to be funny?! - BorisRule

2 When the people in P.E. go to the workout room; you would rather stay behind and read

I would rather stay behind at any age, but not read when I was little. I used to hate reading back then. - Jasmine21064

...yeah, I do this all the time. And for your information, I prefer the term "intellectual bad... other word for donkey". Sorry, I'm not allowed to say the actual word.

I'd rather go, I hate reading. - AlphaQ

That's not just nerds; it's sensible people. - PositronWildhawk

3 You remember your favourite song in binary code or by its run time

I've Seen Footage - Death Grips - 3 minutes and 22 seconds. - DarkBoi-X

In fact, I remember more than 10 songs by it's run time. - Jasmine21064

Yeah, 6-13 songs lol

BOBD (Boulevard of broken dreams): 4 Minutes

4 You know more people online than in person

Kind of inaccurate. I mean...I have 2000+ followers on Instagram so half yes...? - AlphaQ

Inaccurate - Luckys

This is me.But I know lot's of people in real life too. - DarkBoi-X

Well, I know more people in real life, but my amount of friends is pretty much the same: barely any people want to associate themselves with me. - saturatedsunrise

5 Read the dictionary because you want to.

I don't do this but if u do this its fine with me - AlphaQ

The sad thing is that I actually do this...

I do this. - Ashes

Sometimes I do this because I want to learn interesting, new words that might be funny and comical. And I thought no one did this, but apparently, it is a thing. I sometimes do want to read the dictionary.

6 You refer to eating and drinking as uploading

Who actually does this? - DarkBoi-X

Nerds don't do this. Maybe sleeping as charging but that's about it

Don't talk to me I'm u p l o a d I n g. - AlphaQ

What? - Firemist

7 You try to levitate out of bed using the Force

I tried that with a cup before, and, I SWEAR, I saw the cup shake a little. - Jasmine21064

lol this is freaking hilarious... - Dead_Frozen

WHAT - Misfire

You uncultured swines, I use my cerebal cortex to levitate my self. There is no such thing as the Force! - MrGuyDudeMan

8 You own over 1000 video games

I have this lol - AlphaQ

I made over 1000 video games.

Does that count?

My Best Nerd Friend Liam, owns over 9, 000 video games in his house, and he likes to play every video game. He never leaves the house. All he does is play video games and never leave the house. That's why Liam is such a Nerd.

Well I am having only one sign of being a nerd which is this one but it is not necessary I am not a nerd any angle but I am a good gamer that doesn't mean I am a nerd

9 You know more IP addresses than phone numbers

NaH, I'm the complete opposite. - AlphaQ

I gosh. I play Minecraft way too much.

Log files... if you get me...

Yes rob lox and Minecraft

10 You celebrate geeky holidays like pi Day (March 14), Star Wars Day (May 4th), etc.

Well, yeah. I celebrate these. - BorisRule

I like pi day because you eat pie. - Ilovestephanie

Pi day, yes. - Ashes

I'm not alone anymore! - Cyri


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11 You hack into your friends computers to remind them of how bad their passwords suck

Duh! IT's important that people don't keep their passwords lying around in a piece of paper!

Hackers - BorisRule

I should do this! My friends in real life have easy passwords like basketball123. - saturatedsunrise

Most of my friends passwords are like kitty36 and password. It's so obvious!

12 You never get out of the house

I'm pretty sure at this point you would be more of an introvert than a nerd.

Most of the time. - Jasmine21064

next to me, my computer is my best friend xD - rock2metal

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm very lonely
I'm fine with it too. - Ashes

13 You can sing Tom Lehrer's element song

There's Antimony, Arsenic, Aluminum, Selenium,
And Hydrogen and Oxygen and Nitrogen and Rhenium,
And Nickel, Neodymium, Neptunium, Germanium,
And Iron, Americium, Ruthenium, Uranium,
Europium, Zirconium, Lutetium, Vanadium,
And Lanthanum and Osmium and Astatine and Radium,
And Gold and Protactinium and Indium and Gallium,
And Iodine and Thorium and Thulium and Thallium.

