Celine Dion

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Céline Marie Claudette Dion is a Canadian singer and businesswoman. She is best known for her song "My Heart Will Go On", which is the main theme of the 1997 film Titanic, which was the first film to gross $1 billion at the box office.


She must be in top 1 cause she is really amazing... I love her so much...
And she had the most beautiful and unique voice ever...
She's really a great superstar for me.
I really admired her cause what you really want to find and what you really want to hear in a one voice. You can really find it to her. She's a one of kind singer I really wanted to describe. She's really easily be identified but hard to find. Her voice is super amazing and awesome. Sometimes their's a song I don't really like but when she sing it... It becomes beautiful in my ear. All her songs captivated in my heart and lifting my soul. Sometimes when I hear her French song maybe I can't understand but I just love to hear it when I played her music.

Celine Dion must be on the top spot. For me she is the best and the greatest singer because all of us know that she is the greatest female singer of all time because in just a decade, she can earn more than a hundred million. She must also be on the top spot because she has a great and high voice. She has a five octave voice and has a belted note ranging from lower C5 to higher C6. She has also a vocal range of Head Register fom G5 to Eb6 or E6. If you are watching concert of Celine, you will be surprised that she is singing her songs consecutively without any break for a long time. She is truly a legend! She must be #1!

Celine is sure to go on and be remembered as one of the - if not the one and only - greatest singing divas of all time. However, a person only really stakes his or her claim in fame after he or she dies. Look at Freddie Mercury, Lennon, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Sinatra, Marley, Dylan, and, of course, Whitney Houston. After her career is over and she is replaced by other upstarts, people will look back and realise that she - with her range, power, stability, beautiful lyrics, and vocal accrobatics akin to Houston's - was one of the utmost top-notch singers this world has ever seen.

Celine has the most unique (distinctive) singing voice. She can sing in different languages and her vocal range is amazing. But the thing I like most about Celine's singing is how effective her tone is. The song's content she can deliver to perfection by her voice. To see or rather hear what I'm talking about listen to My Heart Will Go On, Power of Love, If Walls Could Talk, Because You Loved Me

Celine Dion, the Best-Selling female artist in the World, is the greatest singer, to me! She has an inevitable ability to sing amongst legends before her time. She is capable of singing with any other artists and she gives you more than your own money�s worth. She�s devoted to many foundations and support many positive events. She unlike no other. I adore her as my all-time favourite. She has goals and she accomplishes every single desire! I see here doing well all the way! She�s come this far by faith, and she keeps pressing onward! A mother and family-oriented,... a lady of many standards; Celine Dion is simply blessed and highly favoured! Love her! - SignatureRuby

Simply the greatest voice in the world!
She can do anything with her voice, she is amazing and unquestionably the greatest voice out there.
i love her voice
i drink her voice
i sleep her voice
i eat her voice
i live with her voice

Celine is the best... She sells out stadiums in every country she steps foor in. She is the best selling female artist of all time. Se sings perfectly live and makes you feel the song, not to mention she is one f the few humble artist there is, she spends hours after concerts singing the last autograph for her devoted fans, even oprah is a HUGE fan, and that's something big, SHE DESERVES #1... She is the best DIVA yet se does not act like one, that's something incredible... Soon shell be back on top once Titanic rereleases in 3D... Ant wait! Go CELINE Je t'aime!

If you ask me, this woman deserves to be number one. Her vocal range is amazing, the way she can control her voice is phenomenal, and she is AWESOME live! Anybady who says she can't sing, is screwed up in the head!

It's a great pleasure to be a part of this kind of sensational votation. I was so impress by her performances through the raising of her career, and let me share my gracefully and heartily thank you for your contribution to our singing industry and raising up and giving courage to those who want to be like you with overwhelming voice and supernatural sensation of your generation..

I have never tired from listening to her voice I find it uplifting. Like her very much, she inspires other people with her life story and her dedication to work... Her voice is very beautiful, I never get tired of listening to it everyday! She makes you move in every song she sings

CELINE absolutely must in the top 1 for her INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL VOICE. No one seems able to beat her voice. She has been the best singer performer while dancing... She has the greatest voice ever. The living legend among singers. GO POWER TO CELINE DION.

