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41 Donuts Falling On a Screen: Gif Edition

So the whole first movie was a picture of falling donuts. I'd ask for my money back. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Wow. And everyone starts clapping at the end. - birdechosplash

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42 Billy's Adventures In Fire Hydrant Land
43 Baking Bread
44 Titanic II

It's sad that they actually made this one.

45 Twilight 6
46 Birdemic and the Room Crossover
47 The Stalker

He just stares at the screen for 3 hours - Danguy10

48 Grass Growing

A movie about grass growing (get it). The movie will be 7 hours long and there will be cameos of celebrities feet walking on the grass.

49 The Secret Life of Socks

The movie is about a life of a sock. That's it.

50 The Growing Beard 3-d

Yes! Someone has to make a movie like this. - birdechosplash

51 Random People Swearing In 3-d
52 That One Guy That Can't Stop Talking
53 Phones the Musical
54 Two People Kissing for Twelve Hours
55 SpongeBob Movie 3
56 Staring at the Sun
57 Paris Berelc: Secret Agent

Paris Berelc led a normal life as an actress and model, until a mysterious man in black told her she had totally legit superpowers. She could do every thing the characters she played in movies and T.V. shows could do, but at a cost. She would become randomly turn into the actual characters and have to take down a bad guy named "Todd the King" bent on destroying Alternative music and pugs. She would have to shut down his evil satellite designed to turn Fountains of Wayne into tween pop and a bunch of mad badgers kidnapping pugs all across the world. Sounds pretty good, huh?

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58 Jake Short: The Musical

I made a song for it! Here is goes: He's ugly, and dumb, and probably doesn't have a thumb! Doesn't deserve to be with Sierra or Paris! He said he wanted Pillow Pets to die on Twitter, 'cause he's bitter. When I see him, I get a little shiver! He's Jake Short, nobody likes him, he has a dog, and everyone farts on him!

59 Unicernz! the Movie
60 Onions
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