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1 I'm So Sorry

Totally grungy with lyrics that come straight from the heart. Wicked instrumentals with truly amazing vocals. Awesome!


This is one of there more rock songs. Get's me pumped up.

Awesome I'm glad more people appreciate this song

2 I Bet My Life

This song is dedicated to our parents, and how they always want to do their best for us in life, even if we don't see it that way.

Quick story:

I once misbehaved at a restaurant on New Year's Day, 2015. My computer was confiscated for a week and I needed it. I listened to this song a few times when I got back home, then ran to my mum and cried, thanking her for confiscating my computer privileges. I had realised that my mum took my computer away not because she hated me like I first thought, but to teach me a lesson and to do what's right for me. I now live my life by this song. I bet my life on my parents. :)

Have a listen. Please? - Wolftail

This song brings tears to my eyes, I just can't get over the greatness of the song. It means so much to me! It's a great listen, I suggest it to all people! :-)

It has a nice meaning but I don't really like how it sounds

Best song ever! Love it to death

3 Gold

I love the meaning of this songs. Seriously, all of their songs are amazing and makes me see things clearly and makes me realize what I've done so far

Use to be my favorite until shots got me after the 5th time listening to it

4 Shots

This has the best music video!

Hopeful yet melancholy at the same time, with instrumentals that are sure to get you pumped! They opened with this song at a concert I went to, and I was totally blown away. A few months later, I had been feeling really stressed out and sad, and when I turned on the radio, Shots was playing. It just seemed so out of place at the time yet it was exactly what I needed to feel better, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't cry! It's my go-to song to listen to when I'm feeling out of it or just need a pick-me-up!

Upon hearing this song for the first time It instantly became my favorite Imagine Dragons song. The lyrics really speak to me and the rhythm is full of lots of passion and good use of instruments. - DrewtheGamer98

This is by far the best in the album. Shots has a catchy chorus and its fun to sing along to.

5 Smoke And Mirrors

I wanna believe...but all that I own, is it just smoke and mirrors? - Camaro6

You can seriously hear the raw emotion in the chorus. What seems like a somewhat airy song is immediately pulled back to the earth with a gritty instrumental break right before the chorus. Awesome song, and definitely underrated!

I love this song. And I really hope to see you in July!

One of the most underrated ID songs in my opinion

6 Warriors

Easily the best song on the album- with it's cinematic production value and a chorus that will get stuck in your head.

Epic. - Camaro6

This is my favorite song by imagine dragons, but its not on smoke and mirrors!

UNDERRATED! It's not as good as I'm so sorry I think. 2nd favourite song on whole album :smoke + mirrors deluxe

7 Polaroid

This song is amazing... The xylophone, the drums, the subtle guitar, the bass line, and Dan's vocals all come together so beautifully. Always makes me happy!

Agreed sir... agreed

Amazing. Can't believe it isn't higher on the list. One of my favorites of all time.

This song is living the fast lane. It's a roll away fright train and it's plain out the best one on the album.

8 Hopeless Opus

My favorite on smoke and mirrors, and has possibly THE BEST guitar solo EVER!

Love the pase of this song but its bot the best

9 Monster

If I told you what I was
Would you turn your back on me?
And if I seemed dangerous
Would you be scared?

I get the feeling just because
Everything I touch isn't dark enough
And this problem lies in me...

One of the best songs written by Dan, I actually underestimated this when I first saw it. However, the "and if I seemed dangerous" mystified me. I eventually watched a HALO music video all the way through of this and fell in love. DO NOT TAKE THIS SONG LIGHTLY.

This came out as a single 2 YEARS ago and is one of their best songs. GIVE IT A LISTEN!

This is the song right here - ParkerFang

13? Come on what's wrong with you guys! It is amazing song that I ever heard!

10 Dream

! I love this song! out of all these songs, this is my favorite song

This is a song with so much emotion and dynamics in it that is deserves to be in the top 5. Better that Trouble, Hopeless Opus and Friction.

A great and beautifully played song. Piano and Dan's heartfelt vocals are awe-inspiring together, plus the lyrics make a powerful addition. This needs to be combined more often.

That chorus is out of this world


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11 Trouble

I think Trouble is the best song for me. I always listento this song when I have a chance!

So wait for me, Brother, I need redemption
I'm just a man, a man on a mission
I want no trouble, I want no trouble, I want no trouble, I want no trouble...

This song has a great lyrical value and potential to go very big. A great song accompanioned by Dan's powerful vocals, this, Polaroid, I Bet My Life, and Hopeless Opus are definitely some of my Smoke + Mirrors favourites.

12 Battle Cry

Awesome song. Should be in the top 5

This list is stupid,


13 It Comes Back to You

Such an underrated song.

14 Friction

Can't fight da friction! so (EASE IT OFF! )

Super underrated - Camaro6

Amazing song

Also better than trouble and HIGHLY underrated

15 Who We Are
16 Summer

Underrated but not the best

Come con, this is my favourite song of smoke + mirrors, it's full of different meanings and the refrain gives me goosebumps every time because of dan's high vocal notes. Pepole should appreciate more

Great summer song

17 Release

One of the most underrated - Rathernotbenamed

18 The Unknown
19 Thief

I can't believe how low this is. This is better than I bet my life, shots, polaroid, hopeless opus, summer etc.

The best. I can't believe it is only on the deluxe album, it should be on the main one

This song gives me chills every time I hear it because it's so amazing.

Best! I mean guys check the ending part

20 The Fall

I liked the fall a lot. I listened to it and really liked it.

So UNDERRATED, amazing song.

This should be in the top 5

It's the only ehh song on this album

21 Second Chances

Best song

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