There's Yttrium, Ytterbium, Actinium, Rubidium,
And Boron, Gadolinium, Niobium, Iridium,
And Strontium and Silicon and Silver and Samarium, and Bismuth, Bromine, Lithium, Beryllium, and Barium

There's Holmium and Helium and Hafnium and Erbium, and Phosphorus and Francium and Fluorine and Terbium,
And Manganese and Mercury, Molybdenum, Magnesium,
Dysprosium and Scandium and Cerium and Cesium, and Lead, Praseodymium and Platinum, Plutonium,
Palladium, Promethium, Potassium, Polonium, and
Tantalum, Technetium, Titanium, Tellurium, and
Cadmium and Calcium and Chromium ...more

I'm afraid I can't do that

I know the ASAP Science one. - gamingfoeealzs

I now MUST learn this, Pythagoras can wait, I MUST! - Merilille

14 You watch The Big Bang Theory because it's touching, not because it's funny

Eh, it's mediocre. How is it touching though? Half the time I hear laugh tracks. - AlphaQ

Eh, never was into the show. - Jasmine21064

Actually it's the cringiest thing I've ever watched

I am a nerd. Most people on this lists aren't real nerds. The Big Bang Theory is deemed unwatchable in every sense by myself and all of my different nerd friends.

15 You can't get by without naming one Pokemon each day

I like Pokemon and I'm not a nerd. - Soulstealer

Pokémon is for legends

How is Pokemon nerdy?!?!? , - Nateawesomeness

I guess I'm a nerd then... No shock here... - Ninja_Potato123

16 If someone asks you what the answer to EVERYTHING is, you immediately respond with '42'.

It's the meaning of life! On Vine, when that kid says that 10+9= 21, we all thought that he was stupid. but he wasn't. There was a higher meaning. 21 is half of 42... - ethanmeinster

42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Thank you for being such a good read Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

You've just reminded me that I'm getting nerdier and nerdier

Yes that's like the number of life

17 When seeing a popular girl; you ask her what elements are in hair shampoo

Whenever I see a popular girl I ask them for their digits. - AlphaQ

When I see a popular girl I roast them.Just kidding. - DarkBoi-X

I'd ask Camilla this, and at the end I'd say, because it's making you ugly. - AnonymousChick

When a op ulnar girl sees me she asks about my hair because it reaches my hips, their always telling me to cut it so I usually try to avoid the annoying brats

18 You are obsessed in other peoples grades

Yeah. I’m top of my class and it just kind of makes me feel better about myself when I see that a quarter of the grade is failing and my lowest grade is a 96.8. I have a problem

Well, it does interest me when I hear that my classmates fail! - saturatedsunrise

I'm not competitive, I just have to know where they're at or I go crazy.

I do that all the time. But not for competition I just NEED to know. - CartoonsGirl

I'm probably the smartest girl in my class, but that isn't good enough for me. - FennikenFan9

19 You know pi to more than 10 places

I eat pie in more than 10 places. - AlphaQ

I know it up to 3.14159265358979

Am I the only person who had a poster with the first 50 digits of pi in his 4th grade math class and unironically memorized all of them? - MSA33

I know it up to 3.141592653589 - geekgirl23

20 You watch the History Channel

I watch the porn channel lmao. - AlphaQ

Not at all. - 3DG20

I also watch BBC, National Geographic and my Netflix is filled with World War II documentaries and my personal favourite Cosmos.

I am TOTALLY obsessed with the H2 channel! (The regular history channel is TREMENDOUSLY boring-nothing historic REGULARLY comes on! Only a bunch of useless reality shows. )

21 You like Harry Potter

How does liking Harry Potter make someone a nerd? - OnlyInDreams

I love Harry Potter and Hermione is me as a witch - geekgirl23

I hate this and what you are doing with this.

