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Billie Joe Armstrong is an American musician, singer, songwriter and actor who is best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day, which he co-founded with Mike Dirnt.


Why is this amazing man not in the top ten? His voice is so beautiful; I cried when I heard "Wake Me Up When September Ends" for the first time. Come on guys, number 48? Really?

Green Day is unlike ay other band I have ever listened to. They have truth and meaning in their songs; real emotions unlike some of today's new, naive singers. Sure, they've been around for a while, but they've also grown and improved. For example, American Idiot was at one point #1 on the charts, as was Dookie. These guys are so amazing... I can't even explain it. They helped me believe in myself again when times were hard, and I will never forget that. Without them, I would still be depressed and harming myself.

Please guys, give Green Day a chance. Rappers and Pop singers have had their fun, how about Punk Rock?

This man saved my life. He and Green Day is the best thing that ever happened to me. From the day I started listened to Green Day, I could actually see my life changing, bit after bit. I got happier and happier, Billie Joe inspired me to start playing guitar, and to start focusing more on the music. It is absolutely amazing how many people's hearts Billie Joe and Green Day has touched. They've saved so many lives, and inspired so many people.

What?! Number 44?! You've gotta be kidding' me!

Billie Joe Armstrong has an AMAZING VOICE! - CrossTheWater

How can BJ so down the list and MJ at first spot? I always feel that any important person is singing when I hear the voice of MJ! Have you ever heard the voice of Billie Joe? Just go to listen his voice in "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", "Wake Me Up when September Ends", "Deadbeat Holiday", "Macy's Day Parade" and "Know Your Enemy"...
Come on people, just vote for BJA...

Billie Joe Armstrong is the best singer in the world. He is very cute and handsome. He sings very good. he entertains the people very well. My favorite song which is his favorite song too Jesus Of Suburbia. I want to meet him, I want him to come to India. I want him to become the best singer in the whole universe.

This man can not only song well. He can put out a hell of a performance for 3 hours without taking a break and would probably play til 3 AM if they'd let him. He is a huge punk despite what you punks out there think. He has balls to do ANYTHING. That is punk. Not just belting out a high pre-amp, gainy, distorted, loud, power chord song your whole career. He has the punk SPIRIT. Phenomenal music composition, lyrics are great and many make you wonder and are actually written by him unlike some artists above. I can relate to him and I am sure many others can as well.

Hey don't believe he's on the 39th no. Come on people he deserves the no. 1 position on this god damn list... He's the best singer of all time... This list is just waste if he's on the no. 39th... Hey he is the best and deserves the best... You know billie and the rest band has contributed a lot in the music world.. This is ass... HE's the best among all... I support you Billie.. You are the best.. Green day rocks..!

His voice can go from pop to punk and everything in between what more could you ask for. His voice is especially beautiful in Wake Me Up When September ends. He is the best singer live it really doesn't mean a lot when most of the new singers use the auto tune and all that junk, Billie just uses his voice that's why I love him. AND THAT'S WHY Green Day'S MUSIC SOUNDS SO DARN GOOD!

Billie Joe Armstrong is AMAZING! He should be the second... Michael is the king..

He is way too awesome to be in this place! He should be in the top ten! I mean go hear his voice it's so deep and then all of a sudden BOOM you get a high note! He doesn't force his voice you can tell. He never really changes, I mean you could hear the song "Sweet Children" and then hear "Stray Heart" and it would still sound the same. AND HE LOOKS 20 AND HE REALLY IS 40! Can you believe that?!?! - Sab17

Do the the, basket case, holiday, brutal love, Jesus of suberbia, all the time, best thing in town, she. How can you not love this guys voice. He may not always have the best pitch but his voice is amazingly unique and he should at least be top 20.

by the way he's by far the best songwriter by far no contest

not at all
#41 what a heck?

he is surely the best singer that is existing in today's world
without any doubt

got to be in top 10.
billie joe is the singer no one can match.
some very poor singers are placed above him in this list

It's not just the vocal rang that counts for me. It's the heart and the lyrics the artists chooses and the fact that Billie Joe wrote those lyrics he sings so confidently makes me honestly believe he should really be much higher up on this list. Definitely higher than M. J, that's for sure.

He's been around since the 90's and ever since has been making amazing songs. He has a beautiful voice an great songwriting skills. He even plays an amazing guitar while singing. There is always an energetic feeling in all that he sing, no matter what. - charger100

Billie has such an honest and pure voice. He doesn't need auto tune or any studio voice corrections. He also has a relatively large range. He can sing any genre, obviously, because Green Day has gone from punk rock to pop rock and punk pop. He deserves to be in a higher place.

Billies Voice is so unique! Of course he is the best! Not only is he the best singer, but his band is known world wide. If you say Green Day, people automatically know who you're talking about. Him, along with his band, is one of the most top seeking artists/bands in history! He's worked VERYVERY HARD and his payed his dues to get to where he is today. He deserves to be #1! Yes, I'm a Green Day fan. And I hope the haters remember the fact that they sill know whobhe is Ben though they hate him. Other bands thatdont have the talent Billie has in his fingernail are barely known. Billie is obviously The best singer!

People should vote more for him. He has an amazing voice, and through all of his albums that he has produced, you can see how he has changed over the years. It's not just singing about girls anymore, it's about everything. And he has done just so much. So please people, vote for him.

Billie's voice is so amazing. It can go from quite aggressive (Take Back, Platypus, Let Yourself Go) to truly beautiful (21 Guns, Before The Lobotomy, Brutal Love, Good Riddance). He can sing almost any style of song (if you want proof, listen to Green Day's music and then listen to the album 'foreverly' by Billie Joe and Norah Jones) and his voice is just so unique. Nobody can sing like him. His voice is just so calming and he's so talented. His voice is getting better with age, too.

His voice is just impossible to replicate. Unlike Tom delonge, his voice is great. Chester Bennington, Bruce Dickinson, Kurt Cobain, Ozzy Osbourne, Matt Bellamy, Brendan Urie, and of course, Freddie Mercury's voices are just unbelievable

His singing has evolved over the years to suit the type of music Green Day is performing, constantly adapting to the style of music Green Day change to. That's what earns him my vote.

Green Day has been making great music their entire career. Better music then Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars have ever made. Lady Gaga will never make an album as good as Dookie or American Idiot.

His voice is unique, he shows the carelessness in his voice. He's fun. He's real and honest. He's what society should be. Laugh as often as possible. I mean, he's 43 and looks like he's 20, so laughter must be the fountain of youth.

Billie Should be the best in fact he is the best, why is he not in first place. This is stupid he's not in first. We all Know he's the best. Not only his vocals his guitar playing too.

Billie's voice has changed a lot over the years, but it's as awesome as it was in the 90's

He doesn't belong in this place he has the most amazing voice I had ever heard in my whole entire life he deserves place #1 because he has the voice of an angel and I fell in love just by hearing him sing.