The greatest singer of ALL time.
And she still has the greatest voice. Mariah and Whitney WERE good, Whitney has lost her voice and Mariah just wants to shake her butt now. Celine is loyal to her fans and has a big heart. The woman is awesome.

Sorry but Celine with that nasal tone doesn't come close to Whitney who didn't need pre-recorded tracks and playback to sing amazing in live! - martin1

She is the greatest inspiration to any generations, the gone and the forthcoming ones. She's the best singer ever regardless of many achievements she won in the music industries around the world...
She also is the most popular singer even my 16 months old niece copies celine' power of love song...
You are my best Celine... Still the best and forever will be the best. Who are those people at top 10 except MJ?
Lousy judgement can ruin you...

No one can argue, Celine Dion has been voted the best performer of all time. She is also the best selling female artist ever, had a sellout year long world tour grossing 3rd out of any other performer in the world. Her Vegas shows have been voted the best since the likes of Elvis and Frank Sinatra.

I love celine dion 2 me she is the best and always will b. Her voice is so clear and much more meaning full. My heart will go on is perfect for titanic and no one could have done better. LONG LIVE CELINE DION! I am a big fan and hope to see her in concert.

! Mariah and Whitney are suckers! How can they reach so top?

I must say that some people don't even understand the singing. CELINE have captured everyone's heart and is a good peron (at least she does not eat drugs!, Like Mariah)

Celine have a great hold on her voice and damn!, her songs are awesome! Hel oh! guys don't you know CELINE DION SINGS PERFECTLY IN FIVE LANGUAGES!

She should be at least at the top 5. Maybe she does not write her own material, but her voice is with no doubt one of the most distinctive and beautiful voices on Earth. No one can sing like her, no one can sell records the way she does, no one can own the stage the way she does. She's the one and only Miss Celine Dion.

Celine should for sure be number one! Or at least number two I mean come on... Shes MUCH better than Madonna! And Bill Kaulitz, what guys.. Come on! KEEP THE VOTES COMING! Love you Celine, your always number one to me!

Celine is THE QUEEN!!! In one word her voice is PERFECTION!!! She surpasses Whitney and Mariah anytime... not that I'm saying that they're not great singers too ;)... hehe...

No, she has nasal tone and doesn't surpass Whitney who sung in live without lip sync! - martin1

Celine will never surpass Whitney when it comes to live performances! - martin1

Celine should be on the top. She got the best voice the same as her appreciation to her fans.. I love him not only singer but a person, a mother and a wife. Shes the best and she will be the number one in my hearts...

She has changed and now, she seems cares a bout how much could be like other celebs, whereas she has not their material at all! I am sorry. But her new musics can't touch our hearts. She doesn't sing about valuable things in life anymore. She seems that want to care about what other successful singers sings. And that is not seem to be a right way.

Her voice is unique in the world, I love her voice so much!
She is the greatest singer in the world, I love her French music neither English, I wish I could see her live concert, she is really a great singer over the world she sing from her heart. I love her voice so so much, she is my idol of all time,. Celine you the No. 1 in the world! Bravo!

No Question the best singer if all time. She has gift from god and she know how to use. I have seen both Whitney and Madonna live but they don't even compare to Celine. I had goose bumps the whole night when I saw her live. we might never ever see a better voice.

Then maybe you know nothing about music because unlike Celine who has nasal tone Whitney didn't need pre-recorded tracks, backup singers and playback to sing amazing in live! - martin1

She is the phenomenal singer that I've ever known.
She has been become the popular and talented singer since she released her first album.
I am sure from other nominees, she gonna be the winner.
She is so talented, experienced, and also phenomenal.

for me celine is the best singer in the world, she can sing with all her heart... she can reach high notes... i hope celine will have a concert in the philippines!!!! love you celine dion!!!!