Best Songs from Green Day's American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown


The Top Ten

1 Boulevard of Broken Dreams - American Idiot Boulevard of Broken Dreams - American Idiot
2 Holiday - American Idiot Holiday - American Idiot


3 Wake Me Up When September Ends - American Idiot Wake Me Up When September Ends - American Idiot

Although it is one of their more popular songs, I still feel WMUWSE deserves more attention. I think it's the best off of AI and it's a very meaningful tribute to billie's father and to people who's friends and family members lost their lives on 9/11. So my version of this list goes like this.
2. Whatsername
4.21 Guns
5. Holiday
6. American Idiot
7. Give Me Novocain
8. East Jesus nowhere.
9. Jesus of Suburbia
10. A tie between Homecoming and Horshoes and Handgrenades

4 21 Guns - 21st Century Breakdown
5 Jesus of Suburbia - American Idiot
6 American Idiot - American Idiot
7 Homecoming - American Idiot
8 21st Century Breakdown - 21st Century Breakdown

its ok

9 Whatsername - American Idiot

I think this song speaks for itself

10 Viva la Gloria (Little Girl) - 21st Century Breakdown

The Contenders

11 Know Your Enemy - 21st Century Breakdown
12 East Jesus Nowhere - 21st Century Breakdown
13 Horseshoes and Handgrenades - 21st Century Breakdown

This song rules

14 American Eulogy - 21st Century Breakdown
15 Restless Heart Syndrome - 21st Century Breakdown

:-) amazing sticks in your head for ages I love it

16 The Static Age - 21st Century Breakdown
17 Letterbomb - American Idiot
18 St. Jimmy - American Idiot
19 Give Me Novacaine - American Idiot
20 Are We the Waiting - American Idiot
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