Best Songs On Drake's If You're Reading This It's Too Late


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1 Know Yourself

I was runnin thru the 6 with my WOES - Mcgillacuddy

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2 6 God V 1 Comment
3 Energy V 2 Comments
4 Used To
5 10 Bands

Best song on this album hands down... Just take a listen to it, the beat the producers lay down is just near perfection, a top 3 song for Drizzy 100%

6 Legend

Great lyrically and part of what made all the songs here great is that drake had a reason to write which is something he's had on the full since take care. He has motivation and kind of wants to be remembered as a legend which is why he rapped so well here and on the album as well as take care and nothing was the same. Unfortunately this kind of ambition from drake was not evident on views.

It's true. If he died he be a legend. End of discussion

Haven't heard all the songs yet, but this is really good

7 Star67
8 You & the 6

This song is so meaningful that it deserves to be number one. - BicBoi

9 6 Man

When you actually learn it it's so good

10 No Tellin'

The Contenders

11 Preach
12 Jungle V 3 Comments
13 Now & Forever
14 6PM In New York

This songs fire it's so underrated

15 Madonna
16 Wednesday Night Interlude
17 Company
18 How Bout Now
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