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1 Andrew Reynolds - Stay Gold

Really good tricks. Showed the classic tricks of AR. - bakerman13

2 Peter Smolik - Shorty’s, Fulfill The Dream

Loved this part. Deserves #2 - bakerman13

3 Jamie Thomas - Zero, Misled Youth
4 Jamie Thomas, Misled Youth Part 2

A sick sequel to the first one. - bakerman13

5 PJ Ladd - Coliseum, Wonderful Horrible Life

Classic PJ Ladd. Awesome video. - bakerman13

6 Danny Way - DC, The DC Video

My favorite vert skater. Awesome part. - bakerman13

7 Jerry Hsu - Enjoi, Bag of Suck

Had to put jerry hsu's part in the list. It was amazing. The Emerica one could of been worked on. - bakerman13

8 Guy Mariano - Lakai, Fully Flared

Awesome part. Recommend checking out. - bakerman13

9 Bryan Herman - Stay Gold

Loved the first trick. Long nose manual. - bakerman13

10 Lizard King - The Deathwish Video

Lizard deserved to make the list. His part was amazing and some awesome falls. Laugh out loud - bakerman13

The Contenders

11 David Gonzalez - Possessed to Skate

Newer part but in my oppinion really good reynolds stay gold is a personal favorite so I'd say that's number 3. then this as number too I mean that 20flat 20 rail was crazy then 1 is john cardiel sight unseen.

12 John Cardiel - Sight Unseen (Transworld Video)

Just watch it best style epic song all around rad dude.

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1. Andrew Reynolds - Stay Gold
2. Peter Smolik - Shorty’s, Fulfill The Dream
3. Jamie Thomas - Zero, Misled Youth



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