Top 10 Songs on Electric Light Orchestra's Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is the 7th studio album released by Electric Light Orchestra in 1977. This album was a double album and is considered ELO's greatest album by fans and critics alike.

The Top Ten

1 Mr. Blue Sky Mr. Blue Sky Cover Art

Musical perfection

2 Sweet Talkin' Woman Sweet Talkin' Woman Cover Art
3 Turn to Stone Turn to Stone Cover Art


4 Wild West Hero Wild West Hero Cover Art
5 Big Wheels Big Wheels Cover Art
6 It's Over It's Over Cover Art
7 Night in the City Night in the City Cover Art
8 Birmingham Blues Birmingham Blues Cover Art
9 Summer and Lightning Summer and Lightning Cover Art
10 Starlight Starlight Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Across the Border Across the Border Cover Art
12 Jungle Jungle Cover Art
13 Sweet is the Night Sweet is the Night Cover Art
14 Standin' in the Rain Standin' in the Rain Cover Art
15 Steppin' Out Steppin' Out Cover Art
16 The Whale The Whale Cover Art
17 Believe Me Now Believe Me Now Cover Art
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