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Robert Anthony Plant is an English musician, singer, and songwriter best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the rock band Led Zeppelin.


Many people judge a voice according to its range an power, but I think Robert Plant was much more than just a good screamer like many rock heroes of his time. Robert Plant was an artist: he sang from his heart and he could make you feel every word and every sound in his songs. Every time he performed a song, he made that song different and unique; he could give it other meanings and, while he was singing, he also became an actor interpreting the role of the song: you could see on his face and in his gestures the pain of loss in "Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You", the sensuality in "Whole Lotta Love", the melancholy of "Going to California", the pride of the warrior in "Immigrant Song".
I've heard people saying they preferred Plant's studio work because it was more accurate. I personally cannot listen to the album versions of the songs anymore. For me, the real Robert Plant, the artist, can be found only in his live performances. With him, the songs are not only "live", they become "alive" ...more

Robert Anthony Plant. Where do I begin with this legend? Well, first of all, he is the lead singer for the smashing, outstanding band Led Zeppelin. Second, his screams and perfect soprano vocals amaze me and fit so well with the beat and rhythm in his songs. (Led Zeppelin or solo career) Third, he can reach high notes, but he can also reach those low notes. Don't believe me? Listen to When the Levee Breaks, my favorite vocals in a Led Zeppelin song. Also, he's a fantastic writer and he sure can be amusing to watch on stage. Freddie Mercury is a legend as well, and he is in Queen. (Queen is my favorite band) But Plant's vocals are just outrageous. He easily wins the title of best singer of all time. It doesn't matter that he couldn't play guitar, it doesn't matter that he didn't have a stylish appeal, it doesn't matter that he didn't dance on stage but only moved his hips. No, what matters is his beautiful singing talent. I believe he easily wins the title of the best singer of all ...more - MontyPython

Robert Plant deserves a higher ranking on this list simply because his singing and performance style paved the way for so many other Rock singers who came after him. Every single rock singer who followed (from Steven Tyler to Ann Wilson, Jon Bon Jovi, Axl Rose, Steve Perry, Ozzie Osbourne, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, and even Freddie Mercury) and, who sings at his or her highest vocal range and develops that range is, in some form, referencing Robert Plant. Not to take anything away from such gifted singers like Freddie Mercury who made significant contributions to the genre, but very few singers of Plant's generation have had such a lasting impact on Rock singers that continues to this day. He has also proven that he can sing in any genre--blues, folk, bluegrass, rock, funk, progressive, country, and even EDM/dubstep (Listen to "Little Maggie" on Lullaby... and The Ceaseless Roar, 2014). His own influences are vast, his knowledge of music history is enviable, and he has ...more - AGarcia

Robert Plant is the gold standard for nearly all types of singing. He sings hard rock in Dazed and Confused, folk in Battle of Evermore, upbeat pop in Fool in the Rain, soft rock in Hey Hey What Can I Do, and nearly all of the above in Stairway to Heaven. Mot to mention his range. People always say he has an incredibly high voice only, but that is not the case. Listen to Achillies Last Stand, then listen to In the Evening. The difference is shocking. Like the rest of his famous band Led Zeppelin, he is one of the most versatile artists for his respective position. Michael Jackson always had the same high pitched pop voice, Freddie still sounded calming even when singing hard rock, and Elvis, as we all know, never sung a note away from his constant genre, and it doesn't help that so many of their songs are the same style, but that isn't the case with Zeppelin and Plant. Robert Plant pulled off so many different styles, ranges, and genres flawlessly, and not many singers can say that. ...more

He has the most incredible and unique voice. Many have tried to imitate him, but no one really managed by now. Even if you could hit his notes, you still wouldn't be able to copy that soul touch in his voice. He is also such a good lyricist. And let's not forget, because it is important for show-business, when he was in his 20s, Robert Plant was the most beautiful young man you could ever dream of... Just search for any video with Led Zeppelin, and you'll see what I mean.

Why isn't he in top 5 at least? He surely deserves it. The man can sing in so many styles: hard rock, blues, rock-and-roll (Elvis' style), folk, coutry, pop, reggae, traditional Arabic. He changes his voice to fit every song and he can express all the emotions you can think of. Yeah, he was the only singer of Led Zeppelin, that guy who used to "talk" to Jimmy Page's guitar. And he did that so well, that sometimes you almost couldn't tell which was the instrument and which was the human voice.

It's hard to say... Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, or my favourites Jeff Buckley, Thom Yorke and Eddie Vedder... what to choose? I choose Robert Plant. He has every specific abilities than the other ones... a wide vocal range and control, versatility and it was also a great musician, but the difference is his voice is the rarest voice I've ever heard. No one dream to sing like he did and fortunately still does.

A Portuguese Fan(sorry my english)

AC/DC might have been a tighter band, and the Beatles probably were better songwriters. But never in the history of music has there been a band comprised of more talented individuals than Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page is arguably the best guitarist of all time, with his only real rivals being Hendrix, Clapton, and maybe Stevie Ray Vaughan. Bonham too is probably one of the best, if not the best, of his kind. John Paul Jones, though less well known than the others, was still a powerful musical force of his own right. And then we have Robert Plant. Emotional, talented, and versatile, Plant could wail, scream, croon, and whisper- sometimes all in one song. His unique voice became the iconic "hard rock" voice that so many other singers aspired to- but no one ever was as good as he was. - torinn818

I came here to vote for Plant. He has one of the best vocal ranges out there. He has such good technique that he can sing incredibly difficult parts.

