Top Ten Signs You're a Nerd

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1 You don't laugh at this list

Basically, the guy/gal who created this list is a nerd or a nerd's friend...right?

I laughed my head off when I read this list and I'm a nerd!

I don't have a really good sense of humour...

And I found I am not nerd. I believed so, it makes me sad.

2 When the people in P.E. go to the workout room; you would rather stay behind and read

I would rather stay behind at any age, but not read when I was little. I used to hate reading back then, despite liking some books, especially the Junie B. Jones series (but only when someone reads it to me, of course).

I'm the nerdiest in my group of friends and yet I'm also the sportiest considering I can keep up with all the jocks in my class who are total dummies. I like PE but my friends don't even try to participate really.

True! At PE, all I see is ladybugs being kicked, puppies ultimately distracting my team, and kids being spoiled with protection. And the brainless kids in my class still love it...

Workouts are dangerous! Who knows, you could slip on the very carefully placed blue mats and rupture your tibia, thus increasing your chances of internal bleeding!

3 You remember your favourite song in binary code or by its run time

I memorized the URL for Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" to avoid being rick rolled.

The running time of We Will Rock You by Queen is 2 mins and 2 secs and the running time of Bohemian Rhapsody is 5 mins and 55 secs.

When I was six, I remembered a lot of songs by their run time.

Sometimes I guess, but that's mainly my queen - obsessed dad

4 You refer to eating and drinking as uploading

Nerds don't do this. Maybe sleeping as charging but that's about it

Charging? That's what I call sleeping.

Yes I like to download while doing stuff

And downloading? Maybe pooping.

5 You know more people online than in person

Well, I know more people in real life, but my amount of friends is pretty much the same: barely any people want to associate themselves with me.

Yep, this is me, I have more friends online than in real life. I just do not follow trends like many of the other people do.

Never seen a more obvious number one in my life. Knowing most people online defines the "nerd"!

Preps at my school know most people through internet. So they are nerds? That can't be right.

6 You own over 1000 video games

My Best Nerd Friend Liam, owns over 9, 000 video games in his house, and he likes to play every video game. He never leaves the house. All he does is play video games and never leave the house. That's why Liam is such a Nerd.

It's not the amount of games you own, it depends how obsessive you are. I love video games, but I'm not a nerd. But again, being a nerd isn't a bad thing, just something I'm not.

I don't have 1,000. But I do have a lot. Hey, some girls in my school DIG nerds! I'll have you know one called me cute!

Any guys that play video games are instantly more attractive than guys that don't.

7 You know more IP addresses than phone numbers

I gosh. I play Minecraft way too much.

NaH, I'm the complete opposite.

Yes rob lox and Minecraft

Haha... Hang on, that's me.
Minecraft server IPs... I CAN FEEL YOUR EYES JUDGING ME!
No, I'm not some 10 yr old :D

8 You hack into your friends computers to remind them of how bad their passwords suck

Duh! IT's important that people don't keep their passwords lying around in a piece of paper!

I should do this! My friends in real life have easy passwords like basketball123.

Most of my friends passwords are like kitty36 and password. It's so obvious!

Well you had to hack to get through the password

9 You can sing Tom Lehrer's element song

There's Antimony, Arsenic, Aluminum, Selenium,
And Hydrogen and Oxygen and Nitrogen and Rhenium,
And Nickel, Neodymium, Neptunium, Germanium,
And Iron, Americium, Ruthenium, Uranium,
Europium, Zirconium, Lutetium, Vanadium,
And Lanthanum and Osmium and Astatine and Radium,
And Gold and Protactinium and Indium and Gallium,
And Iodine and Thorium and Thulium and Thallium.

There's Yttrium, Ytterbium, Actinium, Rubidium,
And Boron, Gadolinium, Niobium, Iridium,
And Strontium and Silicon and Silver and Samarium, and Bismuth, Bromine, Lithium, Beryllium, and Barium

There's Holmium and Helium and Hafnium and Erbium, and Phosphorus and Francium and Fluorine and Terbium,
And Manganese and Mercury, Molybdenum, Magnesium,
Dysprosium and Scandium and Cerium and Cesium, and Lead, Praseodymium and Platinum, Plutonium,
Palladium, Promethium, Potassium, Polonium, and
Tantalum, Technetium, Titanium, Tellurium, and
Cadmium and Calcium and Chromium ...more

The ASAPscience one is superior in every way, in my opinion.

Except Sheldon didn't sing the ASAPscience song while drunk. So there's that.

I haven't learn it because I'm in 5th grade

I love the Asap Science element song

10 You can't get by without naming one Pokemon each day

Just one? I have ongoing conversations with one of my classmates about PKM for as long as we can. We're in different friend groups sadly and none of my friends know much about PKM heck my bestie hates it.

But I'm not a nerd, I'm a connoisseur! Actually, I'm both.

Lol I can't I got Houdini I got char char I got magnido all of them has a name

I guess I'm a nerd then... No shock here...

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11 You never get out of the house

I don't know why but I am the complete opposite, I am always out of my house, when I was younger my mom always complained about me coming home late like at 9pm (that's not that late though) but no shes back in Egypt and my parents are divorced and I stay with friends so yeah I don't know if that counts or no or yes or no or yes or no

This is me but I'd old also say I'm not fond of people I would rather just be alone.

I'm pretty sure at this point you would be more of an introvert than a nerd.

This is not true. I'm a nerd, but I love being outside more than inside...

