Top 10 Best Singers or Music Artists in Delhi/NCR India of 2016


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1 Smoothest Aashu Smoothest Aashu Aasheesh Sen born on 25 January 1998 in New Delhi, India . Better known by his stage name The Smoothest Aashu or Smoothest Aashu is an Indian Singer, Rapper, songwriter and record producer from India . more.

Smoothest Aashu is the best singer in the world.

Smoothest Aashu is here...

Smoothest Aashu (born 25 January, 1998) Birth name is Aasheesh Sen is an Indian Playback Singer.

He is best known for his popular cover version of " Main Hoon Hero Tera " titled
" Kya? Main Hoon Hero", as well as hit tracks such as " Teri Jawani by Smoothest Aashu. It is a partial adaptation of the song," Get Up Jawani" is a song by the Indian recording artist Yo Yo Honey Singh. - ashish10

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2 Palash Sen Palash Sen

Palash Sen is an Indian singer, songwriter, musician, composer and actor best known as the founder and frontman of India's pop band Euphoria. - ashish10

3 JSL Singh JSL Singh

Jaspal Singh, professionally known as JSL Singh, is an Indian music director and singer from New Delhi, India. - ashish10


4 Raghav Sachar Raghav Sachar

Raghav Sachar (born 24 July 1981 in India) is an Indian singer, composer, Music Director and a Multi-Instrumentalist. - ashish10

5 Sachin Gupta Sachin Gupta

Sachin Gupta (born 12 August 1984 in New Delhi) is an Indian music director, composer, guitarist, record producer and a Singer. - ashish10

6 Aditya Jassi Aditya Jassi

Aditya Jassi (born 21 March 1982, New Delhi, India) is an Indian singer-songwriter, composer, record producer and musician. He has signed for a multi-album deal with Universal Music.
Jassi auditioned for FAME-X, and made it to the top ten of this reality show contest aired on Sony and SAB T.V.. - ashish10

7 Meena Rana Meena Rana

Mina Rana ( Devanagari : मीना राणा) She can be heard on many Garhwali and Kumaoni music albums. She is considered to be one of the best female singer even said to be the Lata Mangeshkar of Uttarakhand - ashish10

8 Devika Chawla Devika Chawla

Devika started vocal music training in New Delhi, India when she was eight years old. She continued her training and advanced to Ragas and Hindustani Classical Music, learning under the supervision of several great teachers. - ashish10

9 Borkung Hrangkhawla Borkung Hrangkhawla

Borkung Hrangkhawla (born 7 October 1987), also known by his stage name BK, is an Indian rapper, songwriter and singer. - ashish10

10 Adarsh Rathour Adarsh Rathour

Aadarsh Rathore (Adarsh Rathore) in Hindi आदर्श राठौर, (born 12 June 1988) is an Indian journalist, musician and folk singer. - ashish10

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