Listen to Stairway, it showcases his voice incredibly well. It starts off showing his ability to sing beautifully, with the voice of an angel. It is great. And post-solo, he shows how his voice can make anything heavy. Stairway is one of those songs that shows that clean guitars and good vocals can be incredibly full sounding, beating out so many metal bands.

Plant can sing so beautifully as to make you tear up, or sing in a style as to knock you out of your seat. That's the sighn of a skilled musician.

Plant is the picture you see when you look up "frontman". Every pore of his body sings in harmony when he is on stage... Even to this day, old and wrinkled he still takes the stage and is NOTHING but Superb. So don't take my word for it, head to your favorite music store and pick out Zeppelin IV and then over to Plant's "sixty six to Timbuktu" you wont be disappointed.

Robert Plant belongs in the top two or three of any list of great singers. Extraordinarily powerful voice with tremendous range. Probably, along with Elvis, the most emulated singer in the history of rock and roll. It did'nt hurt that he was in rock's greatest band, Led Zeppelin. - bobby

Like a number of rockers - including Freddie Mercury, blew his voice out early, so you have to listen to the early stuff, and live recordings before 1972 to appreciate how good he was. Did not rely on falsetto, tremendous range, powerful, original for the time. Only Chris Cornell and Steve Marriott (really should be on this list, but isn't) come close (and retained his voice for longer).

To put Plant below the top 3 is just embarrassing. He is hands down the best rock & roll singer of all time. He could sing the hard blues rock like in "how many more times" & he could sing a soft sweet song like "going to California". It's a shame he's number 17. He should be number one.

Plant is now and will possibly always be the greatest vocalist. The sincerity he conveys on every track, the range, the writing prowess. He's been doing it for 50+ years now at this point too going to pre zeppelin singles. He laid the foundation for a decade plus of copycats through the 80's and beyond but never will there be another Robert Plant.

Sorry but all the led zeppelin cover bands are terrible. There is a reason for this and part of it is that's the drummer can't keep up with bonham and the bassist can't do the bluesy rock funk of JPJ and that the guitarist can't do all the notes, but its mainly because of robert plant, he is a god

With a wide vocal range and great control over his voice, Robert Plant is no doubt the greatest male vocalist ever. He can be loud when he want, like in Dazed and Confused, or he can be soft like an angel in Stairway to Heaven. A true legend among rock stars. - AznWarlord

Plant was the best singer of all time his style and just his voice in general is amazing no one else could sing that way and not many people will ever be able to sing that way not to mention he's a big part of the best band of all time

Well he is the voice of Led Zeppelin, the golden god, he is the one who don't just sing, but make the best songs ever, he wrotes stairway to heaven in almost 10 minutes, he is really the best, even in actual days with more than 60 years he know to rock, he is the man!

I like Zeppelin, I don't like Robert Plant. He has got to be this most overrated singer of all time. You can't ever understand what the hell he's saying and sometimes he sound like a woman. He needs to just go away and let Jimmy Paige steel the spotlight, as he's the real star. - NvGNick

What has become of people nowadays? You put Madonna, MJ, Sarah Brightman etc. In Top 10. Do you have any idea about greats of music. Well, Zeppelin is one and Robert Plant is truly the best singer in rock history and easily among top 3 in music history.

Robert Plant is, without a doubt, has one of the, probably THE, most unique voices in rock history, I have never heard someone perform the same vocal acrobatics that he did. Some perfect examples of his range are Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, or When The Levee Breaks. So, while I love Freddie Mercury and John Lennon, Robert Plant takes the cake for not just being the greatest singer of all time, but also the greatest frontman of all time.

He probably isn't the most skillful or technically good, but is still the best singer in history. He can sing folk, blues, reggae, psychedelic, hard rock, country, rockability, ballads or eastern-influenced music and transmit to us all the feelings he wanted to express. In addition, he could improvised a lot and changed his lyrics and notes whenever he wanted live and sounded better than the studio versions.

I love her voice, sweet, smooth, motions, power, she hits very highest notes and lowest not without lost the voice and can hear the words as well, she sings very long range never heard any one did that before, only whitney ( and george Michael )

Can´┐Ż't believe he isn't #1 Plant is the king of Rock % Roll, no one could do what he did, his lyrics were great and his vocals were the best to ever be listened to, an amazing style singing neutrally, reaching a low pitch & also a really high pitch voice that was simply perfection. He's also the lead singer of the greatest rock band, so for me he is the greatest of all time & he's a million times better than Michael Jackson.

Robert Plant is, to me, the greatest singer of all time because he didn't have one single style. He could be an emotional blues style one minute (When the Levee Breaks) and the next be soft and calming (Stairway to Heaven). His variability is what makes him top dog.