12 Read the dictionary because you want to.

Sometimes I do this because I want to learn interesting, new words that might be funny and comical. And I thought no one did this, but apparently, it is a thing. I sometimes do want to read the dictionary.

I love words, what's wrong with this? I should try that sometime, I'll improve my vocabulary skills even more!

All my friends thought I was insane for WANTING to a read a dictionary for no reason

Learn word so when they ask you the definition you will already know

13 You try to levitate out of bed using the Force

Totally, man! My thoughts exactly. I would totally want to levitate all Phoebe Halliwell style out of bed by using the Force but it didn't work out.

I imagine I have Spiderman's web shooter so I keep trying to shoot the web so it can help me get up from my bed. #Nerds Rule

I've actually tried that and multiple other things I've tried lift I mean who doesn't

I tried to get my English teacher's First Lines mug using the Force... I'm still trying!

14 When seeing a popular girl; you ask her what elements are in hair shampoo

I'd ask Camilla this, and at the end I'd say, because it's making you ugly.

Miss I like your hair, did you put some Hydrogen and Carbon to it?

Whenever I see a popular girl I ask them for their digits.

I don't like this not only boys are nerds

15 You are obsessed in other peoples grades

Yeah. I’m top of my class and it just kind of makes me feel better about myself when I see that a quarter of the grade is failing and my lowest grade is a 96.8. I have a problem

I'm probably the smartest girl in my class, but that isn't good enough for me.

I'm not competitive, I just have to know where they're at or I go crazy.

I do that all the time. But not for competition I just NEED to know.

Well, it does interest me when I hear that my classmates fail!

16 Collect figures

Oh my god I'm a nerd

17 You celebrate geeky holidays like pi Day (March 14), Star Wars Day (May 4th), etc.

Yesterday was National star wars day I am a total star wars nerd! By the way I took some college lessons on microbiology when I was in second grade and am in the #1 USA education program known as the "STATE OF Texas GIFTED AND TALENTED PROGRAM" which we know as Expo as in EXpotential POtential. And I am going to be in this year's STEM academies as in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.

I know of them but really I barely celebrate my b-day in fact my friends have to keep track of it for me cause I usually forget it... Nerds don't remember/know everything.

I would only celebrate PI day for one reason: Pie. I'm awful at math and I hate, no reason to celebrate it. As for Star Wars, much as I like it I don't celebrate may the 4th

There's also an international chocolate day. Give you and your video game characters to celebrate or read a book about chocolate.

18 You know pi to more than 10 places

Am I the only person who had a poster with the first 50 digits of pi in his 4th grade math class and unironically memorized all of them?

Most calculators don't even know that!

I used to know about 1,000 digits...but I forgot.

I taught the last 10 digits of this sequence to a math teacher at my school.

19 If someone asks you what the answer to EVERYTHING is, you immediately respond with '42'.

It's the meaning of life! On Vine, when that kid says that 10+9= 21, we all thought that he was stupid. but he wasn't. There was a higher meaning. 21 is half of 42...

You've just reminded me that I'm getting nerdier and nerdier

Yes that's like the number of life

The answer to life is enjoy

20 You watch The Big Bang Theory because it's touching, not because it's funny

I am a nerd. Most people on this lists aren't real nerds. The Big Bang Theory is deemed unwatchable in every sense by myself and all of my different nerd friends.

No kidding! I can totally relate to Sheldon (he is a theoretical physicist, I am a "theoretical physicist in training" as I enjoy saying.

It's just so relatable. I'm like Leonard because I always try so hard to impress my parents but they never just UNDERSTAND!

It's nice to see a popular television show which tackles issues that I face in my day-to-day life. It's refreshing.

21 You know Klingon better than English

Nope. I know English better than the Language I was born with.

What the hell is Klingon

22 You like Harry Potter

How is this nerdy? My mom is the one that got me into this but she isn't a nerd at all.

How does liking Harry Potter make someone a nerd?

I love Harry Potter and Hermione is me as a witch

I hate this and what you are doing with this.

23 You read books every day for fun.

I love reading. My favorite book series is Percy Jackson, which got me obsessed with mythology( which I did love before I read the books but I got more obsessed) and that lead to astronomy and word orgins and a lot of other things

Harry potter, hunger games, maze runner, divergent, percy jackson, red pyramid, mortal instruments, vampire diaries, I could go on all day! #I love books.

Ya! #Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runners, and Harry Potter! (Don't you even bring up Percy Jackson, because it's a total ripoff of HP.)

I usually read them for info. Mostly political stuff.

24 You love school more than anything

I hate how people think all smart people are school-loving nerds. I'm really smart, but I HATE school.

No I hate school more than practically anything.

I love school and the uniform!

I hate school! And I am a nerd.

25 You bring a calculator with you everywhere you go

Calculators are of the most significant tools that a nerd should ALWAYS carry with them! They come most in handy when dealing with large numbers such as the speed of light or Planck time, other than that any nerd could just use their brains.

Damn... I guess I am a nerd. My calculator is my best friend though. I don't think I ever left it all alone. You know your a nerd if you value your calculator more than real people.

I use it constantly. For my math homework. (I know how to do it though. It's just too easy which makes it boring.)

Exactly. In case you get mugged, you can tell the mugger that the calculator is a phone and you will dial 911 to call the police. When he snatches it from you and runs, take out your REAL phone and call the cops. Genius ^^.

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