I couldn’t care less about it. - 3DG20

22 You know Klingon better than English

Nope. I know English better than the Language I was born with. - Blight

What the hell is Klingon

No actually

23 You bring a calculator with you everywhere you go

Calculators are of the most significant tools that a nerd should ALWAYS carry with them! They come most in handy when dealing with large numbers such as the speed of light or Planck time, other than that any nerd could just use their brains.

Damn... I guess I am a nerd. My calculator is my best friend though. I don't think I ever left it all alone. You know your a nerd if you value your calculator more than real people. - Robobrain

If the calculator on your phone counts, then I’m guilty... - 3DG20

I don't use a calculator but my brain!


24 You read books every day for fun.

I usually read them for info. Mostly political stuff. - DarkBoi-X

Not every day, but I do often read books for fun!

Me in a nutshell

That's me! - Synchronocity

25 You own a lightsaber and use it on a regular basis

I use my red lightsaber for prank people. - AlphaQ

I own one, but I don't use it on a regular basis. That reminds me, I should use it regularly! - Misfire

Yes, but not for nerdy reasons. I just use it to wack my brother in the behind when he gets annoying.

As a girl, this top is making me pissed, I'm actually a huge nerd

26 You love school more than anything

You must be joking. - Jasmine21064

No I hate school more than practically anything. - Soulstealer

NOPE - OnlyInDreams

Nooo. I hate school

27 You have been called by your internet user name by someone in real life

Someone once called me "QueenJazzy" (one of the user names I use) years ago in real life. It was so weird... - Jasmine21064

People actually do refer to me as saturatedsunrise. - saturatedsunrise

I swear, every just calls me Cyber nowadays, lol.

'Hello, imAnEggyEgg', said my sister today.

28 You know where to buy Alienware.

I do know where to by Alienware, whats the big deal guys! Nerds are humans not animals that people treat them like one. I'm not a nerd but I do know how a nerd feels if someone teases him by calling him a nerd. And some people are just so idiotic that they call smart people nerds.

I'm the smartest person in school, but not a nerd.

29 People who know you best call you 'Sheldon'.

Advanced Spelling test, highest grades, Math Olympiads and yet no one has ever bother to call me a name. I am also athletic and SUPER flexible. I'm pretty lucky.

My niece and a colleague affectionately refer to me thusly.

What if that's your first name? - Nateawesomeness

I'm the Sheldon of band. One of my best friends is the Sheldon of science. - PianoQueen

30 You are freakishly organized

I wish, my room is hella messy. - AlphaQ

I wish. - Jasmine21064

My desk and room aren't. My inbox, on the other hand/talon, is. - Cyri

Yes I'm a nerd, but if you saw my room...

31 You have an imaginary girlfriend.

Or boyfriend. - Jasmine21064

I'm straight. - Misfire

*Ahem* *Ahem* Imaginary Boyfriend everyone thinks I'm weird, but you don't right, Boyfriend-kun? - Fandom_Lover

From anime, of course. - ethanmeinster

32 You know what http:// stands for

Hairy Testicle Tomato Soda, did I get that right...? - AlphaQ

The acronym HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol - the technology used to communicate between web servers and web users.

And yes, I am a nerd. - PositronWildhawk

I know now... Thanks list. - 3DG20

Http stands for

It's the technology used to communicate between servers and users. For me, it's really important for the internet oto survive, it's part of it's ecosystem. - PizzaGuy

33 You can type 70 words per minute but can't read your own handwriting

The exact opposite for me. - Jasmine21064

Yes I have a writing disorder but I learned how to type fast

No, I write 20 words per minute. - saturatedsunrise

Yes. That is why I am awaiting a laptop from the learning support department

34 You hate football

I don't hate football, I just don't watch football games. And other sports games. - Jasmine21064

Football is good, American football is overrated and the weak version of rugby in my opinion. - AlphaQ

Nah, I like Football - DarkBoi-X

I love American Football. - Soulstealer

35 You decide not to get married

I am planning to get married when I'm older, but I'm going to try to get to a good college, and get a job with a high salary first. - ethanmeinster

I really not worrying about marriage for right now. - Arcxia

My brother doesn't have a girlfriend and he is 14. - funnyuser

I'm afraid to get married for now - Nateawesomeness

36 You like Star Wars

Adore it! - BorisRule

Love it! - Misfire

I love it - iliekpiez


37 You really hate arrogant people

I thought this applied to everyone. - 3DG20

I just call them pricks.

