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Amy Lynn Hartzler, known professionally as Amy Lee, is an American singer-songwriter, classically trained pianist and composer. She is also the lead singer to the Arkansas band Evanescence.


I seriously can't believe that Amy's not even in the top 10. Even the top 20 would be ok. But she beats everyone on this list. She has an incredible vocal range and her voice is just beautiful. There are so many people beating her on this list that can't sing at all, and that pisses me off. Seriously people, you need to get your heads on straight, and listen to real singers. Amy Lee beats everyone on here. I'm serious.

Boi why the hell is she below Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift has a limited vocal range and her voice is too soft, innocent, and weak. Taylor Swift is fake as hell too. No wonder why Amy doesn't like popstars that much. I swear Amy Lee is so underrated, she's the outcast in music, being shadowed by most of the singers who have barely any talent. Amy Lee has been doing her thing since 19--95, I wasn't even born until 6 years later! I found out of Amy Lee in 2016 and I was 14 going on 15 at that time. I wish I found out of her sooner. Amy is my inspiration along with Demi Lovato if I become famous, I sing both of their songs all the time and they are both equally talent and equally beautiful to me. - KianaLexi

Fantastic singer and someone who truly has a unique voice; very deep, raw and emotive. There is no mistaking Amy Lee's great vocal for anyone else's. She should definitely be higher on this list! - VocalMimzy

One of the most unique singing voices ever. She sounds beautiful and enchanting whenever she opens her mouth. She hits you with the perfect amount of emotion. Please move her to the top ten. I am surprised Adele is as high as she is because she's awesome, we need Amy Lee to get just as high please. She is definitely not worse than Katy Perry and Mariah Carey. Up she goes! - DCfnaf

Number 41?! You aren't serious! I'm not saying she's the best ever or anything... Most of the top ten deserve their places. But my personal opinion is that Amy Lee and Madonna need to switch places on this list. Madonna is good at other stuff, but she CANNOT sing! Amy Lee has a better range by far, and she doesn't lip sync her live performances.

One of the most pure voices I've ever heard. Her voice connects with me in such emotion and makes her OWN songs with real stories that thousands can relate to. A real musician and should deserve to be higher than Katy Perry and Rihanna who are mainstream singers with no musical talent that will be forgotten in ten years time.

I think she's the greatest singer I've ever heard, not only she writes her own song but composes music herself, at the same time she can play different kinds of instruments. This is real talent! Last but not the least her voice is a feast to the ears!

I love Elvis, his voice is like silk... BUT, Amy Lee has the a voice that crushes everything else. I don't understand why she's not at LEAST number 10! She has an amazing range, she can hit EPIC high notes, and awesome low notes! GO AMY!

Very underrated singer. She sings so well live, which most artists can't properly manage. There's just something special about her voice when she sings live. Her voice can give you chills (good kind) when she hits certain notes.

Amy Lee is an amazing rock/alternative singer. Her vocal range is really nice and controlled. She can be subtle yet powerful.

Amy Lee should at least be in the top 10. She's discredited due to genre popularity and target audience, but she is without a doubt in the top 10 in my mind.

Amy sings with so much emotion and never tries to be fake. She has a amazing vocal range, and she can hit both high and low notes live and make it seem effortless. For example, the high note she sings in the bridge of Weight Of The World and Whisper sound amazing live. She has a very strong voice.

Amy Lee has the greatest female voice I've ever heard! She's better than Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or even Katy Perry, seriously people! You don't know what music is if you don't like her music. Just listen to "My Immortal" and you'll fall in love with her impressive voice. Amy should be at least in top 10...

I've seen Evanescence perform live 4 times now and each time Amy's voice amazes me! I never thought she could get better but she certainly does! She is one of those vocalists that can sound so powerful yet to fragile at the same time. Definitely a unique voice!

Listening to her voice easily makes you relax. Her voice is described as being heavenly because of the unique range she sings in. No, she's not THE best, but she certainly has skill in singing. Not only that, but she's a wonderful personality. Amy Lee should be much higher up.

The best singer in the whole world as of now. her voice blends with the music. I love her voice.

She is a female singer different from anyone else. Amy has very beautiful face. Amy Lee is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Her voice is awesome. I love her, I love her voice, I love everything about Amy.

Amy Lee has such an amazing voice! Sweet and clear but powerful and strong all at the same time. I love her tone and the thickness of her voice! How can she lose to Madonna and Rihanna? And Eminem? He's not even a singer he's a rapper..

She's such a great person, with such an awesome voice.
So powerful, but she doesn't need to scream it out. Haunting.

Amy Lee might not be the best singer but definitely the best in her genre. Hayley Williams and Cristina Scabbia are also excellent female rock singer but Amy Lee is the best of the best.

Without being compared to anyone! She is the best, Great and powerful voice, has the best band, the give you the most beautiful music

One of the best female singers ever she is the face of evanescence I think she's underrated but she is the best in my opinion...

She basically developed a totally new and untapped genre of music. Listen to anything she has written apart from Fallen, it is unique and genius.

She is one of the best singers on the planet, she deserves a high spot in any list of greatness. I have loved and respected everything about her. I'm sorry, but the greats are great but Amy is better.

Of all singers I have seen she is by far the best in accordance to true musical values just a gorgeous singer with incredibly wonderful music

It's a real shame that half the people in Macedonia and Croatia (that know about this site, of course) would rather vote for Toshe than Amy. - BlahBlahBlahBlah