Best Slap Bass Songs

We all like guitar solos or riffs. But what if bass guitar can be played like lead guitar?
These are some of the best slap bass songs. Please add more.

The Top Ten

1 Tommy the Cat - Primus

Started to like this song only because of slap solo. - zxm

The best I could think of. - zxm

The sample has some slap bass parts. - zxm

2 Kareem’s Footprint - Buckethead Kareem’s Footprint - Buckethead

He's been a very good guitarist. but he plays good slap bass too. - zxm

3 Power Mad - Primus

Its not very noticeable. I mean if you just listen the song for first time.but if you pay little bit of attention then you'll hear the slap bass and its awesome! - zxm

4 U Can't Hold No Groove - Victor Wooten

The sample here will tell you. - zxm


5 Pow - Graham Central Station

No offense or not saying it worse. But when I saw the live version of the song, it was quite funny. I couldn't stop laughing. How they sing "POW" and dance. POW. - zxm

Released in '78. quite old song for slap bass. - zxm

6 Lopsy Lu - Stanley Clarke
7 Scoop - Marcus Miller
8 Higher Ground - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Is a good slap line, and flea is extremely good doing the slap


Flea is god of slap :D

9 Greet the Sacred Cow - Primus
10 Seinfeld - Kitsch and Camp

Thought could use this. - zxm

The Newcomers

? Blast - Marcus Miller

The Contenders

11 Guti (The Finale) - Aurthohin Guti (The Finale) - Aurthohin

I have added it low because its not in English. But it has more than one bass solos. Three (or four) slap bass solos. The last one isn't slap bass though. It's a tapping solo. - zxm

12 People Passing By - Pain of Salvation

This song starts with a slap bass. - zxm

This band is so underrated

Awesome! - zxm

13 Glide - Pleasure
14 Right Now - Korn
15 Undisclosed Desires - Muse

The chorus untilizes slap bass expertly - GillisL

Thanks GillisL for adding it. never though Chris Wolstenholme slaps too. - zxm

16 Nikkrishto - Aurthohin

The sample has some bass solo part. - zxm

Some of the parts got mixed with guitar riffs. but in the beginning you'll listen the solo. - zxm

17 Take the Power Back - Rage Against the Machine

Whenever I play this song I want to punch a hole in the wall I get so amped

18 Aeroplane - Red Hot Chili Peppers

One of my all-time favorite songs (the verses are the best)

19 Cancer - Aurthohin

And like always he has slapped his bass here too. - zxm

20 Shurjo 2 - Aurthohin

In the middle part he plays a slap bass. not really a solo. but a riff. - zxm

21 Guti (From Hell) - Aurthohin

Two or three solos. first one is most noticeable. - zxm

22 Bijoyer Gaan - Aurthohin

The song starts with a slap bass solo. - zxm

23 Onuvuti - Metal Maze
24 Aushomapto - Aurthohin
25 Na - Warfaze

Slap bass solo after the guitar solo. Wasn't the best. But quite good. - zxm

26 Dhushor Manchitro - Warfaze

The original one. - zxm

27 Domino Line - Casiopea
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