I'd prefer the term,"highly disagree".

Good - iliekpiez

38 You are a fan of Star Trek

Who isn't? I mean, Star Treck, also weird paul! Awesome! - KazutoKirigaya

No. - 3DG20

Yeah who isn't

I love trekf - iliekpiez

39 You have read a comic after the age of 25

Therefore, my parents are nerds, my friends parents are nerds, my grandparents are nerds, my cousins are nerds...

Isn't Dilbert an adult comic?

My parents aren't nerds,my mom is just regular,my dad loves spicy things,I'm friends with all troublemaking bad asses,my cousins are sporty,and my grandpa is intrested in engineering and drives a motorcycle,and my grandma is just pashionette - Nateawesomeness

40 Your best friends are the class genius and the counselor

Pfft, no. - Jasmine21064

What if I AM the class genius? - Cyri

BASICALLY, YES! (If I am not the genius, myself. -Just kidding, I am intelligent, but not a genius-others think otherwise. )

My best friend is a genius compared to me! He's like the coolest person in school though. To me at least. - Garythesnail

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41 You actually know the channel numbers better than the TV shows

This is just seriously weird. No doubt about it. - PositronWildhawk

Yes. I watch 64, 74, 36, and 7 a lot.

Yeah, so totally true!

Yep. Sounds like me. - PianoQueen

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42 You know more computer languages than human languages

HTML, Scratch and Ruby (partial)
Bulgarian, German and English - BorisRule

Batch, Python, HTML, CSS
English, Spanish (Partial)

43 You constantly say "wee-hee-hee-hee-hee"

What? I mean I say that in my head, but if I say that outloud... people will start to think I am crazy lol! - KazutoKirigaya

This is a sign that you're insane. - funnyuser

This one mad me laugh. Maybe I should say this unexpectedly! - Wolftail

This one is hilarious - lolingdog9000

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44 Your vocabulary is astonishingly infinite in value and size

I consider my vocabulary to be pretty large, but not that large... - 3DG20

I can actually produce dictionary-quality definitions of any word I know in under a second. - Kaboom

I regularly read Wikia and Wikipedia articles

45 After watching Weird Al Yankovic's White and Nerdy music video you try to make out the equation in the background

I do not necessarily watch THOSE specific shows, but I often find myself in a much similar state afterwards.

I did just that

46 You have a deep crush on Megan Fox

I'm straight, dude. - Jasmine21064

I mean... yeah, but at the same time... yeah - KazutoKirigaya

Hell no! - 3DG20

I know I'm not a nerd, cause I don't even need this stupid list to know, so there.

47 You like reading better than anything

It depends on what kind of reading. - 3DG20

No more than my research in theoretical physics and cosmology-and I LOVE reading!

I do research for fun and I have over 100 books and I've read them all

I love Reading NOVELS, not boring school textbooks.

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48 Nikola Tesla is your hero.

Yes... I want to be as smart as Tesla, and I know that Edison stole lots of Tesla's ideas. Tesla invented Alternating Current (the current we use today), but Edison gets ALL the credit. Tesla fans, unite to give Tesla the legacy he deserves.
Plus, I hugged a kid because he is a Tesla fan.

My hero is Halsey.

Of course. - Arcxia

49 You think Star Wars is cool

Who doesn't? am I right? - KazutoKirigaya

It is obviously - iliekpiez

Star Wars wasn't cool, it was awesome

Guys, if you don't think it's cool, you're not a human being.

50 You know the name of every Twenty One Pilots song

I barely even listen to Twenty One Pilots songs. - Jasmine21064

No, I only know a few. - 3DG20

I find this nerdy
I also use this as a reason to call my self a nerd disgrace as all I know are tear in my heart ride car radio and stressed out - ProPanda


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1. You don't laugh at this list
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