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461 Jennylyn Mercado Jennylyn Mercado
462 Britt Nicole Britt Nicole Brittany Nicole Waddell, better known by her stage name Britt Nicole, is an American vocalist, songwriter and recording artist.
463 Paul McCoy
464 Juliet Simms
465 Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole translation: "The Fearless Eyed"; May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997, also called Bruddah Iz, was an American musician, entertainer and Hawaiian sovereignty activist.

He is the best sing in the world and has such an awesome voice!

He's the guy that did the 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' cover, right? - kaitlynrad11

He Should be way Higher on this list

466 PJ Harvey PJ Harvey Polly Jean Harvey, known as PJ Harvey, is an English musician, singer-songwriter, writer, poet, and composer.

Great singer/great songwriter! Anyone that doubts it should listen to, "The Dancer".

467 Wesley Stromberg
468 Dax Riggs Dax Riggs Dax David Riggs is an American musician, best-known for formerly fronting the sludge metal band Acid Bath in the 1990s. Dax has been a part of many projects since then, including Agents of Oblivion and Deadboy & the Elephantmen.
469 Kim Walker-Smith

This Christian vocalist briefly topped both the secular and CCM charts with her most recent release, but perhaps missed your attention. A stunning, original talent!

470 Jimmy Nevis
471 Oli Sykes Oli Sykes Oliver Scott "Oli" Sykes is a British musician, best known as the lead vocalist of the band Bring Me the Horizon. He also founded the apparel company Drop Dead Clothing.

Oliver has really great voice, especially his peaceful songs, this songs are beautiful, amazing, great

Why is he so low? He has such a beautiful voice,ranging from screaming to medium-pitch singing. 1010 best on here

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472 Tomas Lindberg
473 Caleb Shomo

Caleb Shomo is an amazing singer. Ex-vocalist of band Attack Attack! (Broke up in 2013) and now the vocalist of Beartooth. - somelifeonaplanet

474 Elijah Blue Allman
475 Anastacia Anastacia

The small lady with the big big voice... there is so many things someone can say about Anastacia, however the most amazing singer ever, prefers to buzz people with her amazingly splendid voice and not with her private life, unlike some top artists out there. Love! Anastacia just because its herself, and she has great music

ANASTACIA the Greatest all round singer. Pop Rock Soul Jazz there is nothing she can't sing. Live Amazing. And any cover she does is better than the original. Great song writer and best of all a great sense of humour. The only singer that has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up Live in concert. RESPECT!

Anastacia is without a doubt one of the most brilliant and unique pop vocalists the world has ever seen!

One of the best voices in the Music Business...

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476 Martina McBride Martina McBride

I LOVE HER! SHE IS THE EPITOME OF FEMALE COUNTRY MUSICIANS! Not only does she have meaningful songs, but she has the greatest singing voice ever for those songs!

Do you all forget "independence day"

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477 K. S. Chithra

Definitely, she is regarded as "nightingale of south India"
Anyone who listen to her voice would know that..

Her voice is majestic
It is one of a kind, people listen to her, she should at least be in the top 10.
One of a kind, she has sung in many different languages and yet she maintains the angelic voice she has


How can we forger kerala's nightingale... So rude
Before shreya goshal, all indian movie songs where in the hands of Mrs Chitra...

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478 Cho KyuHyun

He is the Best Singers of All Time, his voice unbelievable. I love " oppa!

He sings very well, even words can't describe how good his voice

Kyu hyun has the voice of an angel. He's amazing! Saranghae oppa! Even without the fangirl perspective, you can hear how amazing he is. His vocal range is unbeatable and though he has the lowest voice of all the members of Super Junior, he has the greatest range. He has a smooth baritone voice, perfect for ballads. He deserves a higher place on this list (Jaejoong is higher than Kyuhyun? Just... No. )

Kyuhyun should be at least in the top 15.

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479 Kim Junsu

I like him, his dance is perfect in my eye, his voice is unique, I love him forever!

My favorite singer in the world! He's both good at ballad and dancing songs. And he's an excellent dancer. And he composes music and writes lyrics himself! So talented! Support him forever!

Born to sing, the son of song. Kim Junsu, your voice is the wealth of the whole world. Listening to your intoxicating performance is the greatest honor of me, I will support you for all your life. You are so beautiful, I love you.

Is this best singers worldwide because I only know North American singers and she's nt one

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480 Mohamed Hamaki Mohamed Hamaki Mohamed Hamaki is an Egyptian singer. In 2010, he won the award "Best Arabia Act" in the MTV Europe Music Awards and music award in 2006 for "Ahla Haga Fiki".

"Mohamed Hamaki" Egyptian Singer, He is The Best Arabic Singer From MTV 2010

Hamaki is the best Arabic and Egyptian singer ever.. He has millions of fans in the world

Hamaki is the best singer ever... I love his lyrics, always describing me... His melodies always touch my heart deep down... He deserves to be number 1 and powerfully...

I love you Hamaki morethan loving my self you are the best singer and person I have ever seen. You are very kind and handsome. Whenever I see you I feel that I am very happy and I reached to the sky. I will never forget you. I will spend my life only loving you.

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