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Britney Jean Spears is an American singer and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana. She performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows like "The Mickey Mouse Club" as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997 and going on to become a pop superstar more.


BRITNEY SPEARS TRULY IS THE GREATEST SINGER EVER. I FEEL BRIT deserves number 1. Spot. 7 albums in 13 years that's some going. Sold 76 million albums. Fantastic

Britney Spears should be in the top 20. You know why?
She is a incredibly iconic singer. Her songs are so perfect. Although, sometimes, she may be a little bit sexual, her songs are what really matter. Kids now days don't know who she is and it makes me sad. She is way better than people like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Christina Aguilera. She's had lots of #1 hits. She has some of the best songs of the 2000's. Remember her song, Toxic? Nobody knows what that is. Then when they listen to it, they always say it's the best song ever. Remember in 2003-2004 when everyone knew her name? Now her songs usually aren't even in the top 10. Thanks a lot.

Her first album has sold 28 million copies world wide and became diamond in USA. Her second album has sold 24 million copies word wide and became diamond in USA as well. The other two albums and her greatest hits collection have sold over 35 million copies world wide. If this is not a success then I don't know what is - apo

She should not be on this list. After she did drugs she sounded like a troll with 90% auto tuning. You know who SHOULD be on this list who isn't?! I've got 3 words for you: MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN!. tool is only the greatest and most original grunge band of all time. the song ticks and leeches has some of the best vocals EVER!... Yeah. Justin Bieber is totally better than that. right.

she should be the best singer of all time because 7 albums in 13 years is so good, she is the youngest artist to have a huge success, she deserves to win and pass by, Freddy mercury, Madonna and maybe micheal jackson.

Her new album is out today Femme Fatale and I'm very happy.

Best darn singer ever! I love her songs, they are so catchy and her music videos are awesome! She is the queen of pop, I don't care what everyone else thinks she's the best singer ever! She was the reason we have all these new artists ( although their not even half as good as she is) to even exist, plus she has an awesome voice and is a great dancer!

She is the living legend of this era. You can't deny that she is the one of the most powerful woman that this world ever had. She has a much more fan around the world and they're support her 'till the world ends! Many of her songs are hit songs such as... Baby One More time, Oops! I Did It Again, I'm A Slave 4 U, Toxic, Gimme More, Womanizer, 3, Till The World Ends and more... Or you deny that you never hear those songs? OK! In my opinion SHE IS THE BEST SINGER OF ALL TIME!

Britney is a very brilliant vocal actress. She can tweak and distort her voice in any way she wants and that makes her a truly prevalent singer who can sing any type of music. Her career is so huge and she has done so many iconic things no matter what people say...

Divas of Bitch
The One of All Sexiest Diva Than Beyonce and GaGa
Besties of Diva of Quality
Anyone who's know Britney Spears
Goodest Diva
Femme Fatale 2013 World Tour is on DVD
Very Good Divas
Icenity Girl
1999- 2013 Best Diva
Identity Criminal
Laugh out loud IT AGAINST ME

The greatest musician in history. Beethoven, Mozart and anyone else pales in comparison to the level of music Britney has put out over the years. Most distinct voice, the best hooks and the greatest live performances. Nobody can match her!

Those of those people who are voting for old boring people, should open there eyes young people are cool and fresh. Just to say Britney is cool unlike all the rest of the people on this list.

Britney Spears is by far one of the most talented pop singer out there. She is the one who inspired all the wannabe-legend of today. She managed, against all odds, to survive and vanquish her problems to come back stronger and better. She definitively is one of the best.

She has one of the most unique and amazing voices around. Although she may not have the most powerful voice, she makes up for it with her subtle nuanced voice that can bring people to tears.

She is so amazing! Her album sales are incredible, not even mentioning her radiant beauty. For being so young, it is an amazing accomplishment to be so successful.

Her voice is so unique. She should definitely be in the 100. Britney deserves to be number 1. Unfortunately this list is wrong. If it was right she would be no1. Go her.

shes going through a lot of things right now and people can say all they want about her because she will always be an incredible singer!!! i love her!!!

Shes one heck of a singer. Seriously! She should at least be in the top 20! Her songs are great. Circus is an example of her true talent.

She is amazing, she deserves to be the best female singer of all times, she has 6 number one albums and she already sold over 100 million albums so far

I really love Britney spears... Even before, britney spears still the #1 on me... Although she don't have that big voice, but she can control the stage... She is the next legend... Watch out

Britney is a legend. She's the queen of pop music and has been for the last 16 years. Her songs are so catchy and amazing and she's an awesome performer. Her popularity just keeps increasing. I love her.

Her unique voice can make you feel every single word she sings, her voice is really touchy, great entertainer too!

Well, I know a lot of people say she can't really sing. She just uses autotune and stuff like that. But if you listen to her live, she is actually very talented.

Britney is not the best live singer, I know that, but she CAN sing live, her voice IS amazing and she is one of the greatest pop icon's ever.

Britney is the most amazing singer. She is brilliant, her voice is enctedible. She sold 105 millions copies of her albums. She has 7 wonderful albums! She has Grammy. And she is just beautiful girl. She is still on the top after 13 years work!

I think Britney spears is the best! She's beautiful plus she is REALLY kind! And she's made a lot of songs. I have NO idea how she came this low on the list, I mean seriously HOW!